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Aivela's sentinels were the personal guard of Darth Aivela who served as both an honour guard and personal protection. Chosen from amongst her most loyal followers in the Sith Empire, Aivela's Sentinels were devoted to their master and carried out her orders with a particular zeal.

As Darth Aivela had spent many years reverse engineering Zakuulan technology and lived on the planet after the defeat of the Eternal Empire, the armour of her sentinels reflected that connection, sporting elements from various units such as the Scions and Knights.

Aivela believed that incorporating the helmet of the Knights of Zakuul would generate fear in her rivals, as the Knights were the "face" of the enemy who had carved a sudden and bloody path through the galaxy. The helmets also served the same purpose on Zakuul itself, where many of the sentinels were posted to defend Aivela's private residence.

The sentinels were disbanded after Darth Aivela's death in 28 ATC. Many would go on to join the forces of Darth Madré.

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