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This article is about Aiddat, the character. You may be looking for Aiddat, the user.

Aiddat (pronounced /eɪdæt/) was a male Gran born on Malastare approximately four years after the rise of the Empire. He became a New Republic officer and Jedi.

He was born the son of simple middle-class parents. As a child, his friends considered him a dreamer, but humble and content. At the time, Aiddat did not expect to even ever leave his homeworld. Late in the year 3 ABY, however, Aiddat was convicted of murder when he killed someone in self-defense as the result of a Force-triggered reaction. As traditional punishment, he was exiled from all Gran planets.

He soon joined the Rebel Alliance as a starfighter pilot late in the Galactic Civil War, and played a minor role in the Battle of Endor. To many, this battle was considered pivotal, since it resulted in the deaths of Emperor Palpatine and his Sith apprentice, Darth Vader. In the years following that battle, he became a flight commander for the New Republic.

After what his superiors considered to be exceptional performance in one military campaign, he was found to be strong in the Force and joined Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order. Master Gir Kagn was chosen to train Aiddat and another Jedi Initiate, a Vurk named Okl Qe'lad. Aiddat was a Jedi apprentice for ten years. When he was Knighted, he took Bob Shinmertarpi as his apprentice. Like Aiddat, Bob had served in the New Republic military prior to becoming a Jedi.

Aiddat and Bob served in the Yuuzhan Vong War, but in 26 ABY Aiddat became stranded on Erishpamhwen for the remainder of the war. His homeworld of Malastare was one of the many planets ravaged by the war. Three years after the defeat of the Yuuzhan Vong, he and Bob went on a mission to Malastare to help restore the world. The mission resulted in Aiddat being promoted to Jedi Master and Bob to Jedi Knight. Also, after thirty years of exile, Aiddat was pardoned by the government of Malastare. In the following years, he also participated in other conflicts in the era, such as the Swarm War and Second Galactic Civil War.


Early life

Aiddat was born to middle-class Gran parents in a small town on Malastare. His mother was an information researcher and organizer for a local university. During his youth, he was not very popular, but he was content with his small group of friends. He was considered by himself and others as somewhat of a geek. As a boy, he had an active imagination. Although he fantasized about adventure, he was also humble and content with a normal life.

During his early childhood, Aiddat had little personal experience with the Empire. However, he heard stories that made the Empire seem evil to him. His homeworld had prospered under the Old Republic, but after the formation of the Galactic Empire, it lapsed into an economic recession, and was taken over by Human High Culture.

As a young adult Gran, he showed a strange precognition that saved his life more than once. One time, on his way to a speeder parts store, he took a shortcut through a dark and dangerous part of town. To his horror, he found a corpse on the ground. Determined to get to the store before it closed, he picked up a blaster pistol he found from the corpse and moved on.

As he pressed on, he saw a being whose identity was obscured by shadow. Aiddat suddenly felt the urge to shoot the stranger, and he did so almost instinctively. After he did so, he was horrified and examined the victim. He recognized him as the wealthy and influential Gran, Tiwt Reppu. The shot had been heard by the local law enforcement and Aiddat was soon surrounded by them.

Aiddat was taken to court and confessed to the shooting. He tried to explain his precognition, but he couldn't even completely believe himself. The wealthy victim was armed when he died and there was evidence that he was intoxicated. Some suspected Tiwt of killing the being that Aiddat had found dead, which was true, but that case was not continued.

Aiddat was rejected by everyone he knew and exiled. If he was found in any Gran-dominated community, he was to be executed. The following month was the worst in his life. He managed to gain passage to Casmala II, but once he arrived, he was unable to find better employment than occasional odd jobs. Aiddat sometimes could afford a hotel room, but he spent most of his time there as a squatter.

During his worst moments, the young Gran came close to suicide. Fortunately for him, his hope and conscience pulled him through. After contemplating the situation which led to his exile, he became less certain that he was to blame for Tiwt Reppu's death.

Although he had not completely forgiven himself, Aiddat did not think he received a fair trial. The Gran Protectorate of Malastare was most likely corrupt even before the rise of the Empire, but Aiddat sometimes felt it was the Empire's influence that had led to the court unfairly favoring Tiwt. As such, he determined to take a new path by contacting the Rebel Alliance presence on Casmala II, which was trying to remove the local Imperial garrison. It was difficult to find the planet's underground connection to the Alliance, but he found it soon enough.

Military career

Welcome to the Rebel Alliance.
Lorz Seppri

Rebel Alliance

Joining the Rebellion and finding new companions was very important for Aiddat, since loneliness could have serious (and sometimes deadly) effects on Grans. The young Gran participated in the Battle of Endor as a member of Arrow Squadron. Thanks to his latent Force abilities, he became adept at shooting down enemies and leading his comrades to victory. He soon became the leader of the squadron, which was later enlarged into Arrow Group.

At the Alliance base, Aiddat's closest friend was a reliable modified R5 droid, R5-G33. Aiddat and the droid participated in many mopping-up battles, and played a part in the stopping of Grand Admiral Thrawn's campaign.

Threat of Grekins

Four years after Thrawn's death, another warlord conceived a considerably dangerous plan. Admiral Erk Grekins had taken the Clantosh system, and was using its many resources to build a fleet large enough to challenge the New Republic. In a series of battles, a force under the command of Admiral Si Groank took the system. Sometime during the campaign, Aiddat was promoted to Major and took command of the 3rd Strike Wing, a group of 15 fighter squadrons.

After the Clantosh system was secured, most of Grekins's forces retreated to unknown parts. Captain Lorz Seppri took a task force to Grekins's main research base on Celvlo IV. The beginning was disastrous for the New Republic, but Aiddat literally played a Major part in leading the forces through the trap to victory.

Grekins, of course, had tried to keep his fleet's location top secret, but he could not keep it in control enough. There were several links that pointed to the Eeisan system, similar to the ones that led the Republic to Celvlo IV. However, several prisoners confirmed its truth, and Admiral Groank decided it was time for his fleet to meet the rest of Grekins.

The data was transmitted through a secure channel to the Republic, but the information somehow got into other hands. Apparently, either Grekins was disliked among other Imperials, or more likely, other warlords thought they could take his position. Some Imperial warlords had spies in Grekins's ranks. Others eavesdropped on communications, and heard Captain Seppri's transmission. The New Republic Defense Fleet would not be the only force that arrived at Magrex in attack formation.

Republic starfighters attack the Conqueror

In the enormous Battle of Magrex, Aiddat showed amazing abilities, which would later be explained. Many claimed Aiddat himself destroyed the Conqueror's bridge. Aiddat said he experienced a sort of vision, in which his view inexplicably "zoomed in" and saw the shocked look on Grekins's face just before his death.

During the battle, all sides took heavy losses, and the Republic's 3rd Strike Wing was no exception. Aiddat's group lost about two thirds of their pilots in the attack on the flagship. Then Aiddat took command of the 8th Escort Wing, whose leader was killed. Together, the two groups lost a quarter of their forces in the attack on the main reactor, during which they distracted turrets so capital ships could destroy critical targets.

However, many reasoned that with a commander other than Aiddat, the losses would have been higher. Some said the Gran should have flown one of the newer ships, such as an A-wing or E-wing, but Aiddat said he used the X-wing because it was the best ship for the job that would support his astromech droid. R5-G33 repaired his ship multiple times during the battle, and that wasn't the first time. The Gran had decided long ago the stout assistant would accompany him on every starfighter mission possible.


After the battle, he was approached by Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. With few questions, some looks at his military records, and most importantly, a blood test, Aiddat was discovered to be Force-sensitive.

Disciples of Ragnos

Those people Jaden saw may have discovered some way to harvest Force power with that scepter.
Kyle Katarn[src]

Identification picture of Aiddat soon after joining the Academy.

Aiddat eagerly joined the Jedi Academy on the fourth moon of Yavin in 14 ABY. It was during that time that the Dark Jedi Tavion Axmis's Sith cult, the Disciples of Ragnos, was active. Their shuttle went down, and the group was forced to walk through the jungle to get to rendezvous with a shuttle. On the way, Aiddat met a Vurk named Okl Qe'lad, who was bitten by a howler, an aggressive local reptilian animal. The two became friends quickly.

The Masters of the Academy seemed to notice the many friendships that were forming. Aiddat and Okl became the apprentices of Master Gir Kagn.

With the Disciples of Ragnos "cropping up everywhere", even the newest Jedi had to embark on increasingly dangerous missions. During one mission, Aiddat lost his left hand during a duel with Tavion's apprentice Alora, and got a mechanical replacement. Although this prosthetic hand was mostly the same shape as his six-fingered previous hand, he did not use synthskin, and kept it a bare silvery metal.

During the attack on Korriban, he, along with Okl and Master Kagn, dueled Tavion. Tavion, boosted by the Force power of the Scepter of Ragnos, was able to bring down a pillar on Gir while dueling his apprentices. Aiddat threw his saber at a pillar, causing the room to collapse. Tavion ran out through a secret door, while Aiddat and Okl cut a hole in the floor. They continued to battle Cultists and Reborn, while fellow Jedi student Jaden Korr killed Tavion.

After that, Aiddat and Okl were sent on another mission. Aiddat was sent to Mucaav to capture or kill a still-active Reborn Master and the Cultists who were under his command, while Okl, the master infiltrator, was sent to Druckenwell to infiltrate an Imperial facility. Both were successful in their missions, but it was the greatest challenge either had faced.

Yuuzhan Vong War and isolation

My Master gave his life to correct his mistake and save his comrades.
Bob Shinmertarpi

In 24 ABY, Aiddat was knighted and took an apprentice, Bob Shinmertarpi. The pair fought in the early part of Yuuzhan Vong War, until something disastrous for Aiddat happened. In 26 ABY, the pair fought against the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of Eniam.

Aiddat and Bob led part of the defense force over Eniam's lesser-known neighbor, Erishpamhwen. During the battle, Aiddat made a tactical error. He realized his mistake and tried to save his wingmates from a swarm of Yuuzhan Vong fighters. He was overwhelmed and his X-Wing was shot down. He was thought to be killed in the battle, and his loyal droid was permanently destroyed. His old comrade Okl took over the training of Bob. However, the Gran was not dead.

His fighter crashed into the trees of the equatorial forest of the planet. Aiddat jumped out of the burning wreckage in the branches onto the snowy ground and spend three days traveling several hundred kilometers to Tornok Quo. It was especially hard, as he faced bitterly cold weather and had suffered a broken leg and numerous internal injuries. He mused that if his biological hand had been mangled like his mechanical hand was, he probably would not have reached the colony. He relied on his healing Force abilities to survive the trek.

When he reached the colony he collapsed. His control of the Force had barely saved him. He had surgery and spent a few days in a bacta tank. He was also given a simple 3-fingered claw for a replacement hand.

The colony began to starve. Aiddat worked hard and used his healing abilities to tend the sick and malnourished and to help their meager farming projects. Many of the colonists starved, but in a few months, there was enough food for everyone. However, the colonists did not have a healthy diet, and many still died of diseases or became too weak to work.

Aiddat experienced great stress, and the dark side tempted him. But the Gran resisted. He realized that this was exercising his Force ability and discipline. He also knew he was there because of his willingness to put his comrades in danger in the battle. Aiddat left a much stronger and wiser Jedi.

Finally, after approximately four years, the war ended. The Yuuzhan Vong withdrew from the system, and Eniameneine ships relieved the colony. Aiddat returned to the Academy, with a cave cat friend he nicknamed "Blacky". He got his crude cybernetic claw remade into a fancier model like the one that was destroyed. He also got a new astromech partner, R7-Ch8, and his own E-wing escort starfighter. Finally, Bob decided to switch back to being Aiddat's apprentice.


With our authority as arbiters, we pronounce Jedi Knight Aiddat officially pardoned.
—Malastare court decision

Aiddat rejoiced at his return to the Academy, now on Ossus, and the end of the war, but the Jedi were hard-pressed to heal the Galaxy. The Gran and his apprentice went on many missions to restore order to ravaged planets and governments.

Three years after the War, Aiddat received a summons to Malastare. The reformed government recognized his heroics and gave him a chance to redeem himself. After briefly reuniting with his family, Aiddat and Bob went on a mission to bring stability to important areas of the war-torn planet.

The Jedi spent four months under the watchful eye of the government. Both their diplomatic skills and combat skills were tested as they resolved disputes among city officials, helped the impoverished, and brought to justice the corrupt beings who sought to take advantage of the anarchy.

Despite their best efforts, order was restored in only a few places. Aiddat and Bob were mostly on their own, as the Galactic Alliance itself gave little support in rebuilding the world. However, they achieved enough for the government to slowly reunite and rebuild the rest of the world, and Aiddat's mission was considered complete.

Aiddat was officially pardoned by the government. Not only was he allowed to roam freely in Gran society, he was also hailed as a hero. Very few people still believed he was a murderer. Upon returning to the Praxeum, the Gran was promoted to Jedi Master, and his apprentice to Jedi Knight.

Aiddat played a minor part in the brief Swarm War leading small groups of Jedi and Alliance personnel on land and in space. By this time, he had received a R9-series astromech droid, R9-Y9, to assist him in flying the advanced StealthX stealth starfighter. He continued to use R7-Ch8 for use in other starfighters.

Second Galactic Civil War

Main article: Second Galactic Civil War
Young Jacen? Master Skywalker's nephew, calling himself a Sith?

Twenty-six years after Aiddat became a Jedi, the Galaxy was again plunged into crisis. Corellia was acting rebelliously and arming itself with illegal weapons. Aiddat warned that the conflict would escalate if the Alliance was too quick to use military action, but he was ignored. The Jedi Master grudgingly participated in Operation Roundabout. As he expected, the conflict did escalate, and relations between the Alliance, the Jedi, and Corellia became strained. The negotiations were sabotaged and the Corellians pushed the Alliance off their foothold on Tralus.

Disturbingly to the Jedi, Chief of State Cal Omas formed a new paramilitary organization, the Galactic Alliance Guard, to protect Coruscant from Corellian insurgents. Jacen Solo, himself a son of a Corellian, agreed to lead the organization on Coruscant. The Guard was notoriously effective at cracking down on insurgency. It became strongly biased against all Corellians, and confined thousands.

After Corellia's Head of State Thrackan Sal-Solo was assassinated, Dur Gejjen took his place. Peace talks were declined, and official war was declared. The Corellians attempted to get Hapes on their side, which resulted in a battle. Following this, the Bothans suspected their kind were being murdered by the GAG, and they launched a fleet to break the Alliance blockade over Corellia. With the breaking of the blockade, Bothawui and Commenor allied with Corellia, forming the Confederation. Other planets followed, such as Fondor, Bespin, and Adumar. Cal Omas and Dur Gejjen held secret peace talks, but the GAG spied on them. Dur Gejjen wanted Jacen Solo and Cha Niathal removed one way or another. He implied assassination, but Cal Omas would only agree to a removal from the political scene.

Unfortunately for the Jedi, the information gathered by the Guard resulted in the death of Dur Gejjen and a coup in which Cal Omas was removed from office. Jacen and Cha Niathal shared the office of Chief of State. When he had control of the Alliance, Jacen was ready to completely join the Sith as Darth Caedus. He personally killed Mara Jade Skywalker on Kavan and arranged for Cal Omas's death. As the war grew more brutal, and Master Skywalker was mistakenly informed that his son killed Cal, the Jedi split off from the Alliance until Caedus was removed from power.

Caedus retaliated by sending the GAG to capture the Ossus Academy. Master Aiddat was away during the fight, but he was part of the Jedi task force sent to the following Battle of Kashyyyk. He served the Jedi Coalition in the remainder of the conflict, cumulating in the Battle of Shedu Maad.

That battle resulted in the death of Caedus and the end of the war. The Jedi Order and the rebellious planets rejoined the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. Aiddat assisted in restabilizing the galaxy, which had seen far too much strife in the past decades for his liking.

Starfighters under Major Aiddat fly over Magrex

Personality and traits

Aiddat was known as a friendly person to his allies. As a Gran, he had a need for companionship. This need was sated by his personal droids, his fellow officers, and later his fellow Jedi and his pet cave cat. However, he never had any romantic relationships. This is because he was banished from Gran society for most of his young life. By the time he was pardoned, he was forty-eight years old and he thought it was too late to find a mate.

Although he never succumbed to negative emotion for very long, before his Jedi training, Aiddat did not have a completely healthy mind. As a boy, he was usually unsure of himself, content as long as he did not dwell on the negative, which could depress him easily. He was absolutely devastated by his banishment, and the weeks that followed were of great emotional anguish. Joining the Rebellion improved his mood, but he was still haunted by his past. When his Force-sensitivity was revealed to him, he forgave himself for his past "crime". Jedi ways of thinking helped him focus on the positive. He became proud of his role, not arrogant, but mostly at peace with himself.

Aiddat was very eager to do his duty as a Jedi. He claimed to wish for peace, but from the time he joined the Rebellion up until his old age, he seemed to always be ready for action.

Normally, Aiddat was considered a merciful person by most, yet he was quick to action and eager for justice. He was shocked when he first killed someone, and later when he joined the Jedi, he took some time to get used to harming other beings up close. He joined the New Jedi Order during the Cult of Ragnos incident, a violent time when taking prisoners was rare. When Dark Jedi became less common, and when the Imperial Remnant surrendered, he did not have to resort to deadly force as often.

Strangely, when in starship combat, he did not usually think much about the beings he shot down. In the cockpit of a starfighter, the enemy pilots he killed were as impersonal to him as Fifth Degree droids. When he became a Jedi, this violent quality was lessened somewhat, but Aiddat remained a vicious starfighter combatant. However, he became less and less enthusiastic about shooting others down.

The Gran was typically bold and aggressive in combat, yet he also tended to be unsure of himself when learning something new. These traits also lessened in time, particularly when he became a flight officer and when he became a Jedi. The disaster at Eniam and the four year exile on Erishpamhwen was perhaps the harshest lesson of all. Aiddat had taken too great a risk, and put his comrades in danger. He accepted that it was his fault he was stranded and many of his comrades were dead. When he rejoined the Order, he was much more thoughtful and cautious.

Regardless, he was known as an energetic and zealous fighter. He was quick to disarm the threat and right the wrong, but merciful about punishment, and he developed a great respect for life.

Powers and abilities

As an adult, Aiddat was a slightly short Gran. He was not very physically strong and before he discovered his Force abilities, he was quite clumsy on the ground. However, with Jedi training, he found agility he hadn't known he was capable of.

With Jedi training, he also proved to be very resilient. He was once shot out of the skies and traveled over one hundred kilometers through snow to the nearby town with considerable injuries, only to have to face four years of nearly starving after being healed. The Gran lived past one hundred standard years of age.

Aiddat learned how to wield two sabers, but he was not able to do this for a while after he joined the New Jedi Order. At first he was aggressive, yet lacked confidence. As he gained experience and wisdom, he became more sure of himself and used a better balance of attack and defense. However he retained his unorthodox techniques and creativity.

The beginning of Aiddat's Jedi career was quite unusual. Many of his first missions were focused on thwarting the Disciples of Ragnos, so he was accustomed to fighting groups of less skilled Force-sensitives. After his mission to Mucaav, he no longer faced force-sensitive foes, although he often participated in practice duels with his fellow Jedi.

Against other Force-users, he mainly used feints, dodges, and confusing jumps and acrobatics combined with telekinesis to open a weakness in his target's defense. When the weakness was there, he would attack viciously, wearing his opponent down or if that failed, drawing back to try to make the opponent off guard again. This worked well on dangerous terrain, as Aiddat was good at keeping on safe ground while forcing or tricking his foes into dangerous areas. However this was often needlessly violent, so he refrained from doing it when possible.

After the Ragnos incident, nearly all of his opponents used blasters and other firearms. Thus he focused on defending against and disarming such opponents. By the time he was Knighted, he claimed to know forty-seven unique ways of disarming enemies. With his lightsaber, pure Force power, plain unarmed combat, or more often, a combination, he could easily separate his target from its weapon, whether the weapon was a sporting blaster or disruptor rifle or rocket launcher.

With a somewhat high midi-chlorian count, Aiddat was gifted with a strong connection to the Force. He often used his abilities in combat, and tried to keep a balance between his lightsaber skills and his pure Force mastery. As his skills were combat-focused, the Gran mastered self-healing (though not to the degree of dedicated Jedi Healers) and basic telekinesis. Later in life, during his time as a Jedi Master, he also learned advanced telekinesis, such as Force Deflection, in case he needed to defend himself without his lightsaber.

However, he was unskilled in Force Sense, stealth, and mind trick. Also, his precognition was very short-term, meaning he could only see a short distance into the future, just enough to avoid an attack or strike a weak spot. His dual-saber fighting technique prevented him from focusing his kinetic energy into one blow or block, and he was physically weaker than most Jedi. To counter this, he could use the Force to strengthen and quicken himself, but this was very draining so he could only use it briefly. Thus, his main defense against heavy blows was dodging, which was difficult and hard to keep up. For some difficult Force powers, he required a free hand. Although he practiced using telekinetic powers while holding a lightsaber, it was still less effective than a free hand. Like users of Ataru, which was similar to Aiddat's fighting style, he needed extra space to do evasive acrobatics while in a duel.

Behind the scenes

The idea of Aiddat has been around for years, since the author, who goes by the same name on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki, was approximately seven or eight years old and played Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, in which he invented the name for a character profile. Aiddat's species has been the same for most or all of the time since the author imagined him, although one cannot actually play as a Gran in Rogue Squadron. However, the time of his life has changed much.

He was once a podracer pilot prior to becoming a Jedi, then that idea was scrapped. Later, when the author was actively playing Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds he was an older commander, leading battles during the Galactic Civil War. That idea was also scrapped, and it was decided he would join the Rebellion later on. His story of joining the Jedi ties into Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, as he joined the New Jedi Order during the events of that game.

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