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Ah, Commander Tano! How are you, my friend?
Jane Zarkan to Commander Tano

Ahsoka Tano was a Jedi-turned-Dark Acolyte who fought on the side of the CIS during the Clone Wars, she fought in both the First and Second Battles of Earth of 21 and 19 BBY, respectively, against the Republic, the Republic she formerly held dear.

Once believing in the Republic and the Jedi, she came to see both the Republic and the Jedi as evil, believing them to be the cause and continuator of the war, as well as seeing the Senate as tyrannical and oppressive, and her once-beloved Jedi Order as little more than tools of the Senate to maintain their oppression over worlds desperate to be free.

Disillusioned with the Republic and the Jedi, she left the order and joined Count Dooku. After training her as a Dark Acolyte, Dooku sent Tano to help his allies on Earth.

During the war she was an honourary Field Marshal of the Confederate States Army, she fought for the Confederate States of Earth through-out the Earth Civil War, leading her troops into battle and massacring her Unionist opponents, she became a highly feared warrior by the Union soldiers, who gave the nickname "Angel of Death", because she was beautiful yet any opposing soldier that encountered her was almost certain to die.

Ahsoka was only too happy to adopt the nickname herself, and used it to taunt her enemies, in her taunts she also expressed feelings of dominance, seeing herself as the mistress of her foes, she expressed her desire to make her enemies bow before her in submission.

The Angel of Death is here! Bow before me, or perish! Your pathetic lives are MINE! You belong to me, and I will make you kneel before my feet!
—An example of a taunt by Ahsoka Tano towards soldiers of the Union Army

She became the official Grand Marshal and commander of the Confederate States Army. after the death of Michael Zarkan, Jane Zarkan's husband, during the Third Battle of Earth, in the very same battle she also became the provisional president of the Confederacy after the death of Jane Zarkan in the space battle over Earth, as well as the queen regent of the Zarkan Kingdom until it was safe for Jane Zarkan's daughter to become queen.

Due to Ahsoka's increasingly personal connections to President Jane Zarkan Count Dooku made the unusual decision following the First Battle of Earth of giving Ahsoka a long-term assignment of helping to foster relations between the Separatist Alliance and Confederate Earth, this was unusual because Dark Acolytes rarely stayed in one place for too long, Count Dooku usually sent them across the galaxy performing many different special assignments, Ahsoka Tano was a special case, however, because she had developed a friendship with one of his capable and potentially instrumental allies, as a result Count Dooku decided to keep Ahsoka on Earth to assist in the blossoming Confederate-Separatist relations, as a result Ahsoka was stayed on Earth for two years, fighting in the Second Battle of Earth of 19 BBY.

During this time Jane Zarkan had become such good friends with Ahsoka that Jane Zarkan offered her a room to live in within Castle Zarkan if Ahsoka ever wished to settle down to civilian life following the end of the Clone Wars, Ahsoka took Jane Zarkan up on her offer, giving Ahsoka a place of sanctury following the end of the Clone Wars and the execution of Order 66.

She also fought in the Third Battle of Earth of 18 BBY, against the Empire, to protect her adopted home, and the people she led (Jane Zarkan having proclaimed Ahsoka to be the President of the Confederacy, Queem of the Zarkan Kingdom and Empress of the Zarkan Empire should anything happen her), her death came during the final hours of the battle, she was surrounded by Stormtroopers in Castle Zarkan, she knew with almost certainty that she was soon to die, and decided to cut down as many Imperials as she possibly could before dying.

Greetings, Imperials, I am President Ahsoka Tano of the Confederate States of Earth, and I am ready to die for what I believe in, I am willing to give my life for my nation and my people, my people are loyal to me and my nation, they willingly and happily bow before me, for I am their mistress and they are my obedient subjects, and the only thing my death will achieve will be to make me a martyr to them and make them fight harder, I have only one question before I inevitably die, how many of you oppressors will I take with me? Many of you will die today, you will die with me! But you will not know the glories of the Hall of the Virtuous, as I will, for I die a noble and true warrior of Earth, I sacrifice myself in the name of freedom, following which I will join my dear friend, Jane Zarkan, within that mighty hall! Over time all of your names will be lost to time, whilst my name and my glory shall be eternal!
—Ahsoka Tano to the Imperial forces just before her last stand

not even her combat skills, however, could save her from being overwhelmed and cut down, she died at the age of 19 years old.

Jane, I am dying, I will be with you in within the Hall of the Virtuous very soon, may we drink together.
—Ahsoka's last words, spoken with her last breath, and in which she speaks to her good friend Jane Zarkan within the Hall of the Virtuous, Jane Zarkan died several months before Ahsoka, during the space battle over Earth during the beginning phase of the Third Battle of Earth

The death of Ahsoka meant Earth had lost its second president in one battle, as a result of Jane Zarkan Ahsoka became de facto president when Jane Zarkan died above Earth, Ahsoka was president for several months before she died during the Imperial invasion of Earth. Following Ahsoka's death Jane Zarkan II was taken into hiding by Separatist Holdouts, to keep her safe from the Empire, which they rightly assumed was trying to eradicate the Zarkan family, as a threat to their war of conquest.

She was buried with full military honours in the Confederate National Cemetery, it wasn't long before the Confederacy was defeated and conquered by the Empire, Ahsoka's valiant last stand was an inspiration and a source of pride for the Separatist holdout forces which continued resist the new Imperial order, following the restoration of the Confederate States of Earth Ahsoka's name was added to the Confederate Freedom Fighter Monument. Buried alongside her was Emily Kinson, her apprentice, it was thought to be appropriate that master and apprentice were buried side by side.

...she was so brave, she literally looked Death in the face, she calmly accepted her death without fear and without remorse, all she could feel in heart was her devotion to her nation, her people, and her great friend, Jane Zarkan, when the battle turned against us she knew she was going to die, the Empire isn't known for being particularly kind to Force users, and so, at the tender age of 19, far too young an age for someone to die, she made her last stand, taking as many Imps with her as she could, she lived, fought, and died so we could be free. We commit her body to the grave, with full respect and honour befitting a true martyr! May you find happiness, President Tano, along with your good friend, President Zarkan, another true and honourable warrior of Earth, within the Hall of the Virtuous, the home of our most venerated dead, we, the Confederate people, hope that one day we may be worthy enough to join you within that great hall upon our own death.
—Part of Ahsoka Tano's eulogy, spoken just before she was lowered into her grave

Shortly after her burial William Crest had her dug up and paraded her still intact corpse around the streets of Zarkan City, as an open show of his disrespect to the Confederacy. Former Confederates flocked into the streets to see her body, and they bowed their heads to her in respect. Deep within them, however, was a brewing resentment and revulsion at the blatant disrespect being shown to their dead president.

Look upon your former leader, traitors! For this is the fate that awaits all of you! I will have all of your corpses paraded through the streets as a show to the people what happens to Confederate traitors such as yourselves! Maybe I should burn her corpse, and leave you with nothing but ash and memories of her! No, I think she shall suffer a far worse fate!
—William Crest to the ex-Confederate citizens of Zarkan City

William Crest then began to broadcast himself beating and stabbing her corpse, as well as cutting off her Lekku, before having the corpse placed on its knees before him, declaring himself its "master".

Do you see, traitors? See how this corpse of your beloved leader is on its knees before me? This is where she belongs, on her knees before me, her master! This is what she'll be doing for an eternity when I finally get to her in the afterlife, I'll make her spend the rest of time on her knees before her master's feet!
—William Crest to the crowd

Sickened and enraged at the disrespect being shown to one of the heroines the crowd's anger spilled over into a large-scale riot, the "Tano Riot", the citizens surged forward to Crest, attempting to beat him to death, they were repelled by Crest's bodyguard whilst Crest fled the city, abandoning Ahsoka's corpse to the crowd, who re-interred her body within her grave with the highest honour.

Get back here, you twisted, disrespectful little scumbag! We'll teach you some respect!
—The crowd to William Crest

Loss of belief in what she once held dear

I have renounced the Jedi Order and the Republic! I came to realize what we had truly become! Puppets, tools, soldiers, of a corrupt Senate! We had given up our ideals of being Peace keepers and being honourable guardians of justice to become slaves of the Republic, to enforce the Senate's will on others! Now, as a member of the Confederacy, I am more of a peace keeper and a guardian of justice than the Jedi are, for I fight to bring liberty and freedom to countless worlds! I fight to defend Earth's freedom!
—Ahsoka Tano, on her disillusionment of the Jedi and the Republic, who caused her downfall to the dark side

Ahsoka hadn't always been drawn to the dark side of the force, at one time she greatly believed in the Republic and the Jedi, especially when she was young, however as she grew, she began to take even greater interest in politics, during a period known as the Separatist Crisis, after hearing Count Dooku's views on the Republic, Tano began to question the Jedi and their service to the Republic, and doubt the Republic itself.

Whilst her fellow Jedi told her to try and ignore Dooku's speeches, she found it extremely difficult to,

She also further lost faith in the Republic after the Senate's failure to even vote on the Financial Reform Act in 24 BBY, which was intended to reduce corruption in the Senate.

What is wrong with the Republic? I would've thought voting to reduce corruption would've been a good thing! Yet the Financial Reform Act didn't even make it to the vote! Clearly the Republic is simply corrupt! Why do we even bother supporting this corrupt, oppressive, government? We Jedi should go back to having nothing to do with politics!
—Tano revealing her loss of faith, and her despair, at the Republic following the failure of the Financial Reform Act to even get to the vote

Following the failure of the Financial Reform Act to even get to the vote, the first systems began seceding, eventually this snowballed into hundreds, then thousands, of systems rallying to Dooku's cause. She began to wonder why so many star systems were abandoning the Republic and flocking to Dooku's banner, if Dooku was wrong about the Republic and the Jedi.

Her disillusionment further continued as the Separatist Crisis progressed, a notable point in her disillusionment was the Battle of Antar 4 in 22 BBY, where, after a slow and botched attempt to remove the radical pro-Separatist Roshu Sune group, the Jedi were forced to set off an EMP weapon, which caused extreme pain and disorientation to the Gotals the Republic forces were fighting, whilst this meant the Jedi could seize victory, it also turned the Gotals against the Republic, Ahsoka viewed this with dismay, this was the first time she actively thought of the Jedi and the Republic as being "evil".

How evil we Jedi must be, if we can so willingly deploy a weapon which causes terrible, torturous, pain and disorientation to a sentient species! I do not recognize the Jedi Order anymore, this isn't the Jedi Order I dedicated my life to! Where is the honour!? Not to mention the fact the Republic's answer to bombings of Republican soldiers was a slow, and botched, attempt to remove the Roshu Sune, which resulted in the deaths of Jedi, Rangers and civilians. The Republic is sick, and cannot be fixed, we should simply start over!
—Ahsoka Tano's entry in her diary about her feelings on the Battle of Antar 4

Despite the fact that she had already lost her faith in the Jedi and Republic by this point, Ahsoka decided to stay within the Jedi, at least temporarily, to see if things were going to get better, yet she realized she was hoping against hope.

Everything came to a head during the First Battle of Geonosis, Ahsoka considered the Republic to be the aggressor, and she was horrified that the Jedi had led a Clone Army into battle during a time of galactic peace. Furious at the Jedi Order for believing that they had strayed so far from their ideals they were barely recognizable, and were beyond redemption, and at the Republic, for invading Geonosis without any declaration of war or provocation, Ahsoka Tano had finally had enough of the Jedi and Republic, and defected to the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

So it has finally happened, the Jedi and Republic have invaded a planet not even at war with them, how have we fallen so far? How have we disregarded our pacifist ideals to become warmongers, soldiers, pawns of the Senate? I do not even recognise my fellow Jedi anymore, they are traitors to our beliefs, I do not feel I belong here anymore, so I am leaving, leaving the Jedi Temple, leaving the Republic, I'm going to fight for the right side, for the Confederacy!
—One of Ahsoka Tano's entries in her diary, showing her secretive beliefs, beliefs she felt she couldn't share with her fellow Jedi

Personality and traits

You forget, I was once a Jedi, but I saw us for what we have become, soldiers, warmongers, puppets of the Senate! I once loved the Republic and the Jedi Order, but I realized the truth, the truth that Count Dooku was telling us all along, that the Republic is corrupt, he also told me that the Republic is under control of a Sith lord called "Darth Sidious", and the Jedi Order are simply puppets of a Sith lord who hates them! I am so glad I joined the right side to be on! We Separatists are simply trying to be free, and to save the Republic folk from their evil, corrupt government! Every planet which falls to the Confederacy is one more planet which is free! And now you Jedi try to destroy us and our honourable goals! I warn you, stand in our way and you will be destroyed! Lucky for you, President Zarkan wants you alive!
—Ahsoka Tano to Maksi Hikar, Jedi General who led Republic forces during the First Battle of Earth

During her time in the Jedi Order she was generally happy, she was also loyal to the Republic and the Jedi Order, which she adored, however this all changed during the Separatist Crisis, as she heard Dooku's speeches she discovered everything he said was true about the Republic, and this worried her, the more of Dooku's speeches she listened to, the more she lost faith in the Republic and the Jedi.

Eventually she completely lost her faith in the Republic, and the Jedi Order as well, viewing the Republic as a corrupt, evil tyrannical government trying to impose its will on the whole galaxy, and the Jedi as puppets, pawns, soldiers of the Senate, fighting to ensure the Senate's dominance over the galaxy was saved.

However a major warning sign of some internal conflict was Ahsoka's unusual withdrawal from people and social activities, making some wonder if she was depressed, however she felt that due to her pro-Separatist beliefs, she felt she was unable to speak to nearly all her fellow Jedi, causing her to withdraw from them.

...some of my fellow Jedi have noticed how quiet and withdrawn I have become, I think they're beginning to wonder if I'm depressed, but I'm not, how can I tell them of my Pro-Separatist views? Surely they'd brand me a "traitor"! They're too blind, foolish and arrogant to realise that they're the real traitors, they're traitors to our beliefs, there was a time when we were an honourable and peaceful order, now we willingly conduct violent action against peoples who want to be free, in order to maintain their domination by the evil and corrupt Republic Senate, which has betrayed the ideals that the Republic was founded on!

In order to be able to sleep at night, my fellow Jedi claim to fight for "peace", I don't see how "fighting for peace" (what an oxymoron right there!) means oppressing half of the galaxy under the yoke of corruption, high taxes and an enforced "Republic", if the Republic was true to its name it would let the Separatists have a choice to control their own destiny! Does it allow the Separatists the right to self-determination, and to have their own nation? Nope!"

—An excerpt from Ahsoka's diary, on her social withdrawal and her secretive beliefs

As the Separatist Crisis continued, and the Republic and Jedi stooped to new lows in an effort to maintain peace, such as the Battle of Antar 4, Antar 4 infuriated Ahsoka, who found it unbelievable that the Jedi had actually deployed an EMP bomb which caused extreme pain and disorientation to the Gotals.

The thing which finally caused her to leave the Republic and Jedi was the First Battle of Geonosis, Ahsoka was furious and annoyed at the Jedi and Republic, she considered them illegal aggressors and invaders, she left the Temple ,and the Republic, shortly afterwards, and joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems, which she considered to be the right side in the war.

Shortly after arriving at Castle Zarkan she sensed a force sensitive maid, called Emily Kinson, believing she had a potential new recruit for the Dark Acolytes she informed her master about the force sensitivity and potential for the maid, Dooku was interested, and gave her permission to begin training Emily, Ahsoka did so, taking Kinson as her apprentice, Ahsoka and Emily formed a close bond and friendship, until Emily Kinson was killed by Imperials during the Storming of Castle Zarkan, buying her master and friend some time.

She was aware of her imminent death at the end of the Third Battle of Earth, however she was prepared for it, knowing the battle was going badly for the Confederacy she had spent the final days of the battle preparing herself for her inevitable last stand, in which she would take as many Imperials with her before being overwhelmed and killed.

According to Confederate legend, Aersif herelf rewarded her for her noble sacrifice by allowing her to visit the Hall of the Virtuous, the afterlife of all true Earthling warriors, where Ahsoka was reunited with her dear friend, Jane Zarkan.

Jane, the Imps are at my door, I can hear them pounding on the door, trying to get in, I suppose now is the time, it's time for me to die, I am not afraid, I would rather die free than live oppressed! I will join you within the Hall of the Virtuous very soon, my dearest friend, we shall drink and sing together forever, I have but one favour to ask, you line the drinks up in preparation for my arrival.
—Ahsoka Tano speaking to her deceased friend in the Hall of the Virtuous, shortly before her final stand

Behind the Scenes

This version of Ahsoka Tano came about because the writer wanted to include a parallel universe version of a character from Star Wars: The Clone Wars in his parallel universe featuring a version of Earth during the Clone Wars, he decided to make an alternate version of Ahsoka Tano, one who had grown tired and disillusioned with the Republic and Jedi and had defected to the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and joined Count Dooku's Dark Acolytes.

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