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Ahsoka Greyshifter was born shortly before the Alphadroid wars, but rapidly aged from her ex-Jedi mother, and actually fought in them. Ahsoka was one of those Jedi that were good with the force due to the fact she is a bit Miraluka, and Miralukans are good with the Force. Even though she rapidly aged in order to fight in the Alphadroid Wars, her mom had reversed it back.


She wore lots of wrappings over her two eye holes, and also wore White robes. She didn't wear shoes, instead wearing wraps around her ankles and feet.

Weaponry and Abilities

She used two Green sabers, which connected and formed a Saberstaff. She also had a Green shoto. She kept the shoto on her person, specifically on the back of her waist.

She primarily used force telekinesis and Augments, but used other abilities.

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