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Ahdam Bac was a Human male soldier, intelligence operative, and politician who lived during the Great Hutt Wars. Bac was born on Alderaan to Alcor Bac, who served as the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic during the First Cold War. While serving in the military, Bac was tapped by his father to be the first agent, codenamed "Agent 1" or "ONE," in Sector 13, an intelligence gathering and assassination agency aimed at preventing a resurgence of the defeated-Alsakan Union. He eventually took on covert actions aimed at the Hutt Empire in the lead-up to the First Hutt War. Bac crafted a superficial and party-going persona in order to ward off any possible suspicion as to his true identity.

Towards the end of the First Hutt War, he undertook a covert Sector 13 operation to assassinate Supreme Chancellor Jamall Mohatu, whose actions in the war were deemed a threat to the Republic's survival. Mohatu survived the attempted assassination, but inadverently assassinated Alcor in the process. His wrongdoings a secret, Bac was soon after appointed as the Galactic Senator of Alderaan, and became a member of the Armed Services Committee. Bac held the position throughout the Second Hutt War, and was a strong supporter of Supreme Chancellor Hisako Hoshiko during the controversy generated when the existence of Sector 13 was revealed.


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