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The Charon were not always the monsters history has known, nor those that follow in their legacy. It was only though great sufferings that they were... reborn. The Age of Pangs.
Savelle Ulesari
Charon species

The Age of Pangs saw the devolutionary rise of the Charon species

The Age of Pangs was the dark age of the Charr Ontee following them being pulled into the Otherspace galaxy in the wake of the Great Collapse.

Marked with incessant civil and tribal wars, cultural devolution and biological alterations by the energies present in the galaxy of Otherspace, the Age of Pangs saw the fall of the Charr Ontee species and the rise of their second evolution, the modern Charon species.

The Charon began to recover much of their lost technological resources during this period as well, such as starship travel, architecture and space mapping of nearby systems. Although less defined at the time, the outworking of the Charon's caste system was already in place long before the period ended.

The Age of Pangs effectively ended with the arrival of the Chernobog, who brought an age of enlightenment for the Charon, shaping their philosophies, religion, society, and even endowed upon them technological knowledge and innovation.