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"Damn you, Damn you!, you killed everyone!" Vader lowered his head staring at the ground. "I hate you, you shouldn't be alive, stand up and prepare to meet you end, you... you Monster!" To Jance's surprise Darth Vader stood up. "How could my best friend do this!" Vader turned and looked down at Theed. "I don't even know what I should do with you, your unarmed, but you deserve to die, if I kill you I will probably fall to the Dark Side." Jance felt a hand on his shoulder and turned around to see no one there. Jance turned toward Vader again and heard a voice in his head, it was Kreighton's Voice, stay calm Jance, kill him, but cast aside your hatred first, if you don't then you shall fall to the Dark Side. Jance closed his eyes and cast aside his hatred and then opened them so he could Kill Darth Vader. Jance pushed Vader off the cliff using the force and then picked up and activated the Sith's Lightsaber and threw it after him, the blade bore into the Sith Lords back, when the Sith Lord was out of Jances sight, Jance walked to Kreighton's shuttle.


Jance Stepped off of the shuttle ramp and walked to the shrine in which the Emperor was located. The Two activated their lightsabers and dueled. The Blades hissed and hummed when they met. Jance threw all of his weight into his strikes. Midway into the duel Jance saw something that horrified him, Darth Vader was approaching and he had new prosthetic hands. "Now you will die, Jedi." said the Emperor. "I will not be forgotten!" Jance swung his blade and severed palpatine's left leg. Before Jance could turn around Vader's blade pierced his back.


The Emperor levitated himself into the air as Vader pulled out of Jance. Jance's vision turned red, Jance then attempted to crawl toward Kreighton's lightsaber, as he reached toward it with his arm the Emperor shot him with lightning. Jance's vision turned from red to blue, the lightning was the most painful thing he had ever felt. Jance managed to pull himself to his feet only to feel Vader's lightsaber cut them off. The agony was intense but so was his resolve to reach the shuttle, The Emperor sent another blast of lightning into him, the blast caused Jance's clothes to fuse with his skin, Jance was afraid for the first time in his life. Jance's vision started to fade right at the ramp of the shuttle, he felt Vaders blade stab through his back and into his heart. His eyes shut and then fluttered open. Jance caught a quick glimpse of the future and saw a young man, Vader and Palpatine. The Emperor was shocking the young man while Vader watched. The young man referred to Vader as father and due to his son's pleaing Darth Vader lifted the Emperor off the ground and threw him into a seemingly endless shaft. The last thing Jance did was chuckle.

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