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Jance and Kreighton became separated in all the madness. Jance stopped to rest once he reached a cliff that over looked the city of Theed. Jance heard heavy breathing behind him and swirled around to see Darth Vader looming over him. Jance Gasped when he saw Kreighton's lightsaber clipped to the Dark Lords belt, he knew that Kreighton was dead. "I am suprised that you made it this far without a lightsaber." Jance felt an invisible fist closing around his throat. "It is not the lightsaber that makes the Jedi, nor is it the Force, it is the Beliefs that one chooses to follow, even at the very end." Jance was losing his hold on reality, in despairation he used the force to drive an invisible fist of his own making into the Emperor's Lackey. Jance was free and he managed to call Kreighton's lightsaber to his hand in a mere second. Vader quickly rose to his feet and the two dueled at the speed of sound. Vader soon managed to gain the upper-hand, Jance was stuck at the edge of the cliff. As Vader brought his blade into position he felt his lightsaber tug, Vader was able to keep his grip of his lightsaber, the little tug had been a cunning ploy, Darth Vader had focused all of his attention to hold onto his saber, Jance sliced his blade through both of Vader's hands.


Jance pointed the blade at Darth Vader's throat. "You will take me to Palpatine Now!" "No." "Fine have it your way." Jance reached out to the force and entered Vader's mind. It was harder than he had thought it would be, but he managed to slowly push into Vader's mind and tugged away at the useless thoughts, he could feel Vader resisting after a lengthy search he found what he wanted, the location of the Emperor, he had also managed to find something much more interesting in Vader's mind, Darth Vader was Anakin Skywalker.

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