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The hut owned by Obi-Wan Kenobi was very clean, crates were stacked in the back. It was easy to see that Order 66 had taken an emotional toll on Obi-Wan, his robe was tattered, his once bright eyes were now dull, his hair had turned white possibly from fear, no it wasn't fright, it was stress, Obi-Wans face was more serious and solemn than it ever had been. "Hello." said Obi-Wan. "Hello Master Kenobi, I am Jance Byington a Jedi Knight." "It's nice to meet you" replied Kenobi shaking Jance's hand. "Now what can I do for the two of you?" "Jance is looking for Anakin Skywalker, your old apprentice." replied Kreighton. Jance saw the Ex-Jedi wince and he could sense anger... no not anger... but pain.. Pain and Regret. "He is Dead." "How?" "He found out that Palpatine was the sith we were looking for and then told Master Windu, Windu and Anakin arrived and attempted to kill the Sith Lord, just as Master Windu was about to kill Palpatine, the "Other" Sith Lord, Darth Vader, arrived and cut off Windu's hands and Kicked him out of the office, Anakin fought bravely, brave enough to injure Vader, forcing Vader to need his suit, However, Palpatine killed him." "He can't be dead, I sensed his presence in the force a few days ago." "Perhaps the force is trying to tell you something?" "That is possible, will you come with us to destroy the Emperor?" "That is someone else's battle, not mine." "Farewell Master Kenobi." Jance and Kreighton departed for Palpatine's Home world, Naboo.


"Lord Vader, you are to go to Naboo, you have an old "Friend" headed there now." Said The Emperor. "I shall depart at once, my Master." Responded Darth Vader.


"Do you think that the Queen of Naboo would really help us?" asked Jance. "Yes, she has to or else her people may never be free from the Emperor's Watchful gaze." Kreighton and Jance made their way undetected into the Queens Chambers... The Queen of Naboo opens her eyes to see Kreighton and Jance enter the room, she quickly grabs her blaster pistol next to her bed. "Freeze or I will blast you." "Your majesty, we mean no harm." Replied Jance. "Your Jedi..." "Yes, we have come to you for help, we must destroy the Emperor." "I see, let me arrange the army for you." The Queen presses an intercom button on the wall. "We have Jedi in the Palace, set your blasters to stun!" "What the hell are you doing?!" "I am make this place safe for my people, if I don't hand you over to Vader the Emperor will find out and destroy us all!" The two Jedi ran out faster than the speed of sound, the palace flashed by in a blur.

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