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Stormtroopers were searching the streets of Arcadia. Jance could sense that they were afraid, not of him, but afraid of returning to Darth Vader empty handed. One of the Stormtroopers was headed into the alley that Jance was hiding in. Jance had lost his lightsaber to a Bounty Hunter, the Bounty Hunter had used a flamethrow to set Jance's tunic on fire, Jance had thrown off his tunic which contained his lightsaber, his lightsaber had been disentigrated. Jance had escaped by redirecting a missile back to the Bounty Hunter, that had bought enough time for him to escape. Jance waited as the Trooper walked by and Jumped him, he snapped the troopers neck and put on the armor after stashing the body in a dumpster. Jance walked by the other stormtroopers and successfully mader his way to his safe house. Jance moved a large boulder blocking the entrance to a cave, he then checked it to see that nothing had been disturbed, satisfied Jance block the entrance with the large boulder and climbed onto his cot and went to sleep.


While he slept he dreamed that he was in the Jedi Temple with his friend Anakin Skywalker, they were walking down the Jedi Temple corridor when a dark garbed figure leapt in front of them, it had a burnt face, it sort of resembled Anakin. "Run" screamed Anakin. The Anakin that was beside him was crushed by a column of the Jedi temple, Jance escaped the burning temple. Jance woke up to see it was morning. Jance made his way to the Imperial Academy.


Jance was placed in the 326th Division, the division had one purpose, to locate and kill Jedi. In less than a week the 326th Division had managed to track down a Jedi Knight to a planet on the Outer Rim called Callus Prime. Jance and the other Jedi Killed off the 326th Division. Jance approached the Jedi. Jance held out his hand and said "I am Jance Byington." "Kreighton Sul" said the Jedi shaking Jance's hand. "I am looking for Anakin Skywalker." "I don't know if he is alive or not, but I can take you to his former Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi." Jance and Kreighton made it to a landing pad, jacked a ship, and set course for Tatooine.

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