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I choose my duty to the Force and Galaxy, over my loyalty to my family and species!
—Aerith to Darth Caelum, shortly before being disowned.

Aerith Panteer, actually born Aerith Kairos, was the final child of Celestine Kairos and a Jedi Knight raised on Alderaan by House Panteer.


Birth and Childhood

Aerith Panteer was


Behind the Scenes

Aerith is an angram of the word "Earth" with the letter "i" added into it.

Despite being raised in House Panteer, it isn't knew Raal Panteer and Heeth Panteer.

Kairos is a Greek Concept often stated to be a God of Time and the younger brother of the Primordial God of Time: Chronos, Kairos is the God that represents Time during the events happening while Chronos is linear time (past, present, future), Kairos also means weather in both ancient and modern Greek.

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