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Legacy era

Aeriellia Lecersen was a Human Field Marshal. She was also a Jedi Master and Director of the Galactic Alliance Intelligence Agency. She was second in command of Jonac's Army/Navy combination. Her brother, Jonac Lecersen, was the Grand Master of the Jedi Order and her mother was Chief Executive Officer of the Kuat Drive Yards, while her father was CEO of the Fondor shipyards. Her flagship Enterprise was a return to the Executor-class Super Star Destroyer, but it had many different enhancements, including a very powerful stealth field generator. She had many weapons at her disposal, but chose to stick with her favorite weapon, a cyan double-bladed lightsaber. She was also known to use two lightsabers which were white and silver and a lava red lightwhip.


Early life

Aeriellia Lecersen, the younger twin sister of Jonac Lecersen, was born on Kuat some time after the Second Galactic Civil War. While the two were still infants, Jedi Master Kyp Durron came to their parents mansion and took the twins to the Jedi Temple to be trained as a Jedi. While there, Aeriellia became best friends with a girl named Chihiro Hyuuga. When she had completed her Mastership trials, she became a Jedi Battle Master. While on one of her mission, she fell to the dark side after her Padawan was killed during a civil war on Telos. She rampaged around the planet, eventually becoming dictator, but Jonac stepped in and defeated his sister, cutting off her right hand. When she returned, she, Jonac and Chihiro were asked to have a seat on the Jedi High Council. The three accepted, and within three years, she was one of the Senior Jedi Masters. She, Jonac, Chihiro and, two other Masters, Jaina Solo-Fel and Ben Skywalker were frequently asked by Chief of State Johanna Adolfus to assist her in many decisions throughout the young woman's career as Chief of State.

Later years

Later in her life, Aeriellia and Jonac were still close. She accompanied Jonac on most of his missions, and helped him liberate Thyferra from the clutches of the Empire. She would also go with Jonac on a mission to Nal Hutta to be used as bait, which ended in her brother's capture by the Sith.

Powers and abilities

Aeriellia was the Director of the Galactic Alliance Intelligence Agency, simply because she had the uncanny ability to see any movement, from a screen or in a crowd of people. She was also one of the only Jedi skilled in Battle Meditation.


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