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Aeran was a female Human specialist who worked for Cilia Dil's resistance group in Junction 5.


In 44 BBY, she joined a group, along with Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi on a secret mission to Delaluna to steal the plans for the Annihilator to free Junction 5 from the oppression of the Guardians. AFter completing her mission, she served as an individual to the Galactic Republic and served more than twenty-two years until the start of the Clone Wars.

During the last years of the Republic, Aeran was present in the Republic Executive Building when Chancellor Palpatine was having a discussion about the Separatist planning to invade Coruscant. She was pleased to see Obi-Wan since she hasn't seen seen him for many years. Aeran wanted to ask Kenobi about Qui-Gon until she discovers that Qui-Gon was killed years ago during the Invasion on Naboo. Aeran felt sorry for Kenobi, but she was pleased that Anakin Skywalker was his apprentice.

As the separatists launch their invasion on the planet, Aeran gathered with many troops, senate guards, individuals, and allies to defend the building. When the droids were moving in, Aeran fought alongside Kalyn Farnmir, one of the most famous bounty hunters in the galaxy. When the battle droids were moving in, Aeran and Kalyn kept on fighting, but a commando droid took aim and shot Aeran in the chest. Kalyn was able to drag Aeran to safety, but she already died from her wound before Kalyn could shout for a medical officer.


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