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Adventures of Feeldberg: Chapter One

As a runaway fighter sped through the atmosphere of the planet of Dantooine and thrusted through a mixture of gases enclosed in air, a focused watcher and an experienced physic with an implant applied in his or her head would certainly conclude that it had beaten speed of sound several times thus far. However, a few split seconds after the first fighter, which would not be identified even by a utility fan, the second was seen amongst clouds, and it was a so-called TIE Advanced v1 this time. Regardless, one would not need to be characterized by physical knowledge or mechanical skills to judge there to be a race above heads of Kywalker's inhabitants.

Upon a few minutes of clumsy attempts to defeat the adversary's fighter's missiles, and upon the daring flight of the latter, the first one, which seemed to be escaping, crashed upon the surface among the grasses of the municipal village. The slight collision resulted in fire spreading on plants that grew across that hilly region. However, as it could be indicated by the following actions, none of the crewmen suffered serious injuries. Even from a walking distance, the deck could be seen to have been left by a short, pink-skinned Gungan, wearing poor clothes that resembles the dress worn by moisture farmers. The man immediately moved aside, and afterwards approached the wreck, as though he had something valuable inside it.

"Aldebara! Come on, we gotta go!", the Gungan shouted to, as everything pointed to, a certain person, and a slim Zabrac woman quickly left the burning deck at those words. Despite being surround by flames, the survivors bodies did not feature especial injuries.

About to run away, the Gungan missed the fact his enemy had meanwhile landed a few meters from the accident area. The dark TIE Advanced, however, did not have its pilot on the deck, as he had left and stood within a distance equaling around five meters from the Gungan and his friend.

"Master Feeldberg… a Barash Jedi", said the member of the Weeguay species with his arms folded across.

The man was wearing dark dress upon his body, as if it were characterized to resembe a Sith one. His palms, in turn, were covered with gloves of the same color. One's attention could also be paid to characteristic plaits that hung on both sides of the seemingly bald head, as well as gray eyes, which was not typical of the most common species residing in the galaxy.

"Xittor, the submissive henchman of Vader, who betrayed the Jedi vows years ago", Feeldberg responded following a moment of thinking, as well as he reached for his lightsaber, which was worn being attached to a narrow belt.

"At least I have not replaced some vows with others", the Weeguay giggled and took a clear glance at the Zabrak, standing on the Gungan's right.

Feeldberg also glanced at his wife. Care was visible in his eyes, but not only, because a fear was, as well.

Like his opponent, Xittor reached towards his belt, but his one seemed slightly thicker than the one of the Jedi who was standing opposite. Thereafter, he pinned off his lightsaber. The silver handle was far longer than the standard, which could cause one to assume it emitted two blades at once, which was actually proved as soon as the brown-skinned man activated his weapon.

Feeldberg did the same, with addition that his lightsaber released a blue glow. The Gungan pounced at his opponent, who, in turn, began manipulating his weapon in a way so he avoided strikes in a graceful way rather than inflicted his own. At some point, Xittor kicked the Gungan in an area around his chest, and he jumped aside after that, continuing to turn his lightsaber around proudly and precisely initially over, and eventually — after landing — upon, the surface.

"What do you want from us?", Feeldberg asked taking hold of his weapon with both of his palms, and at those words his opponent giggled again and turned off his lightsaber, folding his arms again.

"The purge lasts on", he said. "And I'm certain of one thing. It's time for the Jedi to end."

Summary: When escaping from Vader's apprentice, Xittor, the Barash Jedi Feeldberg and his wife, Aldebara, crashed on Dantooine, where it comes to a duel.

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