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Admiral was a flag rank within most naval forces across the galaxy. Within the Republic and Imperial, New Republic and Galactic Alliance, Confederation and New Imperial navies, it was subdivided into four or sometimes five separate ranks:

  • Rear Admiral: Commonly tasked with overseeing small- to medium-sized task forces, or command of very large capital-class vessels or command ships. Also often serves as staff officers to larger command structures. Oftentimes divided into lower and upper halves, each a separate rank with proportionate responsibilities. In the Royal Navy of the Golden Empire, the title Counter Admiral was used instead of Rear Admiral.
  • Vice Admiral: Commonly assigned to lead medium- to large-sized fleets of capital ships, usually including at least one large command vessel. Also frequently charged with overseeing sector commands, or else serving as executive officers to major Navy department heads.
  • Admiral: Commonly given overall command within a certain theater of operations. May take direct command of large expeditionary forces, often including multiple battle groups, may also serve as head of major Naval departments or as military advisers to heads of state.
  • Fleet Admiral: The highest rank possible in most space navies. Typically serves either as commander-in-chief of naval operations, of the Navy itself, or very large portions of its active forces. Often a more political than military role.

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