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You should have seen the look on that pirates face when I pulled that Renegade on him. Priceless!
—Adil Barason

Adil Barason was a human who was kidnapped from his home on Mandalore by the Nebula Raiders pirate fleet. He grew up to be a very famous bounty hunter, almost as famous as Jango Fett. (expand and explain)



Adil was born on an unknown date to the chieftain of a prominent Mandalorian clan and his wife.


Just a few months after his birth, Adil's mother and father woke up to find their infant son gone, kidnapped by a Kubaz spy working for the Nebula Raiders pirate group. The group in turn was working for Black Sun, which was angry at Adil's father for the clan's destruction of a secret Black Sun base on Mandalore. Adil's father immediately began a search, eventually calling in the assistance of several other clans, but they were unable to locate Adil. Adil's father vowed to never stop searching.


Meanwhile, Adil was being raised by the pirate captain, Noli Briut. The Black Sun's plan was to use Adil for ransom, but the attacks on their Coruscant headquarters by the Justicars distracted Black Sun high command for years. Briut decided he would raise Adil as his son, planning to eventually make him heir to the group. However, when he was about 17, Adil found secret recording tapes of Briut negotiating with Black Sun for Adil's kidnapping. Outraged, Adil confronted the pirate leader, who was forced to reveal his secret. Angry beyond control, Adil grabbed a nearby blaster pistol and shot the pirate leader dead. Shocked out of his frenzy by the death of his mentor, Adil fled the pirate group,searching for something to give his life meaning again.

Becoming a bounty hunter

Adil found this meaning when his flight lead him to Nar Shadda. There he established himself as a prominent gunfighter. A few months later he began pursuing small-time bounties. After a year of street-fighting and small-time bounty hunting, Adil decided he was ready for the big-time.

Adventures on Hutta

Oppurtunity came knocking when a young bounty hunter named Fragi Silot contacted him, saying he had a plan to get himself and Adil, who he had heard about while pursuing a bounty on Nar Shadda, into the bounty hunting expedition known as the Great Hunt. Intrigued, Adil travelled to Hutta, where Fragi said a team was waiting for him. Adil arrived to find that all but one of the tam members had been killed by rival competitors. To obtain access to the Great Hunt Adil and Fragi teamed up to win the approval of Nem'ro the Hutt. The Hutt's jobs, including taking down renegade Evocii and damaging the assets of Fa'thra the Hutt, stretched Adil's skills to the limit, but in the end he emerged as Nem'ro's new favorite bounty hunter, therefore receiving the sponsorship nessecary to enter the Great Hunt.

The Great Hunt

Bounty hunting career

Return to Mandalore



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