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Ade Viscus was a Human male Jedi Knight who was a General during the Jedi/Imperial War. Viscus discovered Tori Main sometime after her birth on Ryloth and brought her to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Viscus would later on take Main as his Padawan. Viscus fought as a General in the Jedi/Imperial War, and would meet his death at the hands of Darth Katos during the Battle for Dantooine in 106 ABY.


Jedi/Imperial War

Ade Viscus was selected to be a Jedi General sometime during the Jedi/Imperial War, which helped him keep a strong relationship with his former Padawan, Tori Main. In one of the final battles of the war, Viscus and his forces were sent to Dantooine with the orders to kill Darth Katos, place the planet under New Republic control, and (if possible) capture Admiral Ornell Graccau.


During the Battle for Dantooine, Viscus Force pushed a New Imperial AT-AT over with the goal of saving Tori Main from death at the hands of Darth Katos. Instead, the Sith Lord evaded the AT-AT, which created a massive sinkhole in the planets surface that swallowed Tori Main and many other soldiers. Darth Katos attacked Viscus, and the two engaged in a short-lived duel. Viscus fought his hardest and even gained the upperhand against the Wookiee a few times, but proved to be no match for him after being thrown onto a fallen New Republic dropship and stabbed in the chest.

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