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Ada Karr or as she was originally known, Ada Fey'lya, was a female Bothan Jedi Master. She was the wife of Udo Karr and the mother of Derran Karr. Ada was born into the wealthy family of the Fey'lyas, and their legacy would haunt her for the remainder of her life, as she would have to deal with them following the Great Schism.

At the age of two, Ada was found to be Force-sensitive by the Jedi Watchman Julo'fen Marke and sent to the Jedi Temple to train. She later was given a Master along with her friend, Udo Karr. Following the Jedi Purge, she was forced to flee with her Master to save the planet Kamino.

After the planet Novus Kamino Prime was found and settled, she became one of the first Jedi to join the praxeum built there by Nathaniel Kenobi and his wife Abigaile Jade Kenobi. Following Abigaile's death and Nathan's self-exile, she was put under the tutelage of Master Plett. She became romantically involved with Udo and they would marry, which then gave way for their first child to be born: Derran.

After the false savior Nat-ahn Mandrex had taken control over the majority of the Colonies, she was one of the few who remained true to her Master's teachings and helped his grandson to free them. Tragedy struck when the Fey'lya family tried to bring her back into their clutches, but she was able to escape. Even worse than her treacherous family, the Sith Order of Decreto ended her life during the Battle of Almania.


Early Life

Born into the wealthy Fey'lya family, Ada was one of the most privileged individuals in the Galaxy. At a young age she was taught of the future responsibilities she would have in her life and that everyone else was beneath her.

Her life made a sharp turn when the Jedi Watchman of the Kothlis system—a male Dor Namethian named Julo'fen Marke—found her and took her away to the Jedi Temple. The Fey'lyas were outraged, because they hadn't given consent. Julo'fen would later remark that Ada's maid had been drunk at the time he had taken her and had assured him the family wouldn't mind.

Ada didn't mind leaving her home, because she didn't want to live the life her parents were thrusting upon her. She was soon brought into the Spider Clan and found new friends in fellow younglings Udo Karr and Plapoe Lamark, a female Marais.

They became the best of friends until 21 BBY when Plapoe was killed in the First Battle of Coruscant. The loss of their friend deeply wounded Ada and Udo both mentally and physically.

Luckily for them, though, a new face came into their lives: their future Master Nathaniel Kenobi. He had chosen them out of the twenty other members of the Spider Clan, because he sensed the friendship they had and their potential to learn.

Jedi Purge

One of the most fearful days of my life.
—Ada on Operation: Knightfall

Ada and Udo began their training and sparked a new friendship with two other Jedi Nathan was secretly training: Whie Malreaux and Scout. They began conspiring to leave the Temple because of a premonition Nathan had had the day before of the Temple in flames.

Nathan was able to transport Scout and Whie to the planet Qiilura, but their plans to leave the Temple were halted by the arrival of Darth Vader and the 501st. Nathan was able to ghost them away to a secluded spot of the Temple and keep them away from the massacre that followed.


Nathan battles Anakin to buy some time for Ada and Udo.

Thanks to Senator Bail Organa, they were able to finally flee the slaughterhouse and reunite with other Jedi, notably Nathan's uncle Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda. While Obi-Wan and Yoda decided to take out Vader and Palpatine, Nathan was bound and determined to make sure Scout and Whie had gotten to Qiilura safely.

They found evidence that they had been captured by two bounty hunters—Koh'la'wenimox and Tene-brith—and brought to the Wheel. Nathan was able to kill the two bounty hunters and freed Scout and Whie. After receiving proof that the two could live on Qiilura peacefully and without fear of the Empire, he left them on the planet to live out their lives, while he went to gather information on rumors of Jedi Agriculturalists and other AgriCorps members being imprisoned and brought to a mysterious location.

Thanks to information given by another being Nathan had been training, the Anointed One, they were able to discover the location of the missing AgriCorps members: a planet within the Deep Core: Byss. They ventured there and found that the planet was very strong in the dark side and its allure was so strong, Nathan was forced to leave the sector so as not to fall under its influence.

Rethinking their position and meditating on the issue, they joined up with a smuggler named Roa and were able to get on the planet without being noticed. While Nathan attempted to free the AgriCorps members from their bondage—the Emperor intended them to become some of his Dark Side Adepts—Ada and Udo were supposed to remain on the ship, but, owing to their young age, orders weren't their main priority.

They began exploring the world and eventually found an Aefan Jedi Agriculturalist named Greil and liberated him from the guards holding him captive. With his help, they saved Nathan from certain capture at the hands of the 501st and they were able to free a great many of the prisoners there.


The planet Byss

They made their escape and were able to reach the planet Luyalsat Opec before they were captured in an interdiction field by the Interdictor Star Destroyer Palpatine's Fury. Nathan was able to Force persuade the captain of the vessel that he had made a mistake and had gotten the wrong ship. He also was able to gain special privileges to dock and get repaired at Kamino, which was the final place he had decided to go to before confronting Vader and the Emperor.

Clone Rebellion

I've a thought a great deal on this issue, Ada. My job as a Jedi is to protect life, no matter what it may be. What does that mean? What's the purpose? Are there times when that rule to protect causes me to kill in order to protect life? Why are we here? Questions that are not easily answered. When the Empire took over and the Jedi died, it looked as if the very values I'd held dear for twenty-one years of my life, were gone, almost as if they were only dust in the wind. New tactics had to be found, harsh decisions had to be made, but they were only to protect the Jedi, so they could return and help protect life. By doing this Ada, I am protecting not only the Jedi by removing the threat of capture, but I am helping life, as the Jedi will arise after I have moved to the final phase of my plan. That doesn't make it easier, it's never easy to willingly kill someone, but, sometimes, Ada, the ends justify the means. I hate myself for saying that, but it must be done for the good of the Galaxy, for the good of the Jedi, and the good of everything that lives.
—Nathan explaining why he had decided to commit genocide against the clones.

Ada accompanied Nathan, Udo, and the other renegade Jedi to Kamino, which was second-to-last phase of Nathan's plans to take down the Empire. From what she had overheard, he was planning to commit genocide: destroying the clone factories and all data related with them. It seemed that he did not care about the lives he was about to kill.

Even though she was barely five years old, she knew right and wrong, so she confronted Nathan about this. When he heard her cries and pleading, he smiled and said that he had thought the very same things she had. Explaining that there were many things that seemed contradictory to him and that time would soon reveal what they should believe in.


Ada's Master, Nathaniel Kenobi

Content that he was not doing it because he wanted to, she was a bit more cheerful the following days. They arrived on Kamino to find that not all was as it seemed. The space station was "crewed" by mere Force illusions and a mysterious woman had incapacitated Nathan. Ada, Udo, and the AgriCorps Jedi feared for their lives, but they soon found out that there was not anything to worry about, for the Kaminoans were rebelling against the Empire and Nathan was a guest, not a prisoner.

She and Udo became part of Asajj Ventress' Jedi training praxeum and were taught a different version of how to use the Force: the Potentium. However, after the wedding of Nathan and the woman who had shot him, Abigaile Jade, the Empire had come to Kamino to destroy the Rebellion.

Udo and she were able to escape before the battle started and were not a part of it at all really. They were safely shuttled to the main Acclamator and kept under guard, until the rest of the planet had been able to flee the devastation that followed.

New Home, New Enemies

Novus Kamino Prime. One of the most beautiful sites I had ever seen in my life. Following the Battle of Kamino, this became my new home. My Master made sure to build a Jedi praxeum to teach the many Jedi he had saved in the many adventures we had. It also began a spiral of tragedy for my Master. The Yuuzhan Vong, his arrogance, the loss of his wife, and the realization that he could have changed. I remember seeing him that last day. He was so calm, yet so afraid. He was so powerful, yet so weak. He was a victor, yet he was a captive. That was the last time I saw him, and it hurt. I hope he is okay wherever he is now.
—Excerpt taken from Ada's private journal

After the devastating Battle of Kamino, Ada was officially a part of the Clone Rebellion. She had finally made a true lightsaber, one of brilliant orange, which served to remind her of the way Kamino had been ground into an desolate planet. She and Udo started to train together and became even greater friends over the next couple of days.


Novus Kamino Prime

She rarely saw Nathan, as he was almost constantly beside his wife's unconscious body, awaiting her to regain her usual self, which eventually happened. Seeing her Master happy made Ada even more so, as she loved the man for saving them and everyone else from the horrors of the Empire. She vowed to protect him however she could. Unfortunately, though, even the strong will of a six year old could not save her Master from himself.

Although the Rebellion's plans to go to Mandalorian space and work out of there had been eliminated by an Imperial blockade, hope was found in the form of Novus Kamino Prime. They quickly started to build the planet's first city and Jedi praxeum. Ada was still under the tutelage of Nathan, but she received some extra training later on from one of the Belsavis Jedi, a Ho'Din named Plett.

A new threat soon came to rear its head when the extragalactic aliens known as the Yuuzhan Vong had attacked the neighboring Ottiumigons. Ada did not participate in any of the two engagements the colony fought, but they would still scar her deeply, because she could not sense them in the Force.

The threat of the Empire would prove to be even worse to the fate of the colony, as Nathan had developed an unhealthy obsession with destroying it. Noticing the subtle changes within her Master's psyche, Ada tried to talk with him, but found, just like Nathan's wife before her, that he had no intention of listening. This deeply scarred her, as she had always thought of Nathan as the ultimate in being a Jedi, yet he seemed to be losing touch with that side of him more and more each passing day. Udo had noticed it too and the two of them tried to talk with him, to no avail.

When an Imperial vessel was responsible for the destruction of a clone scout ship, it seemed that it was all the excuse Nathan needed to leave to fight. Over the few years of life she had lived, Ada began to feel more passive and wished that he would just keep the status quo. Unfortunately, his choice to fight led to dire consequences to the entire colony.

Nathan's wife left the planet with her newborn child when she learned that Nathan had lied to her, the fleet was greatly reduced in size because the engagement at Toola had been costly, and the Jedi had been placed under the council of Plett, Pandraxon, and Logh-Urr. Nathan's return proved to be as dark as his departure, for his wife had been killed and he had decided to go in a self-exile for the remainder of his life. He also foretold of a danger to the colony, but a descendant of his would alleviate it.

With that cryptic prophecy, Nathaniel Kenobi left Novus Kamino Prime and Ada behind. Ada was then officially apprenticed to Master Plett and began her training to further her knowledge of the Force.

Love Gained, Love Lost

Over the next couple of years, she broke out of the shell created by the loss of her first Master. A major part of that was the realization that she loved Udo and he reciprocated the feelings. At eighteen years of age, she and Udo went to Taun We and asked her to marry them. Taun We was then asked by the newly-formed Jedi Council to help them devise a test to see if the two were really worth that much to each other.

A few lightyears away, there was a system that contained the planet Kelakus. Apparently, the people were a crustacean-like race and excelled in building ships. If they could gain an alliance with them, the coming danger that Nathan had foreseen could be averted or merely stalled. Eagerly, the two agreed to take the task that had been assigned to them.

Negotiations began well with the Kelakan leader at the time—Ster Lob—but the Kelakan Anti-Alien Force bombed the capital city of Htirit Sanim—more specifically, the senatorial building—and killed the majority of the pro-Alliance Kelakans. Forced to hide, Ada and Udo became wanted beings.



After several arguments over what they should do next, the two split up. Ada went towards the shipyards where they had landed, to see if she could get to their vessel. Unfortunately, she was captured and imprisoned along with Udo, who attempted to steal another ship. The two realized that apart, they were both strong, but together, they were stronger. Formulating a new way to escape, they were able to retrieve their lightsabers and found the leader of the Kelakan Anti-Alien Force and managed to kill him.

With the terrorists out of the way, it looked like a simple ambassadorial job for them. Kelakus agreed to ally with Novus Kamino Prime and even sent several ship prototypes for use in their navy. The Jedi Council, seeing that the two had done a good job together and had found ways to work together, gave their blessing to the couple. Ada and Udo wed several weeks after and honeymooned on Ottiumigos Prime. They soon had a child, who they named Derran Karr.

This Schism is Anything But Great

He says he came to save us, but he did the exact opposite. Two-fifths of the Order have splintered into his group, while the remaining three-fifths stay loyal to the Colonies. I, myself, wanted to go originally, but, there was something odd about him. My head told me to go, there wasn't anything wrong with him, but my heart told me differently. It told me that my Master's grandson would never have "fixed" a problem like the way he had. Thankfully, my heart won, and I am not a thrall of the scourge in our lives: Nat-ahn Mandrex. If it weren't for him, Udo would still be alive. Why did he have to take my husband? When are you coming, true savior?
—Excerpt taken from Ada's personal journal

7 ABY was almost doomsday for the Colonies. The Kaminoans and Ottiumigons had been in a dispute over land. The Ottiumigons wanted more than the government had allowed them and Taun We refused to budge. The Jedi proved most ineffective in this dispute, as through several legal loopholes Taun We had made throughout her years as Prime Minister.

An end to the brewing conflict came in the form of a man who looked very much like the venerated Jedi Knight Nathaniel Kenobi. He proclaimed that he was his grandfather's descendant and that he was here to save them from themselves. Many joined up with him—the majority of those being impoverished Ottiumigons—including several Jedi, foremost among them Logh-Urr.

Although the man appeared to be the prophesied savior, many in the Jedi Council were skeptical of his claims, including Ada and her husband. Fearful that the situation would get worse, they called all the Jedi to come for a meeting to discuss it. Three-fifths of the Colonies' Jedi came to attend, the other two-fifths had decided to stand beside their chosen savior.


Udo Rand several years before he died

The three-fifths turned out to be right in the end; Nat-ahn Mandrex—a Dark Jedi who had once been taught by Palpatine himself—had enthralled the people to join him, and to start his new empire. Unfortunately, tragedy followed that proclamation, as not all of the "loyal" Jedi were so. Many of them were actually sent there by Mandrex after they had agreed to join him, so that they could kill their former Masters, their friends, and their loved ones.

Udo Karr was among the first to fall. It is told that Ada spent nearly five days in isolation before she could speak again. The loss of her husband deeply wounded her, and her relationship with Derran suffered as a result. However, she could not remain in her woes for long, because the Colonies needed her to fight for them, and fight she would.

Over the years, she and Derran would fight many inconclusive battles with the self-styled Traitors. Nothing seemed to stop Nat-ahn and his hordes of loyal followers. Kelakus soon found itself a puppet of his machinations and started building ships to fulfill his desires. Nobody was safe, and nobody knew when he or she could be called such, except Ada. She held on to the prophecy her Master had given, unlike the majority of the Colonies, who did not.

In 29 ABY, intelligence reports from Ottiumigos Prime revealed that an unknown ship class had been exited hyperspace and been impounded by the Traitors. At the very same time that had happened, Ada had begun feeling the familiar presence of her Master, she decided that the two were linked, and—against the wishes of the Council—went to investigate with several loyal friends, including her son.


Nathaniel Kenobi Solo, the true savior

They soon found that she had been right, and that the true savior had been imprisoned by Nat-ahn, who turned out to be his own father. Freeing him, she asked him his name, and he replied that his name was Nathaniel Kenobi Solo and that he had come to save them from Nat-ahn. Overjoyed at seeing the true savior, she almost did not make it off the planet alive.

Thankfully, they did, but unfortunately, they soon found that, in their absence, someone had taken care to slip onto Novus Kamino Prime and invade the Jedi praxeum. Rushing to their rescue, she was amazed by the skills Nathan possessed. If she had not known better, she would have said it had been Nathaniel Kenobi fighting for them.


The Battle of Kelakus

After the uprising had been culled, she was one of the first to swear their allegiance to him, although he had already told them beforehand not to. Proving to the Council that he was the actual savior by ghosting, a feat normally restricted to the Kenobi Solos, Nathan began to take control over the Colonies' fleet, winning battle after battle.

Eventually, this led to several different confrontations with his father, and the last one was the Battle of Kelakus, where Ada served as a bodyguard. Killing many a Yuuzhan Vong warrior—they had joined Nat-ahn to kill the Jedi after they had stumbled upon the Ottiumigos Centrality—there with Amphistaff Legion, Ada was finally beginning to return to her normal, cheery self again.

Nathan soon killed his father in a duel and asked the remaining Traitors to stand down. Most complied, but others fled the scene and were never heard from again. He told the survivors of another reason he had come to the Colonies. He had foreseen a fight on Coruscant, which could be either the end or the beginning of the Jedi and he wanted their help to make sure the Jedi won.

Many joined up, including Ada, while others stayed to maintain the Colonies. Ada participated with valor during the battle and was given a medal as a result by Cal Omas. Unfortunately, the battle also garnered the attention of a young Bothan male named Holk Fey'lya, ruler of the Fey'lya clan—by marriage—and the one of whom Ada had been betrothed to at birth. Serious repercussions would follow from this.

Family Meetings Aren't Always Fun

Over the next couple of years, Ada served the Colonies with the best of her abilities. But, even in these seemingly peaceful times, tragedy could strike. In 40 ABY, the Corellians broke away from the Galactic Alliance and the Bothans soon followed. Anxious to find out why, she asked if she could go on a mission to find out who the real leaders of Bothawui were. The request was granted by the Jedi Council of Novus Kamino Prime, with a vote of twelve to zero, thanks to the help of Nathan.

Journeying to Bothawui, her ship was shot down by Bothan pilots and she had to crash land on Kothlis. The tropical island she landed on proved to be a place of death, as it was inhabited solely by the bones of dead Bothans. Curious about the skeletons, and on how she could get away, Ada searched the island for life.

In her venture, she found a secret military base that housed a small group of the Bothan's soldiers. The island she had landed on proved to be a secret weapons factory as well. The skeletons she had seen were the result of a chemical weapon that had worked all too well. Horrified that her people could do this, she lost focus and was captured by the soldiers.

Interrogation revealed that the soldiers had never seen her before, and they asked her name and where she had come from. She replied that she was Ada Karr, formerly Ada Fey'lya, and a Jedi Master from the Ottiumigos Centrality. Fortunately, she was able to escape her captors, who sent native myntors after her to capture her.


Ada at this point in her life

Racing against them, she was able to find a boat and using her prowess at mechanics, managed to decode the voicelock and drove it off the island. She was soon followed by the soldiers, who were promising to let her go free if she would just slow down, apparently a very high official within the Bothan government wished to speak with her.

Feeling that they had no wrong intentions, she voluntarily stopped the boat and awaited their next command. They asked her to come to Tal'cara and meet their leader, a Bothan named Holk Fey'lya. Seeing no harm in meeting one of the people she had planned to spy on later, she followed them to Tal'cara.

Meeting with Holk in Tal'cara, she found that he was the leader of the Fey'lya Clan and he had been betrothed to her at birth, but, since the Jedi had taken her away, had been unable to marry her, so instead had wed with her now deceased sister, Ola Fey'lya. Misfortune soon followed and it appeared that a rival had poisoned Ola, leaving Holk the true leader of the Fey’lya Clan. However, with Ada's reappearance, she would now run the Clan.

Astonished, Ada contemplated her possible paths. She could either run the Clan, break it away from the other Bothans with much dissent, or she could refuse and let her people kill themselves in the violent war. It was truly a difficult situation. When asked why she was contemplating this, she asked why she should not. Holk chuckled and revealed that he enjoyed being the leader, and did not like competition getting in the way. Ola had been killed on his orders, which was exactly the fate awaiting her if she had remained on Kothlis.

Fearful, Ada ignited her lightsaber, but realized she could not feel anything in the Force. Holk revealed that he had planted ysalamir throughout the mansion they were in, and that she would die very soon. Knowing that her lightsaber was useless now, Ada clipped it back on her belt, brought out her personal blaster, and pointed it right at Holk's face. He told her that she had to worry about other things before she could even think about contemplating him as a target.


Kohl Fey'lya

Into the room barged no less than six YVH droids, all who began to target her. Hiding behind a desk, she unclipped her ion grenade and threw it at the droids. Thanks to their laminanium armor, all but one survived the grenade. Cursing herself for not remembering that, she Force pushed a chair at the one on her far right and managed to force another YVH's blaster to shoot another's.

Even that was not enough, as she soon was shot in the arm by a stray blastershot. Remembering special teachings her Master had given her on the Force power known as Droid Disable, she was able to slag the remaining five. Fleeing the room, she went after the security cams, so that no one could know where she was headed. Successful in that, she found the room that the ysalamir were being held captive in and was forced to annihilate them with a thermal detonator.

Hating herself for killing the animals so, she moved on, intent on finding Holk. She eventually found the coward, hiding behind a barricade of more YVH droids. Ada simply fried them with the same technique as before and cornered Holk. As she was about to arrest him, he suddenly fell down and died of a heart attack.

Content that a part of her mission was over, she left Bothan Space for the Colonies, hoping to rest and remember what had occurred. It was not an easy thing to forget, but she would do all that she could to do so.

Fall of the Jedi

These Sith are different than the ones I've seen before. They're much more ruthless, and a whole lot more smart. I don't understand their true motivations, but Nathan says that if we don't act now, the Colonies will be lost to us forever. That is a day I hope to never see pass.
—Excerpt taken from Ada's private journal

In 61 ABY, Nathaniel Kenobi Solo's wife, Jaina Solo Kenobi, had died during the Battle of Dathomir. Despondent, he had come to the Colonies to grieve and rethink his position on being a Jedi. Ada was a part of the group who were sent to comfort him, but he would have none of it. He kept telling them repeatedly that if they did not act now, then the Colonies would be lost.

Unfortunately, his pleas went unheeded, as Taun We had become mired in her own power. Somehow, the Kaminoan had held power for over seventy years, more than anyone would ever have thought. Convinced in her own immortality, she refused to build a larger fleet and prevented the Jedi from doing so. Nevertheless, Nathan was able to convince several rogue Kelakan ship builders to make some.


Nathan faces down one of the Sith onboard Micail's ship

In 63 ABY, Nathaniel's fears became a reality, as the Sith Order of Decreto had come to kill them. Hastily assembling the Colonies' defenses, Brashus was able to stall them for a while, but the sheer ferocity of their attack soon overwhelmed the inexperienced clone fighters, who had just been grown and had never been fully combat trained.

Ada was forced into combat and boarded an enemy vessel to destroy it from within. Killing many a Sith Knight within, she made her way to the bridge. A male Bothan in the robes of a Sith Knight stood and greeted her. Astonished, she realized that this was the very man she thought had died years before of a heart attack on Kothlis: Holk Fey'lya. Smiling, the Bothan revealed that that had been his name, but he was referred to now as Darth Bosszú.

Horrified, she asked how he could have survived, as she had seen him die over twenty years ago. He replied that the Bothan she had seen was a double, who was easily scared. He had received a heart attack because of his lack of courage, and therefore was worthless to him. All that mattered now was her destruction by his hands, to remind her of the pains she had inflicted upon him.

Seeking to dissuade him, she said that she had forgiven him for that attack and had moved on. There was no reason to fight, as they were both grown adults and could think through things excellently. Bosszú replied that even if he wanted to forgive and forget, he knew that his Sith masters would not take such actions lightly, and would likely kill the both of them.


The Sith vessel explodes after the self-destruct initiates

Knowing the situation was hopeless, Ada ignited her lightsaber and flung herself at Bosszú. He met her in midair and they flung the other back. After several more minutes of dueling, she began to tire and fled the bridge, content that the vessel was largely crippled anyways, considering she had killed the majority of the crew on her way to the bridge.

Before she could leave, she heard Bosszú set the self-destruct and left the bridge, initiating the lockdown mode as he left. Alone on the bridge, and with no escape in sight, Ada began to despair. Fortunately, she felt the familiar presence of Nathan, who had just finished a duel with Darth Micail and was gathering the remaining Jedi with his ghosting ability. As the Sith vessel exploded around her, Ada was safely transported to Nathan's vessel, which fled the battle.

Kiss of Death

Over the next couple of years, Ada joined Nathan and the remnants of Novus Kamino Prime's Jedi in starting the Scourges of Those Bad Guy People. Striking back at the Sith in their own fashion, they quickly became a thorn in the side of the Sith. Nathan was even granted the title of Scourge of Decreto by many fearful Sith officers.

Ada was finally and truly content with her life, as her granddaughter, Fira Benzot, had given birth to her great-grandchildren: Cral Benzot and Ola Benzot, named in honor of Ada's sister. Luoke Karr's—Ada's grandson—wife had also given birth and produced Kente Karr. Her and Udo's union had proved to be fruitful indeed, creating a vast family she never would have thought possible in such dark times. A routine mission to free Almania from the Sith proved to be the undoing of Ada, as she had to face the only dark spot left in her life: Darth Bosszú.


The Battle of Almania

At the age of ninety-three, Ada was nearing the end of her life. The only thing that had kept her going was the prospect of freeing the Galaxy from the Sith and the hope that Darth Bosszú would see the light and accept what had happened. Although her first hope would not be achieved until many years after her death, the latter one proved to be the one that left a lasting legacy to her family.

After liberating Almania from its corrupt Sith governor, Ada proceeded to negotiate with the Fallanassi natives of Pydyr. When the talks failed, Ada left Pydyr and prepared to leave the planet with the Scourges of Those Bad Guy People and find new worlds to liberate. Thankfully, before they left, Jedi Masters Ichi Go and Renton Thur'ston had received a premonition of the planet's destruction, so Nathan decided to prepare for battle.


Darth Bosszú on his flagship, ready to die

After waiting for several hours, the Sith had finally entered the Almanian system. Ready to fight to the death, Ada heard the pleas of Darth Bosszú resonate through the Force. Disregarding Nathan's warnings, she followed them to their source: Bosszú's personal flagship, the Pride of Kothlis. Reaching the bridge unhindered, she found Bosszú in deep meditation. Asking him if he truly wanted redemption, he gave a wry smile and ignited his lightsaber.

Ada calmly accepted the trickery and treachery and ignited her lightsaber. Facing him down for the first time in six years, she waited for him to move. She felt something stirring behind her and barely moved away from a chair he had thrown at her. While she dodged the chair, Bosszú charged at her and took one of her toes off her left foot. Howling in pain, she swung back, and cut off his trademark mask.

Underneath the mask lay a crippled Bothan's face, a being who had lived his entire life in rage, and had paid the price for it in the destruction of his once handsome features. Appalled, she tried reasoning with him again, to which he would hear none of. He simply lunged at her again and for the next twenty minutes of dueling, the two never touched the other again, the only things that connected to anything were their lightsabers.

Eventually, the two began to tire and their lightsabers were left discarded on the floor, and they had begun to fight fist and foot instead. Grabbing Ada from behind, Bosszú had her pinned against himself and began to choke her to death. Seeking any way to get out of the situation, Ada made the ultimate sacrifice. She Force grabbed her lightsaber, ignited it, and ran it through the both of them.

Slowly, the two began to die, with Bosszú the first one to go. But before he died, he was quoted as saying: Thank you. Ada died peacefully, content that her family was now fleeing the coming rout and that they would eventually defeat the Sith.


Many of the Jedi fleeing Almania felt Ada’s death. Foremost among them were Nathan and her son, Derran. Knowing that the last remaining of his grandfather's Jedi had died, he mourned the passing of an old age. In honor of her memory, the Jedi created an award that was given to those who sacrificed much to save the lives of many.

Nathan, Derran, and his family placed a memorial on Novus Kamino Prime in honor of her many years after the Battle of Almania. The structure remained standing throughout the years, surviving attacks from the Returners, the Vancita Alliance, and the Reavers. It was a reminder to all who viewed it to live their lives through righteousness and courage, two major characteristics of Ada that would inspire billions over the years.

Her family would survive and eventually join the Galactic Commonwealth. Without her strength and courage, many fellow Jedi would have died in years to come, but through her sacrifice, many lived instead. Her legacy would live on in her children, who gave way to a generation of peacekeepers, and all of them remembered the "founder" of their line, so that they could never stray from their path.

Her descendants became famous Jedi Masters in the Jedi Order for years after her death. The latest known descendants were the Jedi Master Bensen Karr, the Administrator of the Eriadu Jedi Academy and the redeemed Sith Lord Cragen Karr. She also was the great-grandmother of the Benzot clan, which also had many Jedi come from its bloodline.


Ada was a hard worker and was always ready to complete a task that had been given to her. She was noted as one of the kindest Masters of the Order during the Great Schism, and was always on the lookout for the colony's savior.

She was noted for having an orange, a green, and a blue lightsaber. It was due to her tendency to forget where she had placed things. She was noted as calling herself a very forgetful person. This problem almost cost her life on several occasions, but, thankfully, she had many allies to call upon when in need.

Following the disastrous battle of Novus Kamino Prime, she became a bit more cynical and wasn't as easy-going as before. She all but shunned her family and was eventually confronted by Nathan on this, who then helped her regain her optimism and her life back.

When it came to her family, Ada was one of the most overprotective people in the Galaxy. If it had not been for the ever present council of several other Masters during the Great Schism, she would have never let Derran continue in his Jedi training. Thankfully, her logical side broke through and let her see that he needed to become a Jedi, and not a hindrance to them.


Her mastery of the Force centered more on healing others than fighting them. She was also noted for unbelievable Force Illusions, which tricked even the most skilled Masters. These became even more powerful once she began to learn under the Fallanassi.

Besides from her knowledge of the Force, she was an expert mechanic and a passable pilot. She loved taking things apart and remaking them, just for the joy of doing so. Abigaile Jade Kenobi, who was the main mechanic for several vessels within the colonies, had taught her. She later passed on this gift to her children and grandchildren.

As a lightsaber duelist, Ada was sub par. She almost never trained in them and was frequently humbled by other Force-sensitives who used the blade to win fights against her. Thanks to training under Nathan, she was able to find that they held a very important part of winning a battle and soon trained even more. However, she never was truly able to get past that handicap.

Behind the scenes

The idea of a Bothan/Human relationship was just from the crazed mind of the author. In reality, it appears that such a union could not produce children, but, as this is Star Wars, anything is possible.


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