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Acumen Pharmacologicals was a pharmaceutical research and development company headquartered on Commenor in the Colonies Regions. Originally founded by faculty members from the University of Commenor, it became renowned during after the Second Galactic Civil War as a galactic leader in chemical biology and pharmacology.

Acumen would be foremost known for its paradigm-setting drug discovery program, which involved ultra-high-throughput screening of billions of discrete small molecules in rational and targeted drug discovery campaigns to discover bioactive chemical compounds that specifically modulated pathologically-associated cellular signaling pathways to ameliorate human disease.

Eventually, Acumen would elicit sufficient interest from the Imperial military that it would embark on collaborations with the Imperial Surgical Corps to develop chemical countermeasures for Imperial soldiers in the field that were engaged by biological or chemical weapons of mass destruction. Acumen countermeasures would become standard equipment for Imperial special operations forces embarked on counter-proliferation operations with a potential of encountering such weapons of mass destruction.

Behind the scenesEdit

Acumen Pharmacologicals is named after another article written by writer RelentlessRecusant, Acumen Science Laboratories on the Halo Fan Fiction Wikia.