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Ackan was a male Mon Calamari Jedi master of the New Jedi Order.


The Sith-Imperial War (130 ABY - 138 ABY)

Evacuation from Ossus

During the invasion on Ossus, Ackan was seen where he boarded the J-1 shuttle with many younglings and trainees, and several knights that managed to flee the temple. On board the ship, Ackan was devastated about his master's death when Master Sazen was mortally wounded. He was shocked when Cade, unable to accept his Master's death, tapped into the dark side of the Force to heal him. When Cade was seemingly killed when his craft was shot down by a Predator-class fighter,


Seven years later, Ackan became Shado Vao's padawan after the Twi'lek earned the rank Jedi Knight. They were reunited after Wolf called a meeting of four remaining Jedi: himself, Shado Vao, Ahn Rasi Tuum and Sandra Cox. The meeting was ambushed by the Sith, and the Jedi were forced to defend themselves. During the fight, Ackan fought against Darth Saveen until he was badly injured by the sith warrior. Before Saveen could succeed, Wolf Sazen leaped in and sliced the Rodian's head off. Ackan thanked Wolf for saving his life, but the Jedi Master told him that he is not strong enough to fight against a sith lord.

Battle of the Hidden Temple

On 138 ABY, Ackan and his master were present in the Hidden Temple when they received news of the Sith attack which Antares Draco revealed to Darth Havok. They were present during the Council meeting that followed, and did not speak out against letting the Sith come. During the battle, Ackan and Shado fought along Cade, Sazen, Nat Skywalker, Drok, Sayar Dun'La, and the Imperial Knights in defending T'ra Saa who rooted in the ground, was performing Battle meditation. The group was able to hold off numerous Sith, but the arrival of Krayt's Sith troopers were very strong. As the Alliance and the Fel Empire were forced to retreat, Ackan, Shado, Wolf, and the Imperial evacuated.

Following their disastrous defeat on Taivas, the Jedi, Imperial, and Alliance forces fled to Bastion. Ackan was seen resting in the infirmary where he was badly injured. He was later healed Ossan Noa, a Jedi padawan who learned how to heal from his master, Sandra.

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