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Abigaile Jade Kenobi Clan Fett was a Human/Zeltron hybrid. She was the wife of renegade Jedi Knight Nathaniel Kenobi and the mother of Abigaile Kenobi. Her resourcefulness as a bounty hunter and Jedi helped to liberate the Kaminoan people from potential slavery at the hand of the Galactic Empire.

After her mother died during childbirth on Mandalore, she was adopted by Jango Fett. When she grew up, Fett taught her everything he knew and, after she passed a test made by Fett, she started to begin bounty hunting as a solo act. Her "winnings" were always sent to fund the cloning factories of Kamino.

The Purge of the Jedi and the introduction of the Galactic Empire brought two distinctive changes to her life. The first was the arrival of her future husband, and the second was her training in the Force by Asajj Ventress. Following the Battle of Kamino, she was forced to flee along with the rest of the planet. She helped to find their new home and founded the planet's first Jedi Temple with Nathan.

However, Nathan's arrogance and pride led to marital problems, and following the birth of their daughter, she left Novus Kamino Prime for Tatooine. She was captured by smugglers and imprisoned on Wayland. Nathan finally realized his mistake and went to rescue her, but she died in the skirmish that followed, though not before telling him that she had forgiven him.


Early LifeEdit

Growing up without a true mother or father, Abigaile was adopted into the Fett clan after her real mother died during childbirth. Jango Fett would prove to be a harsh, yet caring father and would teach her everything he knew. When she turned fourteen, Fett offered to take her on an assignment to Armalat-Perbe'la-to, where he intended to teach her the basics of bounty hunting by forcing it upon her.

Her target was a rich Armalat named Oktay-gokce, who had been soliciting several Armalat women for various illegal purposes. She stealthily marked and watched him for three days, gathering much needed information on him and discovered his weakness was the very women he solicited.

She walked into the room full of pride and bluntly told Oktay that he was under arrest and she intended to bring him in. Oktay burst out laughing and unleashed his bodyguards: a Gamorrean and a Rodisar, and they attacked Abigaile.

Abigaile then revealed what was in her hand: a remote detonator that would blow the building where the women were kept in sky high if Oktay refused to come out with her. Realizing his entire fortune was at stake, Oktay surrendered voluntarily and followed Abigaile to the local bounty office.

Unfortunately for her, he had friends in high places and they were armed to the teeth with a variety of illegal weapons. Stunned by the unexpected turn of events, she almost lost her composure. She was shot in the left arm, right above the elbow and she yelped in pain.

Oktay seized the chance to flee, but Abigaile, who had recovered quickly from the blastershot, knocked him down. She pulled her own blaster at Okyat's head and warned the other bounty hunters off. She then received the fee for his capture and left to find Jango at Slave I, ready to complement her on a job well done.


Abigaile on an unknown assignment.

Abigaile experienced many different encounters with smugglers and other less than savory characters over the years, but the one that would hit her the most would come after the devastating Clone Wars. That of the rise of the Galactic Empire.

Clone RebellionEdit

Abigaile soon returned to Kamino to help with the planet's defenses following the Jedi Purge. It was there that she met the reclusive Asajj Ventress and they formed a Master-Apprentice relationship. Their first task as protectors of Kamino came with the disposal of the Imperial garrison on the planet.

They both managed to kill the Imperials on the ground and the space station built a few days after the Empire was founded. Using a technique in the Force, they were able to fool the Empire into thinking that the crew of the space station was still alive and under the command of Frendo Timms.

Conferring with Prime Minister Lama Su and his assistant Taun We, they decided that it would be best to figure out a way to escape the planet, as the Empire would not be fooled for long. They also agreed to support a Jedi training center for Kaminoan Force-sensitives. A Clone Rebellion had begun.

On a routine inspection to make sure the Force illusion on the space station was active, Abigaile received a hail from a freighter identifying itself as a member of the Bornaryn Trading Fleet. The captain, Titus Thul, had requested docking for repairs. Fearing the worst, she decided that she would let him come on the station and then incapacitate him with a tranquilizer.



The captain boarded the ship with two small children, a human and Bothan. She felt the high Force-sensitivity within the man and wondered if he was a rogue Jedi. Setting that aside, she canceled the Force illusions and faced the man. Startled by the loss of the "crew" and the arrival of a beautiful woman, the captain was unable to react, was hit by her tranquilizer dart, and fell.

Abigaile brought him to Kamino to be cared for by the planet's chief physician: Doc. A strip search revealed him to be a Jedi Knight by the name of Nathaniel Kenobi. She had heard reports of a similar Jedi causing trouble for two bounty hunters, a Devaronian and a ZeHethbra, on Ord Mantell. Puzzled as to why he had chosen to come to Kamino, many lightyears from Ord Mantell, she decided that an interrogation was in order, but Asajj, who stated that he was simply there to help and that they should wait for him to awaken, rebuked her.

When he did, he was informed as to where he was and why he had been captured. Abigaile came into the room about the same time he had awakened and the man grabbed for his two lightsabers and ignited them. After being assured that she meant no harm, Abigaile explained why she had shot him.

Smiling roguishly, the man extended his hand and revealed himself as Nathaniel Kenobi. She replied that she had already known that, but that she was not happy he was here. Without another word, she left the hospital wing and laid down to cry. A Jedi, a true Jedi had come to Kamino and she could not deal with it.

She tried to rationalize her crying by telling herself the story of her mother's death. A member of the Jedi Order Ilita Jade had fell in love with a Zeltron bounty hunter named Jal during a mission and bore a child with him. When the Council had found out, they were furious and had exiled Ilita from the Order, but they were not able to take her lightsaber away. Knowing that Jal was a Mandalorian, she had traveled to Mandalore to live with him, but the civil war had prevented that from occurring and she instead met up with Jango Fett, who agreed to take her child should she die. She had died and now, as a result, Abigaile blamed all Jedi for the death of her mother, just for wanting to live a normal life.

She heard a knock at the door and discovered that Nathan had come to find out why she had left so abruptly. Hating herself for doing so, she told her mother's story to him and he listened sympathetically. He told her that he had never known his parents until a chance encounter on the planet Jrack had brought them back into his life. He told of how his parents had always been proud of him for his achievements, but yet felt an emptiness without him in their lives.

Asking what that had to do with what she had said, Abigaile became incensed. Nathan replied calmingly that no matter who had raised them, the both of them would only be defined by what they did with their lives. He admitted that what he had said was harsh and that he should have been more respectful, but, he noted, bluntness usually helps move things along faster. He also asked how she could hate the Jedi, but still support Asajj's training facility. Realizing her own hypocrisy, Abigaile cried again, but this time, she had someone to share her sorrow with.

A month passed by without incident and they have to know each other a little better. A mutual attraction began, but, for some reason, Nathan always seemed to hold back and stay away from her for periods of time. Mostly it was because he had agreed to ghost away the growing clones into special vats inside of the planet's Acclamator defense force.

Growing weary of waiting, she confronted him about it and he agreed to talk to her. He explained that it had been hard for him to realize that he truly loved her, because of his Jedi training that forbade attachment. Over the past couple of days, he had realized that there were some very wrong teachings in the Jedi Code, and that he had been missing the most important of them all.

The Jedi Code states that a Jedi is to avoid attachment, it says nothing about celibacy.

The wedding

Touched by his words and his usual jocular way of bringing them out, she hugged him and he told her to close her eyes. He revealed that he, with assistance from Doc, had found the ancient ruins of a Kaminoan city, and in their search, they had found a marvelous crystal, which would later be called Abigaile's Heart. He proposed right then and there, to which she gladly accepted.

When reports of an Imperial attack were substantiated, they moved the wedding date to the day they planned to leave Kamino. As soon as the wedding ceremony ended, the Empire came in full force. The Battle of Kamino had begun.

The hall they were in was flooded by stormtroopers. Nathan and Abigaile quickly changed into their battle garb and led the assault on the ground. The tide began to turn in their favor, but the presence of Darth Vader ruined any chance of survival.


Nathan and Abigaile fight off the invaders

With Nam Poorf, Greil, and Asajj Ventress dying at the hands of the Vader, stormtroopers, and Imperial TIE Fighters, the situation looked hopeless. Luckily, clone commander Alpha had sent in an elite squad of clone commandos to relieve them.

Before that could happen though, Abigaile had to face her adopted brother: Boba Fett. She tried to reason with him but he replied that ties to family were irrelevant; all he cared for now was the credits. A short duel commenced between the two, with Boba getting the better of her and shooting her in the leg. Luckily, Nathan was able to push Boba out of the way and retrieve her just as their commando saviors entered the fray.

They quickly left into one of the LAAT gunships and proceeded to the Acclamator fleet. Abigaile, unconscious, did not even hear her husband swear that nothing like this would ever happen to her again.

A New HomeEdit

Waking to find herself in a bacta tank, Abigaile reached to Nathan through the Force bond they had created in the short time they had known each other. She did not have to send a message far, as Nathan had hardly left her side for the last fourteen days, leaving only to eat or sleep. She asked him for an update on their situation.

Nathan replied that the majority of them had gotten away before the Empire's Interdictors could get a hold of them. However, many clones and Kaminoans had remained on the surface, with enslavement a very likely option for them. Several of the Jedi trained by Asajj had been killed in the skirmish, but that loss had been reconciled with by a chance meeting with a freighter that had carried a group of Jedi who were seeking asylum.

Nathan had invited them to join up with them, to which they had gladly accepted. He stated that their original plan to head to Mandalore had been crushed by sudden Imperial fleet maneuvers designed to prevent them from leaving hyperspace in the system. Luckily, though, clone scouts had accidentally found the perfect location for a hideout: a sector totally comprised of hyperspace anomalies that prevented large convoys from getting inside of.

However, that was not all; they had found a habitable planet in one of the sector's systems and had christened it Novus Kamino Prime. They had been planning to move their for the past few days, but had yet to figure out the hyperspace anomalies to where they could traverse them without harm to their ships.


Novus Kamino Prime

She was able to leave the tank three days later and was one of the first to walk on their new home. She quickly began working with the architects and builders to provide a Jedi praxeum for her husband, who intended them to be used as the colony's police force for the time being. She also made him promise that they would not go up against the Empire again unless they attacked first.

Their first true test as a government came when a neighboring system had sent out a distress call, declaring that unknown aliens were attacking their planet with organic vessels and were enslaving the populace. Nathan quickly assembled a taskforce and they proceeded to help the Ottiumigons.

They managed to get in the system just in time to save the majority of the Ottiumigon race from extinction. Ottiumigon leader Gzeldff Hufhm thanked them for their kindness and agreed to help them in anyway possible.

While Nathan had gone off with an apprentice to seal a hole created by an alien fighter, Abigaile began to interrogate the people they had just rescued. When she found that she could not sense several of them in the Force, she further investigated, but soon found that they were not the innocent-looking Ottiumigons they appeared to be.

She managed to kill all of them but the leader of the group, of whom she incapacitated by blocking his air supply. Taking him back to the colony, the Kaminoan scientists discovered that he was an extragalactic being, but they could find little else. When the prisoner awoke, he committed ritual suicide, preventing further information.

While she was having her normal physical, she found out that she was pregnant. The news was a welcome one in the family and only strengthened their relationship. However, the threat of the enemy forced Nathan to leave the planet with Lama Su and a squad of clone commandos to further investigate them.

The welcome arrival of the Belsavis Jedi helped to raise her spirits, as she now had a job to do: integrate them into the colony. Nathan, meanwhile, had sent a discrete message that revealed that Lama Su had been captured during the mission and they were planning to release him. He also sent a warning; the aliens had decided to mobilize their forces and were headed towards Novus Kamino Prime.


One of the many Yuuzhan Vong ships that invaded the system

She headed the battlefleet that protected the planet from the aliens—revealed to be renegade members of the Yuuzhan Vong. Nathan returned to the colony to broker a treaty, but had become a changed man.

His arrogance blinded him to his faults and he formed a triumvirate with Alpha and Doc that was designed to bring in the Empire. Their plan succeeded and the Empire began massing a fleet near the planet Toola.

Love LostEdit

Fearing for her husband's safety, she begged him not to go to Toola, but brashly cut her off and told her that the only thing she ever did was hold him back. She pleaded with him to consider their newborn child, but he simply laughed and slammed the door behind her.

Furious and heartbroken, Abigaile was pondering what to do when Doc entered her home. He guiltily revealed the way he had schemed and plotted with Nathan to bring the Empire there. That statement broke the bantha's back.

Weeping as she did so, she ordered Doc out of her house, wrote a letter to Nathan explaining why she had left, and gave a clue as to her future whereabouts, should he realize what truly mattered to him. She and her child left for the planet Tatooine, where she intended to help Nathan's uncle Obi-Wan Kenobi protect the Skywalker children.

On Tatooine, she and her child were captured by smugglers Maka Jeth and Duwingo, who had noticed her from a wanted poster. Luckily, her personal droid, Kex, had gone to Obi-Wan's home to reveal of all that had transpired.

A grieving Nathan followed her trail to Tatooine, where he found his uncle, who rebuked him for the actions he had taken. Nathan replied that he did not care what happened next, all he wanted was to save his wife from Vader. Obi-Wan, impressed, gave him the coordinates that the two smugglers had last been seen at.

Abigaile, meanwhile, had been imprisoned on the planet Wayland by Vader, who intended to bring her to his Master, Palpatine to be trained as an Emperor's Hand, a fate also planned for her daughter. A repenting Nathan arrived on the planet and was almost captured by Vader.


Vader tortures Nathan for information.

He was able to break free and to liberate Abigaile, but she was shot from behind by Wilhuff Tarkin and Gilad Pellaeon. Furious, Nathan was about to kill the two, when Abigaile's Force ghost told him to calm down and find their child. She also revealed that she had forgiven him for what he had done.

Nathan then freed their daughter and left Wayland to give Abigaile an honorary funeral; as she had become one with the Force, there was not a body to bury. After a short ceremony, Nathan left the colony with his daughter, intending to live the rest of his life in the Unknown Regions.


After her death, there was a funeral held in her honor on Novus Kamino Prime. She was buried near the future spot of the Memorial Hall. Nathan, destitute, left the Colonies in the hands of several trusted Masters and went with his daughter to a never-ending sojourn through the Unknown Regions. He would never again marry, focusing his memories solely on the one woman who had stolen his heart.

Her daughter would grow up to be a fine woman, but after the manipulations of Nat-ahn Mandrex, she was a shadow of her former self. Abigaile Kenobi's son would later help to fulfill a prophecy he had made concerning the Colonies' future. Her Force ghost helped her grandson to help make an important decision for the Colonies.

The crystal found in Abigaile's lightsaber, Abigaile's Heart, was a much sought after item in the years following her death. It was rumored to give special powers to a person, even if they were not Force-sensitive. Thankfully, the Five were able to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

Over the years, she would lose the ability to come back to the Galaxy, even in her Force ghost form. Her grandson, however, would help to prevent this right before the Der Hintergedanke Crusades, where she would teach a very important lesson to the wife of Darth Verraeter.


Growing up without a real mother to guide her, Abigaile was a bit rough on the edges. She was a little brash and always spoke her mind. She hated to be betrayed, but loathed failure even worse. This personality often put her at odds with her companions and led to several difficulties in relationships.

She was also kind when she needed to be and was a great organizer. She could absorb information like a Malastarian Jeno Sponge and, as a result, she spent countless hours in Kamino's—later Novus Kamino Prime's—databases, trying to figure out everything the Galaxy had to offer.

When it came to her family, she was one of the most protective, caring individuals the Galaxy had to offer. Nathan would later call her one of those few people who could make a good situation out of a bad one. Thanks to her faithfulness and compassion, the Kenobi Solos would turn out to be some of the greatest Jedi the Galaxy had to offer.


She was also an excellent lightsaber duelist, even though she had learned at such a late age. Her knowledge of the Force delved more into healing others rather than to offensive powers. Thanks to the instructions of Nathan, she was able to learn how to become a Force ghost and was able to prolong her "life" for many years before she had to return to the Netherworld of the Force

She was also a great shot and had been taught by one of the best snipers the Galaxy had to offer: Sneaky. Sometimes she would use her blaster instead of her lightsabers, because she was more familiar with them. This proved to be an ineffective tactic against her adopted brother Boba Fett, who quickly disabled her when she tried to switch during a fight the two had.

A great mechanic, she was able to rebuild a trashed ARC-170 simply by focusing on what she needed to use to build it. She would often do repairs to Nathan's ship, Nathan's Fury, because it very frequently needed maintenance from all the battles it had and would be in.