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The galaxy had its civil war. Now, it's time to get some order in it.

ARC-9999 or Scrape was a major in the Grand Army of the Republic's Rancor Contingent. He was an Advanced Recon Commando trooper that took part in heavily vital missions that were assigned personally from high Jedi superiors. Scrape was possibly born with a malfunction in his design, hence most of the Jedi generals and other clone troopers had always thought that there was something indeed off about Major Scrape. They described him as being too open-minded on the Republic and his battle tactics were easily debatable. Later on in the Galactic War, Scrape turned on his Jedi leader and became a major in the Galactic Empire. He served and reported directly to Darth Vader's top generals, who reported right to him. When the Empire finally fell, he helped orchestrate a new Empire called the First Order. The Rebellion had gathered every single high official to their base on Dantooine to try to hunt Scrape and the First Order down in Scrape's secret base on Ryloth. He was later killed by Yuuzhan Vong leader Shimrra Jamaane in 9 ABY .


Early Life and Training

Scrape as a rookie

Like all clones, Scrape was born and raised on the planet of Kamino. He was bred and born to be like Jango Fett. Scrape was soon tested upon by Lama Su and Jango Fett with a special type of serum that would make Scrape more aggressive and violent in the battlefield. This resulted in negative outcomes such as Scrape with an unorthodox and cocky attitude in and out of the battlefield. Jango forced Lama Su to keep what they did a secret so the Jedi order would not condemn them nor shut them down. The soon-to-be major was a part of a cadet unit called Canine Squadron along with colleagues Camo, Stun, and Forest. Canine Squadron was oversaw by Jango Fett, himself, with high hopes to turn those churlish group of expendables into ARC troopers, as he put it. All of them soon finished the Citadel challenge, which was a difficult training task, and were formally dubbed as ARC troopers. Scrape was first tasked with his designated commanding officer named Lyoon after leaving Kamino. After a small battle on Geonosis, Lyoon promoted Scrape from ARC trooper captain to major and Camo's general promoted him to commander. In 22 BBY, Major Scrape and Commander Camo had worked together on that same mission. They also worked together on Coruscant, but with entirely different viewpoints on strategy. The two clone troopers were arguing that Scrape's plan was too reckless and will get plenty killed in action while Camo's was too laid-back. Scrape thought that it was necessary to lose men if it was for a good cause, which was to liberate parts of Coruscant from the Separatists. But Camo's plan, which was to use the high grounds instead of attacking in a full frontal assault, was approved by the Jedi generals and they thought a quick demotion would be in order for Scrape for his vulgar word usage to his superiors after his plan was declined. Much later that night, Scrape sneaked into Camo's quarters with that confrontation stuck in his head that the two had earlier and fatally stabbed Camo whilst him sleeping. Next morning, no one had come to a conclusion on who did this to Camo along with the murder weapon not found.

Clone Wars (22 BBY to 19 BBY)

Battle of Ryloth

I'm in charge here. Anyone who tries to defy my orders will end up dead.
—Scrape threatening his soldiers

Scrape on Ryloth

Filled with Separatist droids spread entirely across the planet, Ryloth's people had seen better days. All of Ryloth's inhabitants in parts of the Northern Hemisphere had been taken hostage from the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Food was scarce and all who were not taken hostage were listed as deceased. Republic squadrons of clone troopers and Jedi consisted of Obi-Wan Kenobi with Commander Cody, and General Lyoon with Major Scrape. One landed on one sector of Ryloth and other landed on another sector. Obi-Wan Kenobi's job was to try to find a way to free the slaves whilst Lyoon and Scrape's job was to take out the offensive battle droids. Those droids were super battle droids, droidekas, and commando droids- the worst type of droids stationed on Ryloth. Scrape and Lyoon went their separate ways to cover more ground, but only got more men slain since they were not together. A clone trooper sergeant approached his major and highly suggested that they should move back and regroup. After Scrape denied the sergeant's suggestion by cursing at him, that sergeant and few other clone troopers surrounded Scrape with their arms crossed. Scrape then took out his DC-15 rifle and aimed it at those troopers and threatened them. They backed down. Once the army of clone troopers dashed into the heart of enemy territory, only five out of fifty made it out alive, including Scrape and those who tried to defy him. The remaining clone troopers eventually met up with General Lyoon and he asked what happened to the rest of his men. Scrape could tell that one of his soldiers was about to answer but quickly interjected and came up with a false statement on how they died. Lyoon chose to believe it and called the mission a failure.

Assassination of Lyoon

Scrape on Felucia

During an invasion attempt on the planet of Felucia by the Separatists and radical affiliates, Scrape was put in charge of defending the capital known as Kway Teow. Lyoon was tasked with the offensive occupation on Felucia, where he manned the front lines against the enemy. If any opponent got past Lyoon somehow, it was up to the ARC trooper major to hold the line. Multiple troopers were on their stomachs or backs, dead. A Felucian official named Yorn Nuro (who would soon be the dictator of Felucia) carefully, from afar, assembled and loaded a sniper rifle and lethally blasted Lyoon in the upper back area. This drastically caught Scrape's attention right before he rushed over to the corpse of Lyoon. Scrape went on a rampage and destroyed a small army of droids, which gave the Republic an advantage. Scrape mourned the loss of Lyoon and contemplated on how fair and easy to get along with he was.

Sky Battle of Quell

The sky of Quell was charged up with explosions and blaster fire. Jedi General Aayla Secura and clone Commander Bly were under attack by Separatist flagships right after discovering a tactical droid with documented information. The Jedi Council quickly dispatched Anakin Skywalker, Captain Rex, and Major Scrape to assist them. Master Skywalker and Rex arrived in the planet's atmosphere in a Republic Attack Cruiser and Major Scrape entered in another one. Furious, General Skywalker jumped onto a rocket droid in midair as one of the gunship's pilots was potentially going to get shot due to another rocket droid. Scrape, rolling his eyes, got out his rifle and sniped the rocket droid that was near the pilot, killing it. That pilot, a split second beforehand, had to jump out of the cockpit and into the main interior area of the gunship, leaving no pilot steering it, so it crashed into Aayla Secura's cruiser. This concerned Scrape, surprisingly, hence him ordering his own pilot to navigate towards the crashed gunship. The two groups eventually met up with each other and suffered overwhelming super battle droids that landed in the Republic cruiser. A tactical droid that was stationed in one of the Separatist's flagships placed an order for all droids who were manning gun turrets to open fire on the remaining Republic ships. This caused a huge blast wave to ensue so the squadron of Jedi and clones decided to fall back to a docking shuttle craft for an escape. Anakin declared that it was too late and force pushed everyone forward to the docking bay area and closed the hatch door shut. The explosion strenuously reopened the door and Aayla Secura sliced another door open right behind Anakin to pull him to safety. Scrape assisted Bly with turning on the deflector shields and off the shuttle went with unknown coordinates. It was headed right to a star. Scrape had an idea to deactivate all auxillary power so the navigation computer could reset its coordinates. Bly ordered them to restart the power, which got Scrape angry on the inside. They were officially out of the star's heat wave but crash landed on a planet instead.

Defense on Maridun

Rex, look out!
—Scrape showing concern for Captain Rex

Scrape, Rex, Aayla Secura, Bly, and Anakin on Maridun

Rex commanded everyone to exit the shuttle, as it was likely to explode at any given instant. Scrape helped himself out as Rex assisted a wounded clone trooper. Aayla Secura with Commander Bly rushed out of the shuttle right before the inevitable explosion with Anakin Skywalker in their arms. They placed him down. Setting up camp, Aayla suggested they search for help from other life-forms tonight. Rex volunteered to stay with General Skywalker; his opinion on the matter was strongly supported by Major Scrape, who also wanted to stay behind. General Secura agreed. She, Bly, and three other clone troopers set out to find any signs of life. Both groups heard noises, even from a distance. Noises from wild beasts that virtually threatened their well-being. Having no luck finding any signs of life so far, giant seedpods came crashing down, almost crushing Bly if it wasn't for his Jedi general saving him. Meanwhile, Scrape and Rex watched over and heard more and more noises. As Scrape went to reconnoiter the area, he sensed that something was coming and yelled out to Rex, but Rex was viciously assaulted by a native creature. He tried to reach for his gun but the creature had its paw on his hand. Scrape took out his own gun and shot at the animal until it ran away. He helped Rex up, but Rex sustained a sprain in his arm. That same incident had occured with Aayla's group, with three casualities- all being those standard clone troopers that survived the sky battle. Come dawn, Aayla and Bly had found a village filled with lurmens. A lurmen named Tee Watt Kaa approached them and was less than pleased to see them. Aayla pleaded to him for help and he certainly did not ignore that- he sent his son Wag Too to assist them due to the fact that he was a healer. However, Aayla stayed behind as insurance while Bly and Wag Too went back to camp. 

Back at the campsite, Anakin reawakened and sensed that more of those animals were coming. Two emerged from the bushes, ready to strike. Anakin fell back as Rex and Scrape went flying up in the air from a kick from the animals. Luckily, Bly and Wag Too arrived just in time. Bly aimed a gun at it to kill but Wag Too stopped him and saved everyone's life, even the animals'. The very next day, Rex spotted a Separatist dropship, descending near the Lurmen village. He contacted Bly and he then he told Scrape about the potential situation. Scrape entered a tent where Anakin lay to inform him about that incoming Separatist ship. Tee Wat Kaa decided to approach the Separatist dropship leader named Lok Durd. Before the colony got ransacked by battle droids, the Republic group escaped to tall grass. Later on, the group rested and discussed about the Lurmen's decisions to remain neutral. Scrape called them vulgar terms; Aayla calmed him down. Unfortunately for them, they were being spied upon by a probe droid. Scrape ordered them to go after it, but it was eventually destroyed by an ambushing Aayla. Figuring out where it was headed, the group managed to climb a large tree to get a visual overview of what was potentially about to go down. They spotted a Separatist platform with a new weapon of mass destruction called the defoliator. Rex and Scrape scouted a route up ahead whilst Lok Durd prepping to test fire the defoliator. Scrape and Rex raced on back to the tree and used their cables. Scrape's ascension cables failed to connect to the tree but Rex's worked. Surpisingly enough, there was a slight hesitation whether or not to help Scrape but Rex detached his cable and helped Scrape, with Bly giving a stare down to the Jedi. 

Anakin predicted the Separatists were about to go after the Lurmens, so he suggested to steal one of their shuttles and head back to the Lurmen village and try to defend them at all costs. Tub, a Lurmen villager, watched over the Republic and told a butterfly to tell Wag Too that the Jedi were returning and about the Separatists. As night fell, the Jedi and clone troopers arrived at the Separatist base and took out any and all battle droids that stood in there way in getting to that shuttle craft. The group eventually stole two shield generators and a ship with them. However, Tee Watt Kaa refused to fight, holding onto their people's beliefs even if it meant their death, despite Wag Too's pleas that they must at least defend themselves. Scrape, Bly, and Rex helped build a barrier out of those pods that almost killed Bly earlier. It surrounded the perimeter of the entire town. After the nature-killing blast of the defoliator commenced, it was time for Lok Durd to send in wave one of his droid armies. Scrape turned around and eyed Tee Wat Kaa before entering the blast zone. Scrape took out his DC-15 rifle and blasted a droid; that blast went through the droid's neck and killed two others that were behind it. Soon enough, Lok Durd was captured. While no one was looking, Scrape turned around to Lok Durd and said, "Soon enough, you'll be gone like all the rest", while everyone else's attention span was to Tee Wat Kaa and his son.

New Jedi General

Coming from the homeworld of Ithor, Jedi General Roron Corobb was assigned to take over for Lyoon after his death with Scrape. Scrape was not happy about this. Major Scrape did not care that much for anyone except for Lyoon. He thought to himself that there was no such thing as replacements. In the Clone War, the two carried on to do multiple missions with each other.

Zillo Beast Attack

The Zillo Beast

On the planet of Malastare, Major Scrape and General Roron Corobb along with Anakin Skywalker and Mace Windu were sent to use their latest technological weaponry against a huge droid army that was sent by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Unbeknownst of the Republic, their new artillery caused a giant creature known as the Zillo Beast to reawaken from down below; which caused a massive disturbance. Scrape volunteered to go down and exterminate the beast but Dug warriors were emptying sewage and toxins into the abyss filled with that animal. The Jedi were also against killing it but the Dugs clearly stated that there were numerous Zillo Beasts and they killed lots of the Dugs a while ago. Roron Corobb was also against killing the Zillo Beast, which gave another reason on how Scrape disliked him. Scrape was there when the Dug leader, Urus signed the Treaty of Malastare, when they would exchange fuel and supplies for protection. After the Zillo Beast was being shipped to Coruscant, it got loose and wrecked havoc across the city-like planet. Despite orders and passions not to kill the creature given by Jedi generals, Major Scrape boarded a Republic Attack Gunship and opened fire on the beast, doing only so much damage. Clone Captain Rex was there along with other Jedi officials who tried to maintain the situation. Soon enough, the Zillo Beast finally fell down to his knees and eventually flat on his stomach due to ongoing attacks from gas-filled containers.

Second Battle of Ryloth

Scrape with a rocket launcher

Parts of Rancor Contingent and the Outer Rim Garrison were put in charge of fending off against Separatist forces on Ryloth. Roron Corobb was put in charge specifically of evacuating the Twi'leks from one of the Separatist-occupied territories. Scrape was assessed with clone Captain Keeli and Jedi General Ima-Gun Di. General Cham Syndulla, leader of the Twi'leks, orchestrated a militia made up of their own people. Once Master Corobb met again with the other fighters, Ima-Gun Di promised that the Republic would never abandon Ryloth. Scrape stated that Cham Syndulla did not understand the situation they were currently in, which caused both to walk out of the minor argument. Corobb and Di then thought of a plan to distract all incoming threats that were still lurking on Ryloth to give Republic dropships enough cover and time to drop off supplies and food for the Rylothians. Captain Keeli agreed to this, even Scrape did. Keeli made contact with his men, who were prepping explosives in a nearby canyon where some battle droids were going to appear. Once the battle droids did appear, they investigated a Republic gunship, lacking knowledge that there were those explosives in the gunship. Scrape, from afar, happily pressed a button that activated numerous explosions in that canyon. That blocked a pathway so the Republic would not get flanked by them. Scrape and another clone trooper hid in the brush of bushes and stared down their droid enemies. Meanwhile, the Outer Rim Garrison troopers also pepared for a full on impending attack by the remaining Separatist droids. Once the battle droids got there, Ima-Gun Di issued an attack on all of them as well as Roron Corobb, who ignited his blue lightsaber. Many troopers died within just the first ten minutes of the firefight. Lots of droids were destroyed but more of them kept on coming. One of them threw a hand grenade and it had a massive explosion, knocking out Keeli and Corobb. It was all down to General Di and Major Scrape, but Scrape had encountered a potential trap with a random Separatist dropship parked away from the battle. Luckily, he had carried around a rocket launcher with him throughout the entire time, and launched a rocket at the ship. Getting back up in that firefight, Captain Keeli tried his best to aid his Jedi general until getting shot down by super battle droids. Right after getting blasted to death, himself, General Di had a transmission come in from a clone pilot, navigating Republic ships that were supposed to drop off those supplies for the Twi'leks. The message was that they had broken through. Scrape had later came back to do recon and noticed everyone dead except for Roron. To his surprise, Scrape was a little happy to see him.

Rancor Contingent

Rancor Contingent

In 21 BBY, Scrape joined an Advanced Recon Commando unit in the Grand Army of the Republic known as Rancor Contingent. The clones who were stationed in Rancor Contingent were not fond of Scrape. Scrape first met Commander Tucker, who was in charge of Rancor Contingent alongside Commander Typhuss. Since Scrape was a major, he was put in charge of the contingent with the former leaders by his side. The two clone troopers did indeed assist each other in keeping Rancor Contingent in line with Scrape's tough personality and Tucker's leadership. Tucker was mostly stationed on Kamino in Tipoca City so his time with Tucker was limited. He soon met Captain Carg, who also had his own unit called Graul Company. Scrape thought Carg was a notable and caring soldier in his new division; however, Carg did not think likewise of Scrape but kept his opinions to himself and social actions in check. Whenever General Corobb was out on an individual assignment or something that had to do with the Jedi Council, Scrape would be placed in Rancor Contingent. Soon, Scrape left Rancor Contingent because he got the sense that he was not welcomed there.

Conference on Kamino and Demotion

In 20 BBY, Major Scrape was sent back to Kamino to receive a reevaluation. Some Jedi officials were there such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Roron Corobb, and Shaak Ti. Having kept the act of injecting the serum into Scrape's system confidential, Lama Su acted as if he was just a deformed clone. Knowing Scrape's normal, hostile attitude, they kept him in restraints. Roron just eyed at him the entire time of the conference, trying to figure out what had been on his mind. The major eyed him back but could not vent any of his anger since there was duct tape on his mouth. After the lengthy conference was put to a stop, the Jedi and Lama Su entered a medical bay and ran tests on him. Some tests to see if there was anything wrong with the major's brain came out negative whilst just one other coming out positive. However, prepping for the Jedi's landing, Lama Su rigged the tests so they would not get suspicious of her for letting a mentally unhinged clone go into war and she would not get fired. Roron did punish Scrape for his history of belligerence by demoting him to a commander.

Imperial Service

Order 66 and Meeting with Vader

Scrape and Roron Corobb were on the planet of Rugosa when Order 66 commenced. Roron sensed that there was something dark going on within the force, so he immediately activated his lightsaber but he was too late. Scrape right then shot him in the back multiple times along with other clone troopers by his side. Scrape picked up the corpse of Roron by his hair, slammed him back down, and shot Roron in the head. That resulted in a smirk on Scrape's face. A clone trooper named Wesson approached him and saluted him and held out a holographic projection of Darth Vader, himself. He commanded Scrape to meet him at once. Darth Vader was in the Jedi Temple when Scrape finally arrived by taking a transport. Confident, the stormtrooper entered the temple and spotted several of Vader's personal bodyguards, securing all entrances. Vader was on the top floor where all former Jedi had their meetings. Scrape entered and noticed Vader with his arms crossed. Scrape raised an eyebrow, only to have found out that he had been promoted to a major once again. Vader remembered who he was and admired him for it. Vader had also sent in Wesson, who was going to be assigned to Scrape as his technical sergeant, who would be working with him as a helper throughout the Galactic war.

After the Battle of Yavin

Third Battle of Ryloth

In 6 ABY, the Rebellion intercepted a transmission of Major Scrape, beating up a Twi'lek on Ryloth. He was orchestrating a new Empire called the First Order. That message was soon wiped from their systems by an unknown hacker. That information was provided by a traitor in Scrape's midst. Soon, Luke Skywalker returned from a secret First Order base on Dantooine, all cut and bruised. This forced Han Solo and Chewbacca, despite orders to stay at the base, to investigate that secret base where Luke was attacked. During Han's investigation, Major Scrape summoned Wesson to his office, which was on the highest floor of their capitol building. He was worried that Wesson might have lost his determined personality that he used to have on the battlefield during the Clone War. Scrape then offered for Wesson to take his weapon and keep it as a gift. At first, Wesson denied and complimented Scrape on his "generous attitude". Before Wesson could leave, the major stopped him and told him that they just got word that Han and Chewbacca infiltrated one of their secret bases on Dantooine. He ordered the officials in their base to counterattack the rebels. Having done so, they drove the remaining rebel survivors out of their home-base on Dantooine and they were forced to regroup on Kashyyyk. When all troopers from the Rebellion finally arrived on Ryloth, Scrape went out on his deck to talk to them. He needed to know who that traitor was who gave the Rebellion data that sent them to Ryloth in the first place. Wesson stepped in, admitted to treachery, and swung his DC-15 blaster on the back of Scrape's helmet. The Rebellion issued an order to open fire.

Scrape used a weapon of his own to whack Wesson on his helmet until it fell off and then he whacked him on his face. Strangling Wesson, Scrape heard a yell coming from afar and realized Patrick Rahr, a Jedi master, was darting towards him. Rahr eventually crashed into him and helped Wesson get to cover. Scrape retreated inside of his tower. Clone Commander Stone followed him. Hot on his heels, Stone tried to shoot at Scrape, who kept on running. Soon enough, Stone shot Scrape in his foot. Suddenly, Stone got out a handheld device that could trigger explosives, secretly planted in the basement of the tower by Wesson. Stone, willing to sacrifice himself in the midst of the battle, triggered the explosives whilst Scrape trying to escape. The tower collapsed but Scrape's body was not found.

Rebel Internal Conflict

Having believed to be dead when his capitol collapsed on Ryloth, Major Scrape was hiding in a canyon-like base on the planet Onderaan. Wesson had joined the Rebellion, yet forcing problems into it. Lots including Han Solo did not believe that Wesson's treacherous status to the First Order was sincere, hence Solo making secret deals with the First Order, unbeknownst that Scrape was alive. Once a First Order operative captured Solo and took him to the base, he finally met with Scrape who assailed him multiple times and placed a sensor reading module on Solo so he could be the eyes and ears of everything he said. Scrape ordered the rebel official to bring back Wesson to him. Once Han got back to base, he captured Wesson and brought him back to Scrape with Commander Rex seeing what was happening. This brought a huge battle upon the two factions inside the hidden First Order base. Angry, Scrape shot and killed a trooper named Bly. Soon enough though, he was at the mercy of Commander Stone, who also survived the collapsing of the tower. He decided to grant Scrape mercy and was arrested.

The Yuuzhan Vong

Around a year after Scrape had been arrested, the Yuuzhan Vong struck against the New Republic. Sector Commander Ponds decided to pay a visit to the detention center where he along with Aurra Sing and Two-Gun were being held. Scrape encouraged Ponds to execute Sing until the Vong attacked. This distracted Ponds but soon came back to the newly dubbed safe center. An explosion triggered a failsafe which automatically released the locks from Scrape's cell. He grabbed a gun and aimed it at Aurra but Ponds stopped him amid being in a some sort of trance. Outraged, he threatened Ponds before he and Aurra left. Teaming up with Two-Gun, the two ran into the Yuuzhan Vong and the clone decided to side with them. Two-Gun refused and ended up getting obliterated by Scrape's pump shotgun. Afterwards, Scrape and the Vong managed to track down Sing and Ponds. He shot Ponds in the side, still noticing that Ponds was acting weird. Shimrra Jamaane, leader of the Yuuzhan Vong, advised to take Ponds back to their base of operations to examine; Scrape agreed and was seen leaving to Jamaane's shuttle.

Last Stand

Aboard a Yuuzhan Vong flagship, Scrape suddenly had the urge to vent to himself about his past and near future. He talked into a handheld recording device about all eventful occurrences. More specifically, the times he felt fate and luck had betrayed him. After a spy told him about his men being slaughtered by the Vong near the Mon Calamari system, he decided to take matters in his own hands by secretly helping out the New Republic. Doing so, he called a fake distress call on the opposite side of the ship, distracting the Vong while letting three New Republic prisoners escape. Later on, Shimrra Jamaane summoned him to the main control room, which infuriated Scrape. Lights were turned on, showing dozens of Vong in attack position. Scrape called upon his First Order troopers and a brawl ensued. The Vong outmatched the stormtroopers so Scrape hid, watching his brothers get killed. Once two Vong were distracted with putting away the dead bodies, the clone major threw a detonator at them, shot them and took out a vibroblade. Hesitating, Jamaane incapacitated Scrape and used a Grutchin to kill him.



He was fair as fair could be.
—Scrape on his Jedi general

Though, they would mostly never see eye to eye, Lyoon nevertheless cared about every single one of his clone troopers, especially Scrape. Lyoon thought that his major dramatically had something genetically wrong with him. He liked to contradict the fact that there was nothing wrong with his right hand man. He promoted the ARC trooper to a major, himself and even if he did not believe a word that Scrape had to offer, he went along with it. After Lyoon's death, Scrape did not hesitate to mourn the loss of his Jedi superior. 


Glad he left Rancor Contingent. Never liked the idiot.
—Typhuss about Scrape leaving their division

They often argued about battle tactics and strategic planning, which led to Typhuss to think on why didn't he murder him. Commander Typhuss did sort of his own research on the case of Camo but just went along with his gut feeling that it was Scrape who did the crime. However, nobody believed him and he had no evidence to prove it. They were in the same sub-organization together called Rancor Contingent. That contingent consisted of multiple advanced recon commandos who shared the same opinion as Typhuss on Scrape.


Your blood smells like failure.
—Scrape after he killed Camo

Even in the same cadet squadron, Camo and Scrape did not get along. Just like Typhuss, the two clone troopers had different viewpoints on warfare maneuvers. During a short battle on Coruscant, the two bickered back and forth on battle tactics and strategic planning. After Commander Camo's plan was passed down to their Jedi leaders, they approved it and all it got acted upon. Later that same evening, Scrape sneaked into Camo's quarters while Camo was asleep and forcefully stabbed him multiple times, killing him. 

Talents and abilities

On Kamino, Scrape personally trained to instantly become an ARC trooper. He carried around, mostly, a DC-15 rifle and had a keen eyesight so he could snipe from afar. He had experience with a standard jetpack and had the physical strength to climb up mountains when called in to do so for a mission. Scrape could handle heavy weapons well due to the fact that he used to carry around a Z-6 rotary cannon on missions, sometimes. Usually, Scrape demonstrated his great strength when he would get up close to his opponents on the battlefield and use his fists and feet to knock them them down and soon afterwards kill them with his blaster. The major would use his intimidating tone to get what he would want, either if it was with the Republic, Empire, or First Order.

Personality and traits

Scrape in full armor

Major Scrape was never like a normal clone trooper. He would go out of his way into the line of fire during a battle and willingly let his soldiers die just to keep the hopes of a successful mission alive. Daily, he would not get along let alone talk with any of his colleagues. In spite of this, he did form a good bond with both General Lyoon and Captain Rex on Maridun. He expressed his emotions when Lyoon got assassinated and helped Captain Rex take out multiple battle droids when they infiltrated their defenses. Commander Bly and Major Scrape did not socially interact a lot on Maridun but Bly did admire Scrape's skills as a soldier. However, he was also known for being too aggressive on the battlefield. During the Clone Wars, Scrape wore ARC trooper armor with yellow stripes on his torso and helmet. Like all clones, he stood exactly six feet tall. Later on in the war, he developed a brown goatee on his chin.

Behind the Scenes

Part of Major Scrape's concept was also used for Commander Blitz. The only differences are the kama, making Scrape's pure yellow and Blitz's white with black diamonds, and their helmets, Scrape's with two yellow stripes and Blitz's with one. His original design specifically came from the online game Clone Wars Adventures. Scrape's author pulled ideas and concepts from different, standard clone trooper commanders from the game and put them onto this page. The option of making Scrape a hardhearted soldier was crucial for making him have an actual personality.


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