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I NEVER, use droid poppers.
—ARC-6651 "Frag"

ARC-6651, also known as "Frag", was an ARC Captain that served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. During the war, he served in the 31st Nexu Battalion, which specialized in infiltration, assault, and reconnaissance. He was often seen with the 31st's leader, Ralos Velense, and his company Wreck Company. Frag got his name from the Second Battle of Kothlis.

Frag participated in many battles during the Clone Wars. During the Clone Wars, Frag grew a deep respect for the Jedi, Ralos being a good friend and becoming a Jedi helping that respect grow. With great success on many missions and battles, Frag was noticed by Ralos, being highly respected like how he and many others respected the Jedi. Frag became good friends with all clones he met during the war but barely keeping in touch with them. Nearing the end of the war he heard about the Inhibitor chips. He had his removed, thus allowing him to disobey Order 66. He lived through the Jedi Purge, later settling on the planet Tatootine, keeping a low profile to stay away from the conflict of the Galactic Civil War.


Early Life

Frag was one of many clones of the bounty hunter Jango Fett. He was raised and trained on the planet Kamino. In training, Frag excelled, being the best member of his assigned squad. Frag's squad quickly passed through their combat simulation practice tests, becoming full-fledged clone troopers afterwards. He was recruited into the 31st Nexu Battalion not long after it's creation, being one of the first 31st to take part in the Battle of Sajun.

The Second Battle of Kothlis

Frag took part in the second battle of Kothlis. He and his Wreck Company were sent to the planet to support troopers that uncovered a murder inside the planet's Republic watch base. The murder was of an officer who worked there.

Frag and the rest of Wreck Company were sent to support them from the oncoming droid battalions. Near the end of the battle a trooper from Wreck Company spotted some sticky thermal detonators and rocket launchers unused by the Separatists near the Separatist Command Center. Frag noticed the droid tanks were getting closer to the watch base.

Frag desperately ran for the command centre shooting all the droids in his path. He shot all of the droid officers and grabbed the sticky thermal detonators planting them on the tanks and blowing them up. But by then surviving droids equipped themselves with rocket launchers and blew up the watch base including all of its personnel and the troopers sent to investigate the murder. By the end of the battle, most of Wreck Company was severely depleted. Frag had become more serious after that battle and received his nickname from his actions.

Battle of Kentme IV

Early in the Clone Wars, troopers stationed at Kentme IV outpost, between the edge of both Galactic Republic and CIS territories. Then one day, they were suddenly attacked by Separatist forces. The Station Officer, ARC-6651 "Frag" on the planet, because he was not needed in battle, tried to contact for any Republic fleets in the system. Luckily the flag ship the Negotiator , Jedi General Obi Wan Kenobi, was in the system and received the urgent message. While talking to the Jedi General, the Captain was then interrupted by B1 battle droids, who had entered the room and were firing at the captain and his troopers. The captain stated to the Jedi General that he had to escape the barrage and contact him again as soon as he was away from the battle droids.

The captain and his men charged through the droids, firing with all their might, had made it through, but one. They then ran and hid in the station's armory, knowing they couldn't take out the droids without reinforcements. The troops waited for a matter of 2 hours. Then, there was a knock on the door. Troopers aimed their weapons at the door, it opened revealing two troopers unknown 31st troopers. After realizing that they were troopers, the troops inside lowered their weapons. A minute later, ARC-6651 then tries to contact the Negotiator, failing, then assumes that the Separatists are jamming their signals.

Moments later, troopers of the 212th Attack Battalion then open the doors telling the troopers inside that help has arrived. They immediately were attacked by Separatist droids, B1 battle droids, B2 Super battle droids and droidekas, they then fled into the massive storage room, full of crates of supplies, and tanks of fuel. The troops made a massive stand aggainst the Separatist's overwhelming forces, then, Clone Marshal Commander CC-2224 "Cody", a commander of the 212th Attack Battalion, point to the fuel tanks yelling to his Jedi General, Obi Wan Kenobi. The Jedi General, almost like he was reading the commander's mind, immediately used the force to lift the fuel tanks and threw them toward the droid forces. The commander shot at the fuel tanks, creating a massive explosion. They did this another time, and all of the droid forces had then ceased. Everyone cheered, putting away their weapons. The Jedi General then received a message that the rest of the base was liberated from the Separatists.

An hour later, the 212th had gone, and repair crews and cruisers had arrived. Frag was told that he was needed elsewhere, and left the base, along with his Company of the 31st, being replaced by troopers of an unknown Battalion. The base was set to be expanded and more well prepared for any future CIS attacks.

Jedi Training

Around the middle of the Clone Wars, ARC-6651 was promoted from Captain, to Regimental Commander, he then left 31st Nexu Battalion and led the 43rd Heavy Support Regiment's Debris Company. He was then recognzsed by Ralos Velense as a Force Sensitive and was trained in the Jedi arts.

Battle of Coruscant

The Battle of Coruscant occurred late in the Clone Wars, in defense of the Separatists' massive assault on Coruscant. The 43rd were issued to help the 401st Legion, at the Republic Center for Military Operations. The 43rd's Smudge Company, its 6th Bash Platoon and Debris Company's Mynock Catchers, were on the offensive further away from the building, while Debris Company were on the defensive, stationed close to the entrance, while Smudge Company's 6th Bash Platoon was giving air support. During the battle, Perception Company were stationed back at the 43rd Headquarters, giving tactical support to the 43rd, Perception Company's Hurl Squad were at the headquarters, protecting it.

Near the start of the battle the 43rd succeeded in pushing back the Separatist forces, but by the middle, the 43rd were forced inside, being attacked from all sides. By the time Supreme Chancellor Palpatine was captured by General Grievous, the 43rd had cleared the Military Center and had returned to headquarters, while Smudge Company's 6th Bash Platoon flew over to Jedi General Frag's Flagship the Dementor, to join the Battle over Coruscant, but it was not long until the 43rd were sent to the planet of Felucia.

Battle of Felucia

The Battle of Felucia occurred late in the Clone Wars, part of the Outer Rim Sieges. It was initially a mission assigned to the 182nd Legion of the Grand Army of the Republic to combat the Separatist forces which had taken control of the planet. When contact with the 182nd was lost, the 501st Legion of elite clone troopers was deployed to investigate their disappearance.

After the 501st secured the area, the 327th Star Corps under the command of Jedi Master Aayla Secura, the 43rd Heavy Support Regiment under the command of Jedi Master Frag Fett arrived and the 31st Nexu Battalion under of the command of Ralos Velense. They went on a manhunt with the 31st Nexu Battalion, for President of the Commerce Guild, Shu Mai, who was believed to be holding Jedi Knight Barriss Offee prisoner. As the 327th searched one side of the planet, the 606th and the 43rd searched the other. Frag along with clone commander CT-7823 searched for several hours. Ralos and Frag was eventually called back to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, the reason unknown, leaving CC-2831 in command of the 606th and CC-7823 in command of the 43rd on Felucia.

Order 66

After returning from the Jedi Temple, Frag and The Mynock Catchers, now on Coruscant, take an LAAT to the 43rd HQ. Once there, Frag starts reading reports about battles, all across the galaxy, seeing there is nothing else to do. The squad's leading trooper gets a call, being told to do Order 66, upon being told he signals the other troopers and they ready their guns and aim at Frag. As Frag looks up, for he sensed his troopers' presence, he notices their guns aiming at him and he quickly pulls out his saber, deflecting a shot fired from one of the squad members. He cuts one's gun in half and slices at another member's chest, killing him. Frag quickly runs off, only to leave in his Jedi Starfighter. After reporting their failure, the 43rd were brought down to be a small company known as the 43rd Heavy Support Company within the new Galactic Empire. The Company kept only three squads from the old battalion which were Hurl squad, Sarlacc Squad, and The Red Hellhounds.

The Galactic Civil War

Life On Tatooine

After a few days on Tatooine, he discovered an old friend from the Clone Wars, Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi, they both exchanged stories about their lives during the past few days and how their clone troopers turned on them and tried to exterminate them. They then said their goodbyes and left each other.

Joining the Rebel Alliance

Several months before the Battle of Endor, Frag turned packed all of his things and set off seeking the Rebel Alliance, after hearing news about how well the Alliance has done, his hope had risen, he went all over the place to find information about where they were hiding, and after a week, he had been able to contact them. They questioned him at first and agreed to meet with him in a remote system just off the verge of Lothal. They boarded his shuttle and immediately arrested him before they did anything else. Frag then was taken to the ship's admiral, Admiral Gial Ackbar. They had a chat for a little while, Frag revealed his identity and eventually he was set free from his handcuffs.

A couple of months later, he had gain their trust and had been given the rank of Corporal and was given an X-wing fighter, he kept his old weapons and redressed himself in a pilot's outfit and prepared for his first battle, the Battle of Endor.

The Battle of Endor

As soon as they arrived over the moon, Frag rushed towards his X-wing fighter. He had gone through all the preparations and zoomed off with the others of his squadron. After hearing Ackbar's words, Frag immediately tensed up, for he hadn't flown a fighter since the Clone Wars. By the middle of the battle, he had helped to take out a few Star Destroyers and had destroyed more than 13 TIE Fighters already. He had a little trouble working with the other pilots for they were nothing like his trooper back in the Republic. In one instance he had gotten into a little argument with one of his squad members.

By the time Calrissian and his group had flown into the Second Death Star, Frag and his squadron were being overwhelmed by the TIE Fighters. They picked off his squadron one by one until finally, the Death Star exploded into a billion pieces. Frag immediately pushed himself and defeated the closest TIEs he could find. Moments later, he was called back to his flagship and he joined the celebration of the Empire's defeat. Frag was happy, but he was still unsettled. After the celebration, he went to his living quarters and started mourning for his fallen clone brothers.

The Third Invasion of Naboo

After the success over the Battle of Endor, Frag finally recovered from his depression and was chosen to join the inversion of the Third Invasion of Naboo. Upon arriving, he was selected to be part of Princess Leia's strike team. Fighting valiantly on the ground, Frag let out all of his anger on the oncoming Stormtroopers. Being ordered to fallout to the palace, Frag took his time, eventually being pushed back. Still blood-thirsty, Frag made a great stand alongside General Leia, Danger Squadron and the other Rebel fighters. Taking a bit longer than expected, the EMP finallyy imploded, taking out of all the Imperial ships and weapons. They had won.

The Battle of Jakku

It wasn't long until the New Republic were travelled to Jakku. The final battle, the end of the galactic civil war. Frag battled as a pilot, taking out the TIEs and Star Destroyers. It was until he was shot down, forced to fend for himself without any help.

By the end of the battle, Frag was picked up, bloodied and tired. He joined in with the celebrations for the end of the Galactic Empire's reign of false order.

Leaving the New Republic

At some point, a month before the destruction of the Hosnian system, Frag was trying to be convinced to join the Resistance by many of their scouts and pilots. He dismissed the offers and eventually deserted from the New Republic. So he took a ship, hoping to escape into the Outer-Rim. At some point, his hyperdrive malfunctioned and he arrived a few kilometres away from the planet Mandalore.

The First Order-Resistance War

Meeting Another Old Friend

Upon arriving, he came in contact with another ship, a team of bounty hunters, nearly colliding with their ship. Afterwards, the bounty hunters evaded Frag's ship, and tried hailing it, then bording it. They stormed into Frag's ship, guns up, one yelling about the craziness of his flying. That was when he saw him, a clone. The bounty hunters stood looking with shock, then bursted into laughter. The clone looked at Frag, puzzled while his fellow hunters laughed as if their lungs were going to burst. One stated that he couldn't believe that the "Kix" couldn't see the resemblance. Frag grinned, while the clone called "Kix" stood speechless. They embraced then started exchanging stories.

After what could've been an hour, they said their good byes as Frag flew down towards the surface of Mandalore. Frag was offered a job by Kix at the end, but Frag declined, saying he was getting too old to fight anymore, saying that they would see each other soon.

Life on Mandalore

As Frag came through the atmosphere, he was welcomed and hailed by a trio of Mandalorian fighters. He explained his situation and quickly explained his status, and was allowed to land, being escorted along the way.

Frag later made an arrangement with the leader, and was granted the right to live here. Frag received the job as a teacher of galaxy history, and later became an instructor at the capitol's cadet training academy.


When Frag was a standard trooper within the 31st Battalion, he wore the basic scheme for the 31st. When he became an ARC trooper, Frag switched to ARC trooper armor, which was equipped with a rangefinder. His ARC trooper armor's design was similar to that of his old armor. He commonly made use of one DC15s blaster rifle.

Behind the Scenes

Concept Designs

Frag was a character created by Clobsters, but shaped by the vision of redman132 (AKA General Ralos). Through the help of red's art, Frag shaped into quite a unique clone with very unsual yet elegant designs. Frag has gone through quite a bit of changes through the Clone Wars, and here are some of the concept designs of Frag throughout his entire existence.

ARC-6651 Frag - Concept Designs - By redman132

Concept design of Major Frag, half-way through the Clone Wars.

The one to the left depicts some early

File:Jedi General Frag (Scars, Kama)-0.png

designs of Frag, but were not instated to his final look.

The one to the top-right is of Frag when he was in the 43rd Heavy Assault Regiment, nearing the last days of the Clone Wars.

Finally, the one near the bottom was of Major Frag, during his final days in the 31st Nexu Battalion.

ARC-6651 Frag - Major Concept Design 3 - By redman132

Concept design of Major Frag, during the second-half of the Clone Wars.

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