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The most excellent of them all...
Frederick Lyner

ARC-25-347168, nicknamed Arc, secretly designated CT-1 and ARC-1, was the first clone from the DNA of Exhart Martineus, and the first ever clone trooper bred for the formation of the Great Clone Forces in order to serve the Galactic Republic during the Second Clone Wars. He led the First Division and ultimately the whole clone army. His closest friends were fellow troopers Longman and Aft. Arc was also good friends with other members of the First Division and always formed friendships with other troopers he met throughout the war.

Arc later survived Order 50-1 after the war, eventually grouping up with other clone survivors. Together, they formed the Clone Rebel Alliance to rebel against the Dark Galactic Republic, resulting the eruption of the Third Clone Wars. Along with thousands of other ex-troopers, Arc cloned himself to build an army of clone soldiers for the Alliance. Eventually, they won the war, but all the clones were killed in return.




Before the Army

Sometime before the beginning of the Second Clone Wars, and before the creation of the Clone Army, Arc served as a soldier as part of the Republic's military.

Second Clone Wars


Order 50-1


Clone Rebellion


Against the Sith


Final breath


Physical descriptions

Arc was the only trooper engineered to look exactly like his genetic template. He had blond hair to the same tone as Exhart, a feature no other clone possessed. His eyes were ocean blue, and he had bright skin.


As the first trooper, Arc was simply a mature and proficient leader. He gained his status as a most respected officer due to his skills in making friends with others. He was always good at making decisions and most of his battle strategies resulted in great outcomes. A patriot, Arc would do just about anything to protect and safeguard the Galactic Republic.

Behind the scenes


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