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Geo: “Sir, are you alright?
Carg: “I'm fine, Geo. It's just that I fear others won't be.
―Captain Carg and Geo discuss the start of the Jedi Purge

ARC-100, also called Carg, was a veteran clone arc trooper captain who was a part of companies known as 91st Reconnaissance Corps, Rancor Battalion, and mostly the Graul Company during the Clone Wars. He was known specifically for his intellectual knowledge of the battlefield and superb strategic and tactical planning skills. His base of operations could be found in Felucia with Republic Commando Boss. He was in charge of the base on Felucia and in charge of gathering foreign intelligence and data collecting of enemies that might be on that planet. He was good friends with clone trooper Commander Fil, who he trained on Kamino. They both worked together and cooperated in various battles such as the battle over Ryloth. Carg liked keeping the peace more than fighting in the battlefield, thus making his decisions easier when some people from the Separatists got captured by Carg and his forces to keep them alive. Later on the in the galactic war, Carg joined the Resistance Militia Squadron and Rebellion.


Early Life

Carg was trained specifically to become an arc trooper. Like all clones, Carg stood 1.83 meters tall and was cloned from the infamous bounty hunter known as Jango Fett. He always thought that he was destined to become an arc trooper due tot the fact that he trained like one and got an army promotion from Jango himself to become a clone trooper captain. Then, he advanced onward to an arc trooper. Being genetically born differently on Kamino, he naturally disobeyed Order 66 since he never got an inhibitor chip installed.

First Battle of Felucia

Planet Felucia consisted of wondrous mineral that the Republic could use, native citizens, a huge worm, and Separatists. Those Separatists forces had been utilizing and studying that worm to use it against any oppositions. They found a way to control it in means necessary yet useful against the Republic base on Felucia. Shadow troopers named Captain Black and Captain Sticker have been given orders by Captain Carg to reconnoiter the area, on the verge to find and exterminate that worm. They encounter the worm a few hours after they began their scouting mission. Firing blasts at it, the two realized that their blasts could not physically penetrate the worm's skin. Carg saw on the scopes Black and Thorn's beacons running in the direction of his base; deciding to run in the direction of them, he brought his walker along with loaded cannons. Sticker tripped an fell on a broken branch while Black was way ahead of him. Black noticed this and very soon afterwards, Sticker was eaten by the worm, triggering anger and hatred in Black's system. Carg approached the worm with his tank and killed the beast once and for all. Provoking a Separatist retaliation, B1 and B2 battle droids rolled in to the location where the worm was extinguished. A new battle raged on and it for around twelve hours of non-stop violence. In the end, Carg, Boss, and his team won the battle, yet having mental scars all over Captain Black.

Second Battle of Felucia

You will not get anymore of my men killed. I won't let you.
—Carg to Yorn Nuro

Carg talking to troopers on Felucia

On the elegant planet of Felucia in the year 19 BBY, there lay a territorial dispute between the native radicals and the Republic base. Trying to use diplomatic means of solving the issue, Carg still could not convince Yorn Nuro (dictator of Felucia) and his gang to peacefully give up the situation at hand. Having negative thoughts after that diplomatic meeting, Carg quickly returned to the Republic base and ordered the Felucia Entry Officer, Parsec to ready everyone in the base for an impending attack. The red beacons went off as everyone prepped themselves for that attack. While Commando Boss evacuated all of the citizens to their safe-zone, he noticed that Yorn Nuro along with the aid of Separatists forces were on the move; he hid in the bushes whilst contacting Captain Carg on the movements of the radicals. Doing this triggered the sound of the alarm which indicated a code red to the Republic blockade surrounding parts of Felucia. The fleet admiral in charge sent fighters down to assist Carg and his men.

Having seen this, Captain Carg's hope levels continued to rise itself up and had a distinct feeling in his gut that his team was about to take back Felucia and all of its inhabitants could live under a normal government instead of the dictatorship of Yorn Nuro. He specifically ordered each and every trooper available on the front lines. Even though quite a few of them got killed, they managed to hold off the battalions of b1 battle droids. Wave two then entered the complex along with Yorn Nuro himself showing his face. Boss was still in cover in the bushes, shooting every Separatist and native radical passed by. Until the heat died down from where he was at, Boss returned to base only to find a Mexican standoff between Carg, Yorn Nuro, one of Yorn Nuro's gang members, and a clone trooper named Geo. Holding guns at each other's heads, one of Nuro's astromech droids shocked Geo which sparked Carg to open fire on Nuro, killing him. Finally ending the dictatorship of Yorn Nuro, Carg was rewarded a prize of credits and a medal from the Felucian civilians.

After Order 66

After the Great Jedi Purge commenced, Captain Carg was left do die in the ashes of Felucia. The outpost that he was stationed at was abandoned along with Parsec, Geo, and Boss all gone missing. During the ensuing chaos, Carg was unconscious from reasons unknown. Carg was out to fend for himself for weeks after the order that wiped out most Jedi first took place. He used his wits and and knowledge of the landscape he was at to hunt wild animals for food and drink water from nearby small lakes and ponds. Soon afterwards, he sometimes would enter the Felucian village once owned by the notorious Yorn Nuro and scavenged what he could to survive which included batteries to power the generators in the base that he lives in, more food and water, and extra other supplies. He made a living out of it. Carg remained rather passive in what was about to happen or not - if he dies, then he dies; if he lives, then he lives. One way or the other he couldn't care less. Carg usually went to sleep at around twenty three hundred but one night he went to his quarters a little before twenty two hundred and a mysterious ship decided to land right in the landing zone of the outpost. Curious, he walked over and noticed a Jedi named Clasina and her clone captain named Chev, persuading Carg to join an organization known as the Resistance Militia Squadron. Something sparked in his mind saying to accept the persuasion so Carg went with his mind and entered the ship.

Carg on the Felucia Outpost

Joining the Resistance Militia Squadron

Carg was utmost impressed and proud to see the disbanded members of the Republic back together again. When he first got to headquarters on the planet of Coruscant, he was directly assigned with a task to find a traitor that was in their midst. All of the information that Carg could gather was that the traitor was located and apart of the base/outpost of the planet of Naboo. He quickly alerted his higher superiors and let clone trooper Commander Stone and Captain Crane know about it immediately.

Back to Felucia

Carg was then assigned to track down and assist clone troopers Boss, Geo, Parsec, and Black. Due to the facts on how Black was acting subsequently the death of his partner, Sticker, Carg did not even second guess Black's potential behaviors if he does find him. The captain led a task force to find those soldiers and bring them to Resistance Militia Squadron headquarters. Carg's first thoughts were to head back to Felucia to gather any evidence they could to start off with. The rescue party consisted of R.M.S troopers such as Jedi general Clasina, her second in command Captain Chev, and a pilot named Gold Leader. Carg finally reactivated some of the computing consoles that haven't been on in weeks to examine all of the found archives and history banks. He did manage to find a security feed from a camera in the hanger showing the Boss, Geo, Parsec, and Black taking their leave of Felucia while Order 66 was still in motion. In a result of this, the camera feed also picked up their ship crash landing from a direct hit from the new Empire. Rushing to the coordinates of the crash-site, the R.M.S. soldiers witnessed no dead bodies, only a damaged ship. Having no idea where they could be, they simply decided to just contact them which of course didn't work out. Now using sensor beacons, Carg stumbled upon another abandoned town on Felucia. Entering it, he noticed documents and files in cabinets that had pictures of Boss and Black that were mysteriously crossed out; but not Geo nor Parsec. Within days of searching on Felucia, no other evidence showed that the four missing were there.

Hunt for the Lost

Apprehending Black

While trying to track down Geo, Parsec, Boss and Black, Jedi General Clasina picked up an embedded transmission on her own personal wrist-communicator. The transmission was an old message from Black from around 21 BBY regarding where he potentially could be when or if the war would be over. He described a nice and fancy place on the planet of Felucia just twenty five clicks due South. Questions arose in Clasina's mind, wondering how in the universe could this even remotely come close to happening and why? They decided to investigate those exact coordinates where Black said he would have his new haven. When the R.M.S. troopers got there, they found Black inside a cave, trying to keep warm even though it was seventy two degrees Fahrenheit. Carg went up to Black who stated that he does not remember who anyone was, not even himself. Suddenly, when Carg went to reach out to him, Black quickly drew his two star corps pistols which forced Clasina to activate her lightsaber. Carg then commanded her to stand down but in the midst of doing so, Captain Black had vanished. Going after him, Carg got out his arc trooper blaster while Black commenced to fire upon him. He dashed away from he blast and eventually tackled him. Winning the fight, they all took him back to homebase for questioning.

Tracking Geo and Parsec

Questioning Black just led to him to be in restraints and sedated. They noticed storm clouds roll over and Carg got that gut feeling of his again that indicated that something was up. He alerted the Jedi general and the squad decided to move out, leaving Gold Leader behind to watch over Captain Black. Carg, Clasina, and Chev all got on their individualized speeders and sped off to investigate. When Carg's gut feeling soon turned into evidence that at least one of the two (Geo and Parsec) were close- there was some sort of clone trooper blaster that was left in the far reaches of Felucia, where they were. Carg made the observation that this gun was specifically used by Sergeant Geo. None of them knew why this was exactly happening, evidence being so far away from the base and all. Getting to where they think their destination might be, they soon discover some sort of large building. Having Captain Chev stay outside and on guard, Clasina and Carg enter to find a lobby with no one behind the front desk. The day soon turned to fade into dusk and the generator in the building was off for some type of reason. Slowly entering, the two notice Geo and Parsec playing cards on a small table and Carg was the first to rush over to them. Surprisingly, Geo and Parsec seemed unharmed btoh mentally and physically. Asking about Captain Black, the whereabouts of Boss and the crossed-out pictures, all the two could do was shrug. Carg, on the way back to the base, still had that gut feeling that something was wrong- but couldn't figure out what.

The Battle of Boss

We mustn't let a few little mistakes lead to one big one.

Captain Carg

It was a few weeks after they recovered Geo and Parsec randomly playing games in the building and the Resistance Militia Squadron still could not make sense of Black's behavior nor the mysterious drawings. Geo and Parsec continued to play games with each other whilst Black always having to be sedated by Gold Leader. All seemed quiet at the base until there was some hollering in the distance. Clasina asked if Geo and Parsec were up for the task to investigate and both nodded their heads. Carg led the task force to investigate that shrieking, thinking that it might be some type of wild animal. When they got to the source, they realized that it was a type of recording system used for distracting enemies. They all looked around and expected resistance any second. What they saw was jaw-dropping when clone commando Boss and native radicals surrounded and secured the perimeter. Carg reached in for his arc blaster and slowly approached Clasina who was mortified. He offered to try diplomatic solutions but Clasina wanted no part of that. Boss gave them precisely three second to leave their land or they'll open fire. Crag tried talking to them despite what Clasina preferred and then another battle broke out. All got behind cover while Boss witnessed Geo, Parsec, Chev, and Clasina kill most of his allies. Carg loaded his weapon but virtually refused to open fire. Boss went out to the line of fire and ordered the R.M.S. troopers to kill him. Carg raced out of cover and tackled Boss. Carg kicked Boss's helmet off and punched him in the face, resulting in Boss's status to become unconscious. Carg proceeded to take Boss back to homepage along with Boss's fellow native radical survivors. Clasina advised the gang to experiment Black and Boss's brains surgically, in which Carg was hesitant about. After a short while of thorough examinations and digital brainwave scans, Carg reluctantly decided he would go along with Clasina's plan.

Twelve solar hours of nonstop hard work, the results officially came through and showed that there was some form of parasite located in Boss and Black's brain. Not knowing what to do at first, the squad instantly stared at Parsec and Geo. They were still playing card commander. Tensions seemed high for the Resistance team as Clasina and Chev confidentially ordered the brainwave scan of the two goofing off. Carg agreed and rerouted almost all medical systems to Geo and Parsec, who were going to take the test simultaneously. No bugs. Carg recommended that they would simply surgically remove the bugs inside similar on how the Republic removed some clones's inhibitor chips. That process was accepted through a vote, being that it was unanimously decided. When that was done and over with, it took eons for the pair to wake up again; but when they did, they were in a state of shock. Clasina made contact with their main headquarters back on Coruscant and received new orders which were to return back there with the recovered soldiers.

Encounter with Ponds

Under the assumption that clone trooper commander known as Ponds had been committing serious crimes, ARC trooper Captain Carg and his fellow Rebel Alliance officers held a meeting on Onderaan. Carg remained rather passive and barley went in on the conversation at all. He did correct his commander known as Fil when Fil said that a child was running operations (referring to Princess Leia) and replied to him saying "a woman child". Later after that meeting, Carg was on his way to meet rogue clone troopers who would help at his own base, not that far away from the homebase of the Rebellion. He met with them right after he got off his BARC speeder bike. Suddenly, however, his base became under attack by Ponds and his new master Aurra Sing. She shot and killed the rogue clone troopers, yet spared Carg to wallow in his own misery.

Skirmish on Carlac

Devoting your life to those problems you caused won't make them go away. It's unhealthy to do so, make amends, not mental issues.
—Carg to Ponds

On a Rebel base of the planet Carlac, mysteries were about to surround the entire area. ARC Captain Carg was placed in charge by direct orders of Princess Leia of the base after Major Pike was fired from overseer. Carg went up to Ponds, who was placed as a monitor after he was convinced to join the Rebellion, and said to him to let go of what he could not control and pay attention to the present. Suddenly, the power shut down and he ordered Major Bosnorth to go and investigate. Once Bosnorth entered and reconnoitered the area, something slithery went on his body and corrupted him to attack and have monstrous tentacles. All of the suspicions raised and pointed directly to Ponds. Carg defended him, having felt a slight of empathy for Ponds and issued everyone to get back to work on the double. Out of nowhere, Bosnorth reawakened from when he was shot at and viciously assailed Sergeant Leland. Commander Fil opened fire but Bosnorth picked him up and threw him on Carg. Then Timin and Gold Leader entered and forced the infected Bosnorth to finally go down. In order to find what was truly wrong with the major, Carg suggested that they go find the Death Watch. He sent everyone except Ponds on the mission to go find the Death Watch, who was left behind to watch Bosnorth and man the scanners and manage to contact reinforcements. They were soon ambushed by Death Watch members and took the rebels back to their camp. They were greeted by Bo Katan and talked about how to treat Bosnorth. There was only one cure - a substance called Blue Quartz. A few Death Watch members along with the rebels sent out to find it but an explosive, secretly planted by two Death Watch members, went off on Bo Katan; Carg sent Leland back to camp to help her. When they finally found the Blue Quartz, the two Death Watch members turned on them and shot/killed Timin. Carg went along with it after Timin's death to avoid anyone else getting killed. Ponds' reinforcements arrived and consisted of Commander Stone, Captain Rex, and Patrick Rahr. Having the orders from Leia to kill the traitors, the reinforcements swooped in and killed the two Death Watch officers. Still, repercussions occurred as Bo Katan told them if they appear near their presence again, it'll be war.

After the Battle of Yavin

Battle of Ryloth

On the rebel planet of Dantooine, all high officials of the Rebellion met up in their base. They intercepted a message from Major Scrape, leader and co-founder of the First Order. Suddenly, the message disappeared and they were all dismissed. Prepping for an enormous battle on Ryloth, Scrape came in on a holographic projection and offered diplomatic solutions. Carg implied that Scrape never used that sort of tactic. Later on, the rebels arrived at Ryloth to fight the First Order. Carg lost his friend and former trainee Fil in the line of fire. At the end of the day when the dust settled, the survivors of both parties declared a stalemate.

Rebel Internal Conflict

When the Rebellion brought in a new recruit from the First Order, tensions rose with political differences. Later on, Commander Ponds discovered that Stone, who was presumed dead, was farming on Naboo. Ponds entrusted Carg to keep what he was doing a secret, and he did.

The Yuuzhan Vong

On Yavin 4, the New Republic settled a tactical HQ there. Carg and Ponds were on the hunt for any means of food when they stumble across a Yuuzhan Vong operative. They ran from the overpowered life-form, who then shot Carg in the back. The Vong soldier picked up an unconscious yet alive Carg and carried him off into the distance. Commander Rex and Patrick Rahr went out to find him. They soon discovered Carg in a Yuuzhan Vong stronghold along with long lost clones Ganch and Colly. Rex sniped one of the executors before he could harm any trooper. Rahr soon ended up disappearing with a furious Rex trying to go after him. Carg consoled him. Leader of the Yuuzhan Vong, Shimrra Jamaane, went against the troopers while the others were distracted by Rahr. They escaped to the New Republic base with a tail of Vong troopers. Carg then hid until he found Han Solo and they noticed that Ponds was being taken away by the Yuuzhan Vong. He charged at them, firing, until he got locked into a trance by Jamaane. Solo snapped him out of it. Reinforcements soon came but a lot of lives were lost.


When war with the Yuuzhan Vong was evident, Princess Leia called for everyone to meet up on Kamino, where a huge battle would soon take place. Once Carg arrived, he was reunited with fellow Rancor Continent alumni Colonel Pliers. With the Vong making it to Kamino, Carg and Pliers tried to hold a heavy door shut until the Vong forced it down on top of them. After getting out of the door situation, Carg and Pliers hurried to the rest. Ponds, who was under the control of Jamaane, aimed his gun at Leia but Carg jumped in the way and Ponds ended up shooting him instead. Getting out of his trance, Ponds immediately knew what he had done. Soon afterwards, Carg passed, leaving a furious Ponds and mourning Pliers behind.



Don't die on me, Sergeant!
—Carg, trying to resuscitate Geo

Geo was one of Captain Carg's key officers on Felucia. He would always go up to Carg and express his personal problems with the war, knowing that Carg would definitely understand. They first met each other once Geo got out of his training academy on Kamino and was assigned to Carg's special unit of Graul Company. He personally promoted Geo for his special expertise in the battlefield and strategic advice at base. Once Geo got lethally electrocuted by Yorn Nuro's astromech, Carg did not hesitate to counter the attack.


Fil, Timin: secure the doors of this facility forthwith; whatever attacked Bosnorth, if it was indeed an attack, is still out there.
—Carg, relying on Fil to get a job done

Carg was the overseer in Fil's training, though, Fil did get on his nerves sometimes. Fil always remained ambitious and determined, which Carg admired and respected, but here and there he would get verbally and physically cocky. Carg would normally trust Fil to carry out vital tasks that were assigned to him and Fil would barley ever disappoint in executing them. Sometimes however, Fil would bark feedback to Carg which he blatantly could not care less for. All in all, these two brothers know how to and what to fight for.


You stow that talk right now, soldier! Do you want to get every man in this regiment killed because you don't know what damned day of the week it is?
—Carg to Timin regarding Ponds

Ponds, as everyone knows, was a victim to one of Aurra Sing's manipulation tricks. Once Stone knocked some sense into him, he was allowed to join the Rebellion. Most of the rebels in Carg's base (which he was assigned to) disrespected him and thought that he was behind most of their faults. Captain Carg stood up for him whenever someone would assume that Ponds was behind something. He truly believed that all troopers deserve a second chance, especially Ponds. No past encounters between the two but Carg could just need one day to fully judge a person; and he could tell that Ponds was utmost sincere.

Personality and Traits

Carg in his phase 1 arc trooper armor

Being a sentient being and understanding other's feelings, Captain Carg cared a lot for his own men and women of the war. Even though he despises violence, he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty sometimes. Carg kind of remained the same person throughout the entire galactic war; always feeling empathetic and authoritative. He mostly formed a respectful bond with one of his sergeants named Geo, a guard at the Felucia Republic base. He trusted Geo with all of his might and was able to save his life when Geo got electrocuted by Yorn Nuro's astromech droid. Carg and Boss developed a friendship ever since the Clone War first commenced- having the same common interests such as kill all battle droids, try diplomatic solutions first against living enemies and keep the peace. After a victory on every planet except Felucia, Carg and Boss would go to the hub on Coruscant and play poker and card commander. The ARC trooper captain can be recognizable with brown stubble on his face.


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