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The ACE Crusade was an event that took place for over 20 years. The conflict that started the whole process was the new Sith Order started by the evil Darth Cathrejin. He trained his apprentice, Darth Thesis and after Cathrejins murder, Thesis continued it with his own apprentice Darth Vale. The date of the actual beginning is unknown as is the exact ending. In the end, the Sith were all destroyed and the ACE Jedi were able to continue their Jedi Order. Participants included Austin DeJesus, Elijah Jones, Calvin Gayle, Darth Cathrejin, Darth Thesis and Darth Vale.


The Beginning

As Luke Skywalker's Jedi Order began to fall, three Jedi Masters by the names of Austin DeJesus, Elijah Jones, and Calvin Gayle, began their own Jedi Order. They named it the ACE Jedi Order. (ACE was an acronym standing for Austin, Calvin, and Elijah.) But, far away, on the planet of Vjun, the newly, self-proclaimed, Dark Lord of the Sith was training his new apprentice, Darth Thesis. He had taught Thesis almost everything he knew, but his teachings were brutal.

When the ACE Grandmasters heard of the Sith Lords rising in power, they knew that they had to do something about it. The only problem was that they did not know where the Sith Lords were located. So, they allowed themselves to listen to rumors and took notes on the planets mentioned. They kept the long list of planets with them and the Crusade began.

The First Planets


One of the very first planets that was recorded of the Jedi visiting is Utapau. A couple of men were in a pub and the Jedi "just happened" to overhear what the men were saying.

That Lord Guy, yeah, "hiccup" is on Utapau, Outer Rim or somethin', "hiccup", so I heard "burp"
—A drunk man to his drunk friend

Utapau, before Cathrejin's visit

The Jedi took this down and put it on the list. After the list was completed, the Jedi traveled to Utapau. It was almost completely destroyed. The Jedi agreed that he most likely was here but ordered it destroyed. They were heading for their space cruiser when they were attacked by weird looking droids. The droids were made of an ancient version of Sith Alchemy. But Austin, being a very inventive person, had invented a much cleaner version of alchemy and became the first ever Jedi Alchemist. He used his Jedi Alchemy to summon the scrap metal around him and made three very well put together Jedi Alchemy Droids.

The two types of alchemy dueled each other while the Jedi escaped in their cruiser. They checked Utapau off their list.


The Jedi had also heard from one of their rather attuned apprentices that the Sith Lords had been on Ossus, but he was not sure if they left or not. So, the only way to find out was to go their. So the three Jedi traveled to Ossus and landed near one of the beautiful oceans. The Jedi did not take the time to take in the view. They quickly scouted the region and met back. They all saw nothing at all. So they traveled to the next half of the planet and searched. Calvin came back and told them to follow him. They all went to a place and stopped abruptly. There, where one of the beautiful lakes once stood, lied a huge hole, not of dirt but of nothing. It was just a hole. Elijah knew what the whole was. If you were in the whole, you would forever fall until you died. When you died, your body would be burned while falling. It was made by Sith Alchemy. The Jedi had not found anything except for that hole in the ground. No Sith Lords on the planet Ossus.


Another one of the planets that was recorded by the Grandmasters of them visiting was Corusacant. They learned from Luke Skywalkers old files that Coruscant was the original place that held the Jedi Order and Academy. They placed this planet on their list.

They traveled to Coruscant and landed next to the remnants of the old Jedi Temple. The Jedi felt a strong Force connection there. They entered the old temple and the Force warned then to move. They all dodged to the left as a blaster bullet went their way. They looked at the place where the blast came from and saw a woman with a blaster rifle and aiming at them. The Jedi were quick and activated their lightsabers.

Elijah, being a Force Monk, blasted a huge force wave at the Bounty Hunter and she was hit. She fell to the ground but got right back up. She began shooting with a pistol rapidly but the Jedi deflected the fire. She then threw a thermal detonator at them but Calvin threw it right back. She took it and deactivated it.



That woman, the Bounty Hunter, was determined to kill us. That means that she must have been offered a vast amount of credits. This...Dark Lord, he seems like the kind of man who will kil anyone just to get what he wants. We must be cautious. But in the end, she just gave up. Credits can't get you everything. Remember that apprentices.
Elijah Jones to the ACE Academy

Austin used his lightwhip and began to attack at her legs. She was jumping to dodge all of the attacks but Austin caught her off guard. He force pushed her at the head and she fell backward. The three Jedi went to her and aimed their lightsabers at her. She gave up according to the ACE notes.

There were no further recordings of there being a Dark Lord of the Sith on Coruscant.


Again, the Jedi learned that Luke Skywalker's father, Darth Vader, grew up on Tattooine, from Luke's files. Being that he was a famous, well known, and very powerful Sith Lord, the Jedi thought that perhaps the new Dark Lord of the Sith was interested in that planet and was now there. Therefore, the Jedi traveled to Tattooine.

Upon their arrival, the Jedi met a sentinent being who told them to leave immediately. Elijah, being the most attuned to the Force, used the old Jedi Mind Trick on the being. He agreed and he let them pass as he stalked off.

The Jedi saw that most of the structures had been destroyed and that there were many people cleaning it up. There were also people building a statue that resembled a man. He stood staring down at the ground, with his hands at his hips and his cloak fluttering behind him. It was made entirely of black marble. The Jedi asked one of the builders the structure was of and he replied:

L...l...Lord C...c...Cathrejin, The D...d...Dark Lord of the S...s...Sith."
—A builder of Darth Cathrejin's statue on Tattooine.

The Jedi were not surprised for they had expected it. They then asked if Cathrejin was on Tattooine. The man replied with a definite no.

To make sure, the Jedi swept the planet but found no Dark Lord.


The Jedi had heard from a spreading rumor among the temple that he was in fact on Vjun, "Darth Cathrejin".They also heard that his apprentice was already a fully trained Sith Lord. So the Jedi traveled to Vjun but stopped for about two hours due to acid rainfall. They then searched and found a huge castle, almost like Darth Vader's Bast Castle. They entered it using the Force. They were suddenly attacked by droids.


The planet of Vjun

They fought and destroyed the droids. Then, they searched for Cathrejin. They found him and his new apprentice in a huge throne room. The three Jedi and the two Sith fought but the Jedi were forced to retreat.

End of the Crusade

After years of searching and fighting, the Jedi killed Cathrejin, Darth Thesis (Cathrejin's apprentice) and Darth Vale (Darth Thesis's apprentice after murdering Cathrejin). The Jedi were ablem to continue their lives and fully train their apprentices.

Behind the scenes

  • The ACE Crusade is a brief summary of the entire fanon ACE comic book series.
  • ACE, like said above in the introduction, stands for Austin, Calvin and Elijah.

Darth Cathrejin's castle was inspired by Darth Vader's canon castle, Bast Castle

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