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Teek A-421... why isn't he with his group?
—Trol Peidum

A-421 was a Teek genetically modified by the Empire.


Shortly before the Battle of Endor, the Empire examined the natives for usefulness. The Ewoks were found to be of little use, but, if controlled, the Teeks could at least be excellect servants. They were able to run at amazing speeds and almost drop a Sanyassan.

Along with his fellow tribe, now A-400 to A-500, Teek A-421 was brought to the second Death Star, where they were given many prods, injections, and pills. When the Imperial scientists determined the uselessness of the Teeks, they were all executed except A-421. The clever simian stabbed one of his captors with a vibroscapel, wounding him badly and using the confusion to run, randomly attacking on the way.

One officer asked why Teek A-421 wasn't with his group, and got his answer in the form of a bolt from a stolen blaster rifle, which A-421 easily learned how to use. The Teek found some steroids and stabbed them into his blood, making him stronger and even more insanely violent.

Meanwhile, the Battle of Endor was now raging outside. Teek A-421 eventually resorted to sneaking through vents and stabbing out at random. Finally, he happened upon a superlaser beam control room. The violent creature lunged at a gunner, but the young man ducked, and specimen A-421 soared into the superlaser tunnel just as the beam was fired. The beam disintegrated Teek A-421 without any noticeable side effects.

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