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15, was an ARC trooper in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. He would later abandon military life in favor of mercenary work as a Mandalorian supercommando.


Early life

A-06 was born, like all clones of Jango Fett, on the remote world of Kamino. As with the entirety of Jango Fett's genetic stock, he was created to serve the Republic as a soldier in a new army. As one of the original Alpha-series Advanced Recon Commandos, A-06's behavior was not tampered with, which fostered independent thinking in the clone. A-06 greatly admired Jango Fett, the army's prime clone and the man who instructed the ARCs in the ways of war.

During training, he received the nickname Brax from one of his fellow commandos.

The Clone Wars

Brax was contained in stasis up until the Battle of Kamino, when the entirety of the Alpha-series was activated in defense of their homeworld. Brax served with distinction in the battle, personally leading a squad of clones against battle droids on the outlying landing platforms, allowing the Republic to land reinforcements on the besieged capital, Tipoca City. He was assigned to Jedi General Voolvif Monn, whom he served with for the duration of the war.

A-06 was present at the Battle of Muunilinst early in the war, as part of a massive operation led by General Obi-Wan Kenobi. While fellow commando A-77 led a strike team to destroy a Banking Clan heavy cannon, Brax commanded the Republic's contingent of SPHA-T artillery weapons, choosing targets for long-range bombardment. The ARC fought valiantly, even as the Separatists counterattacked with a contingent of IG lancer droids. Brax led the fight on the ground against Durge's droids until General Kenobi counterattacked with the aid of Lancer Battalion. Following Kenobi's departure for Fordo's position, Brax joined Monn in mopping up the remainder of the droid forces in the Banking Clan's capital.

Following the battle on Muunilinst, Brax was assigned to Captain Fordo's "Muunilinst 10". The team raced to Hypori, to rescue several Jedi Knights from General Grievous. He personally extracted Jedi Knight Aayla Secura from the rafters of the downed Acclamator-class assault ship, before returning to assist his fellow commandos against the Separatist cyborg. During the fighting, he lost an eye to one of the general's blades. While a replacement could easily be acquired through cloning or other medical procedures, A-06 opted for a cybernetic replacement. The haunting red glow would become a trademark of the ARC commando. His valiant performance during the mission was accompanied by a promotion to Captain.


Brax following the Battle of Muunilinst

During the climax of the Clone Wars, Order 66 was issued by High Command. A-06 carried out his orders to the letter, and murdered General Monn in his sleep. Almost instantaneously, he could hear the voice of the Jedi General in his mind, haunting him for his cowardly action and lack of conscience. Deeply perturbed, Brax suffered mental trauma, and was summarily discharged from the newly-Imperialized military.

The Dark Times

Brax wandered for some time, unable to find a place in the galaxy. His hallucinations would worsen as time went on, further damaging his psyche. He would soon find himself on Mandalore, homeworld of the Mandalorians, where he would find comfort in the form of Bardan Jusik. The former Jedi helped the soldier to overcome the late Monn's voice, although much of Brax's mind was too damaged to repair permanently, leaving Brax battling chronic paranoia and schizophrenia. Jusik offered his continued help, but Brax felt the time had come to move on. He adopted Mandalorian armor, painted red to honor the two father figures in his life: Jango Fett and Bardan Jusik.

Brax would soon find himself on Nar Shaddaa, where he set himself up as a gun-for-hire and arms dealer. He met a young Phiht Piroc on the Smuggler's Moon. The two Mandalorians became fast friends, despite Brax's unstable mental condition. Brax passed on ARC techniques to Piroc, which would greatly aid the aspiring bounty hunter.

The Galactic Civil War

The Tieres Affair

A year after the Battle of Yavin, Brax was approached by his old friend Piroc for aid in escaping the wrath of the Empire. The aging clone agreed to supply Piroc with weapons and a starship to escort his young ward, Naelah Tieres, to the Rebellion. Brax agreed to take Moff Tieres' shuttle on a different course to further elude Imperial pursuit. Piroc also requested an unusual weapon from Brax, a lightsaber for his Force-sensitive ward. Brax gifted the lightsaber of Voolvif Monn to Naelah, in hopes that she would be able to defeat Inquisitor Lunais and her dark forces.


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