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A'lia Saske, born Ska'lia'sabosen, was a Force-sensitive Chiss female Jedi. A'lia lived during the Clone Wars, participating in the Athran Liberation Campaign.


Early life (32 BBY - 22 BBY)

A'lia was born 32 BBY on Csilla, the Chiss homeworld. As a child, she was discovered by the Jedi Order and brought to Coruscant. She was gifted in the force, and upon becoming a padawan, trained under Barja Trel. During her time as a padawan, she developed a close friendship with fellow padawan Coran Andayen.

Clone Wars (22 BBY - 19 BBY)

Early in the Clone Wars, A'lia and Coran were sent to investigate a signal intercepted from the planet Athra. Upon reaching the planet, however, the two were abducted by a Separatist warship. Coran was able to send a message for help, and a fleet was sent to investigate, sparking a confrontation above Athra.

During the battle, A'lia was gravely injured and hospitalized aboard the Consular-class cruiser "Homebound", being transported to Coruscant for medical care.

Personality and traits

A'lia was a compassionate and respected Jedi. She preferred a diplomatic solution to almost any problem, and rarely resorted to violence.

Powers and abilities

As a Chiss, A'lia's skill in the Force was limited. Her main strengths lay in telepathy and precognition, referred to as second and third sight by the Chiss, respectively. However, she was also respected in her affinity for healing wounds, being able to channel the force for a variety of skills.

Despite preferring alternatives to combat, she was still adept with a lightsaber, using a silver-hilted lightsaber with an emerald-tinted blade. Much of her saber usage was heavily focused on defensive tactics.

Behind the scenes

A'lia Saske is set to appear in an upcoming fan series, Clone Wars: 426, written by user CT-3672.

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