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The 9000th Legion was a revolutionary Clone Trooper Force that were given Ko Sai's cloning formula to negate aging, they were made in secret on the planet of Improcco in the Coruscant system and were led by Kaminoan head scientist: Luscias Lobnor, as well as his multi-species workforce.

Biological composition

When creating the 9000th Legion, Luscias intended to create a blend of clones having racially positive attributes with the help of Mandalorian DNA and more importantly: the Fett DNA. This was essential in making the 9000th Legion one of the largest forces in history to serve a single man (other than the Grand Army of the Republic to Palpatine) and also making them better trained and physically superior to most other clones including the experienced 501st Legion templates. Included in their design was the strength and durability of a Wookiee and the midi-chlorian count of the Sith pureblood species. As such, this legion was trained to some extent in the Force, so they were better in detecting threats than most other contemporary soldiers and had quick Force-powered reflexes along with their other physical upgrades to avoid near-death experiences. Even the lowest ranking field commanders of the 9000th Legion were intelligent and biologically programmed to have no emotions and obedience to Noah Skywalker and, later, Darth Deus.

Additionally, the members of the 9000th Legion were spread throughout the Grand Army of the Republic and gained experience from not only their training in the harsh, snowy lands of Improcco but also real-time conflict. Over the time, the commanders of the legion proved their worth and became known as the "Muunilinst 10". By the end of the first year of the Clone Wars, the 9000th Legion was reformed, and Noah himself appeared on the battlefield, leading them into the fray against droids and non-Humans of all kinds. Together with the other elite legions like the 501st, the 9000th allowed the elite of the GAR to quickly lead the others in a decisive victory against the Confederacy of Independent Systems' droid armies.


Clone Wars

The best known appearance of 9000th Legion Members prior to their formation was the actions made by the "Muunilinst 10" as they fought against the Confederacy on Muunilinst.

Legacy of darkness

The 9000th Legion took up the brunt of Deus' commands against ex-Imperial dissidents when they led raids on a number of pro-Jedi settlements, like the Jedi located on Caamas and Rhen Var. However, it was revealed that some of the genetic sequences responsible for the positive attributes of the 9000th Legion had been added onto the 501st template, including the negation of aging. Later, the 9000th Legion was revealed to have incorporated Droideka Mark II units into their ranks, along with a small private army of purge troopers and shadowtroopers.

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