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This article relates to the Adventures timeline by DarthJaciuss, Boomdodger, and Thorun Ordo.

The 56th Battalion was a unit of clone troopers led by Jedi General Viera Cacete and Commander CC-1211 during the Clone Wars. Through the war, they were renowned for their effective tactics and high victory rate against the Separatists.


Clone Wars

The 56th first saw action in 22 BBY when they participated in the assault on the Separatist Alliance's droid army on the desert world Geonosis. Following a Republic victory, the 56th Battalion was recalled to Coruscant and placed on standby as Commander CC-1211 was sent to Kamino to participate in the ARC Training Program. He later returned, having adopted the nickname "Dodge," and proceeded to handpick several soldiers in the 56th to provide them with advanced training, turning into the unit's elite backbone: Wraith Squad.

The 56th was eventually assigned to Jedi General Viera Cacete prior to an invasion of Balmorra.

The 56th was known for being an elite clone battalion, which specialized in tracking followers of Count Dooku. This involved the use of Westars, Jetpacks, explosives and lightsabers. The famous Major of the 56th, CT-6987 "Ronin" was famous for using a damaged lightsaber which never turned off.