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New Republic era[1]

Approximate dates in other dating systems

Year 3,657[2] after the Treaty of Coruscant (ATC)

Year 1,004[3] after the Ruusan Reformation

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Galactic Civil War[1]



Important events

The year 4 after the Battle of Yavin (BBY) was a period of time in the galaxy that saw the fall of the Galactic Empire and the establishment of the New Republic, marking the end of the Galactic Civil War between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. The Chosen One fulfilled his destiny, and Ussej Padric Bac, the Shaman of the Whills, told the Whill historian Duseuso the story of Annikin Skywalker. The life of Skywalker went on to be recorded in the Journal of the Whills by Duseuso.


In 19 BBY, the Galactic Republic fell and was replaced by the Galactic Empire; the Jedi Order also collapsed, forcing the surviving Jedi, such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, into hiding from Imperial forces. Eventually, a rebel organization emerged to oppose the Galactic Empire, and the Galactic Civil War broke out. The Battle of Yavin was a major turning point in the war.[1]

The galaxy in 4 ABY

At the end of the Galactic Civil War, the Chosen Oneprophesized to defeat and destroy the Sith—fulfilled his destiny by defeating the Dark Lord. Around the same time, the rebels defeated the Imperial forces, overthrowing the Galactic Empire. In its place, the New Republic was established.[1]

Shortly thereafter, Ussej Padric Bac, the Shaman of the Whills, spoke to Duseuso, a young Whill historian, on Ashlan Four about the life of Annikin Skywalker. It was the Shaman’s request that his recounting of Skywalker’s life be recorded into the Journal of the Whills, an archive of galactic history maintained by the Order of the Whills.[1]


The New Republic was established after the fall of the Empire, and it was decided that it would be led by the President of the New Republic; Mon Mothma served as the second President of the New Republic. These events, as well as the fall of the Empire, the life of Annikin Skywalker, and the Shaman of the Whills speaking to Duseuso, were recorded into the Journal of the Whills.[1]

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Notes and references

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