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The following events happened in 45 BBY.

This year was known as Year 10 before the Great ReSynchronization.


  • Vacre Torbin takes over leadership of The Gurrcats Gang.
  • The Mukhabarat is formed by Justin Rettik.
  • Zarkan City, the capital of the Zarkan Kingdom and Empire, suffers from an oubreak of the "Bloody Coughs", a Bacterial disease affected the lungs. The outbreak affects roughly 100,000 of the city's inhabitants, of which 7,296 die. The epidemic soon spreads across the rest of the Zarkan Kingdom, Aerlandia and the Colonies of the Aerlandian nations.
  • A young Lady Jane Zarkan falls ill with the Bloody Coughs, which affects her for two months. The illness weakens her lungs and she suffers from a chronic post-infection cough for the next 12 years. Despite recovering, however, the deactived Bacteria remain dormant within her.




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