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The following events took place in 40 BBY.

This year was known as Year 5 before the Great ReSynchronization.


  • Darth Desperos travels to Korriban, to retrieve the holocron of Khan Al Bett.
  • Darth Desperos and Darth Maul have a brief duel, and Desperos barley manages to survive.
  • The Gurrcats Gang move from Corellia to Coruscant's Undercity.
  • The prosperous era known as the "Roarin' 40's" ends.
  • The New Earth Republic crisis, a global band of brutal revolutionaries and usurpers called the "New Earth Republic" makes war against the Union of Earth States in an attempt to destroy the Union and replace it with their own global government, after a bloody war the Union triumphs.
  • Concerned at the apparent inaction of the Union in dealing with the NER at the start of their revolution the concerned citizens of the Union make the Plea of the People, a historic document in which the citizens plead with their government to take against the NER.
  • In the dark days of the New Earth Republic crisis the song For the Union and Freedom! is written and published, it quickly becomes a rallying song in the Union, and receives patriotic anthem status, it is widely considered unofficial anthem.




  • On Cularin
    • Nithin Koit
    • Adilet Einar
    • Dion Gunnar
    • Clitus
    • Vasil
    • Riboga The Hutt
    • Ranulph Tumelo
    • Ingvar Norbu
    • Iakob Seydou
    • Vaila Pecivas-Shan
  • Gool Enlorbi in the Belial system

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