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The 31st Nexu Battalion was an elite unit of troops in the Galactic Republic's Grand Army that specialized in assault, infiltration, and reconnaisance. It was a division of the 13th Assault Regiment, a unit within the 606th Legion. Consisting of highly-trained clone troopers and volunteer troopers, the 31st served under the command of the Jedi General Hera Ragose and a volunteer trooper named Ralos Velense, which later becomes the unit's Jedi General due to a series of events. It was deployed to numerous contested planets across the galaxy during the conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, including Felucia, Sajun, and Dremulae. The 31st contained various units, its most acclaimed being Coal Company, being led by Ralos Velense halfway through the Clone Wars.


Battle of JabiimEdit

As war raged on the planet Jabiim between the Republic, the Separatist, and the Jabiimi Nationalists, the 31st was created. Jabiim was the 31st's first battle, being sent there due to the dire situation the Republic was in at the current moment. The 31st were stationed at Cobalt Station, being on the defensive. Separatist and Jabiimi forces pushed forward, causing the loss of many Republic troops. They eventually attacked Cobalt Station, the 31st holding them off the best they can. The 31st eventually had to fall back and were ordered to evacuate, leaving a small number of clones and jedi to handle the Separatist forces.

Battle of CereaEdit

The Battle of Cerea was the second battle the 31st participated in. Upon arriving in orbit, LAATs were launched. Many LAATs were shot down, such as Hera Ragose's, the Jedi General in command of the 31st at the time. Many of the 31st landed in a certain area where a huge firefight was started. Hera Ragose, alongside Ralos Velense, led the 31st as they pushed through a great number of droid forces. The 31st eventually met up with Jedi General Ki-Adi-Mundi and his unit. They proceeded towards a city which was under the control of Separatist.

As they entered the city they were caught in a great battle. The battle lasted for over two hours. The Republic forces were able to push back the Separatist, eventually gaining control of the city. Once the city was gained, Ki-Adi-Mundi and Hera left along with Mundi's unit. Ralos was left in command of the 31st. The 31st tended to civilians caught up in the mess from two hours ago. As they readied to leave, droid forces attacked the city. The 31st were able to successfully defeat the Separatist but were later ordered to remain stationed at the city due to the possibility of more attacks. With a few more attacks every now and then, the 31st survived through the month long Battle of Cerea, which ended with the assassination of Bo-Ro-Tara.

Battle of SajunEdit

During the middle of the Clone Wars, the Confederacy of Independent Systems sent troops to Sajun, where the Galactic Republic's 31st Nexu Battalion was stationed; only 31st troops of Coal Company. Once the Galactic Republic found out about this, they immediately had 31st troops gun ready. General Ralos was reported on Sajun many times during the battle, along with Burner Squad from time to time. The battle lasted for 1 year and 11 months, up until the point that the 31st had it's Wreck Company sent in. Wreck Company charged up into battle against the CIS, distracting them so the 31st could have more time to prepare LAATs for bombing. The 31st continued on with the bombing, known as Operation Crate, successfully taking out two of the CIS' main bases on Sajun. The Republic's cruisers were able to take out most of CIS', so the CIS only sent one more, it falling to the Republic's. With the CIS' ground units with no more air support, no more troops being sent, the 31st were able to push forward and take out their last units and base on Sajun.

Mission to KirrekEdit

During 21 BBY, the 31st's 2nd Push Platoon was sent to Kirrek for reconnaisance. Reports of Separatist sightings called for a scouting mission. The 31st were the nearest at the time so they were called upon for the mission. The 31st decided to send in the 2nd Push Platoon. The platoon was a small one, only consisting of 12 troopers at the time they were assigned the mission. Once landed and moving, the platoon reported nothing to be seen. 18 minutes after landing, the platoon lost communications with Republic forces. After that, they were attacked by hidden battle droids.
31st Push Platoon Picture 5

2nd Push Platoon after being attacked

They quickly fled for cover, two members being killed while doing so. They were able to take out the droids, but lost one other member in the fight. Now fully aware that Separatist forces were on Kirrek, the platoon took the mission more carefully. The platoon continued onward, encountering a few more droids as they progressed. After flanking a platoon of droids, the 2nd Push Platoon found a cliff, showing them the Separatist base from a far. They made their way towards the base, losing one other man as they encountered more droids. After surviving multiple droid encounters, they made a stop, right outside the base. There they made up a plan on how to proceed within the base. CT-4987, was the heavy weapons operator, carrying a Z-6 rotary blaster canon. CT-4987 was placed in front of the group as they pushed into the base, CT-4987 blasting his Z-6 once they entered.
31st Push Platoon Picture 3

2nd Push Platoon attacking the Separatist base.

The others gave him some cover from behind, as well as his sides. By the end of the assault, they have successfully taken the Separatist Base. They soon after found and planted some bombs within the base, later watching it blowup as sun fall came upon the planetside. Communications were then working again, the platoon being able to return to their cruiser, giving their full report on what happened.

Battle of AnsionEdit

In 20 BBY, the planet Asion was invaded by Separatist forces. The Galactic Republic sent the 31st Nexu Battalion to push the droid forces off-world. The 31st's Coal Company took charge during the battle. The 31st's leader, Ralos Velense, participated in the battle, Burner Squad alongside him. While CIS and Republic ships fought in orbit, LAATs were deployed, making their destinations the planet's surface.
31st Jump Squad Picture

Members of Coal Company's Jump Squad

Most LAATs landed near the planet's capital, 31st troops having to be deployed outside the city due to droid forces occupying the inside. Other LAATs went over the city to drop off jet troopers. Burner Squad joined the jet troopers, jumping alongside the 31st's Jump Squad. Troopers that survived the jump landed within the city's streets, having to quickly find cover in buildings.

Ralos and Burner Squad joined up with Jump Squad after the jump, making their way to the city's center. While making their way towards the city's center, they joined up with more troops. When nearing the center, they were met by a large unit of droids. Ralos had two troopers follow him while the rest stayed to hold off the droids. Ralos, alongside CT-5601 and CT-7090, made their way to the city's center, where the city's main building was located. Within the building was the planet's leaders, under the capture of a tactical droid, the droid leading the invasion. Ralos had CT-5601 , snipe the tactical droid, they then continued to enter the building, take out most of the droids, and free the leaders. Republic forces that landed outside the city have now pushed through the droid defenses, entering the city to take out remaining droid units. The 31st that were with Ralos earlier finally met up with him and the other two, helping them secure the area. After the Battle of Ansion, the Republic has troops of the 31st stationed on the planet.

Assault on AldivyEdit

During the Clone Wars, the Galactic Republic proceeded with an assault on the Confederacy of Independent Systems aligned planet Aldivy. The Republic had the 31st Nexu Battalion take part in the assault. CT-2129/14 was in charge of the 31st during the battle since Ralos had gone missing. Coggs along with many other troopers, flew towards the planets surface in LAATs. The Separatist forces held great numbers on Aldivy, the Republic's chances of winning over Aldivy being slim. The LAATs had to pass through a barrage of cannon fire, many being shot down. The LAATs landed in area obtaining only of droid units. Upon landing, 31st units leaked out of the LAATs, attempting to push through droid forces. The 31st slowly pushed through the droid forces. Republic troops eventually reached a Separatist base and attempted to capture it. They successfully captured the base but they did hold the base for long due to droid ships bombing the base. Coggs along with a small number of troops survived the bombing, but had to quickly flee due to droid reinforcements. In orbit, Republic ships suffered heavy casualties. An evacuation was called in, Coggs along with the remaining ground troops being picked up by LAATs. The remaining Republic cruisers were forced to flee, leaving a Separatist victory.

Battle of FeluciaEdit

The Battle of Felucia occurred late in the Clone Wars, part of the Outer Rim Sieges. It was initially a mission assigned to the 182nd Legion of the Grand Army of the Republic to combat the Separatist forces which had taken control of the planet. When contact with the 182nd was lost, the 501st Legion of elite clone troopers was deployed to investigate their disappearance.

After the 501st secured the area, the 327th Star Corps under the command of Jedi Master Aayla Secura and the 606th Legion under the command of Jedi Master Ralos Velense arrived. They began a manhunt for President of the Commerce Guild, Shu Mai, who was believed to be holding Jedi Knight Barriss Offee prisoner. As the 327th searched one side of the planet, the 606th searched the other. Ralos along with clone commander CC-2831, searched for several hours. Ralos was eventually called back to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, the reason unknown, leaving CC-2831 in command of the 606th on Felucia.

Order 66Edit

After returning from the Jedi Temple, Ralos and Burner Squad, now on Coruscant, take an LAAT to the 31st HQ. Once there, Ralos gets a report of a gang causing trouble at a bar not far from where they are at. He decides to go take care of the gang, seeing as there's not much to do. He takes Burner Squad along with him; later on their way back to HQ after dealing with the gang, which is now being sent to prison by 31st troops. The squad's leading trooper gets a call, being told to do Order 66, upon being told he signals the other troopers and they ready their guns and aim at Ralos. As Ralos turns around to ask something, he notices their guns aiming at him and he quickly pulls out his saber, deflecting a shot fired from one of the squad members. He cuts one's gun in half and slices at another member's chest, killing him. Ralos quickly runs off, and is able to steal someone's speeder and head off to base, only to leave in his Jedi Starfighter. After reporting their failure, the 31st were brought down to be a small platoon known as the 31st Nexu Platoon within the new Galactic Empire. The platoon kept only three squads from the old battalion which were Hellfire squad, Onyx Squad, and The Red Demons.

Known Units Within The 31st Nexu BattalionEdit

The 31st obtained three active companies which contained many platoons. Two of these companies possessed three platoons with three squads each, while the other had four platoons and four squads each. The battalion wasn't too large of a battalion. Nearing the end of the Clone Wars, the battalion had up to 11 companies, 57 platoons, and 420 squads. Many units were unnamed or unassigned numbers. The most famous squad within the 31st was Coal Company's Burner Squad, a squad often led by the 31st Nexu Battalion's leader, Ralos Velense.

Coal CompanyEdit

Coal Company was a unit that contained the 31st's most elite troopers. The company was used much, during the Clone Wars. It was best known for it's units, Burner Squad, Hellfire Squad, and Onyx Squad. Burner Squad was the most known since it sought the most action, under the command of the 31st's leader, Ralos Velense. The company contained up to about three platoons, each containing three squads. The company was led by Captain Ralos at first, upon its creation, but was later passed down to Captain Coggs, Ralos taking command of the whole 31st battalion. Coggs later dies and command of the company is taken up by Major Erncas.

- VT/ARC-5321 "Ralos" (Later Jedi General)

- CT-2129/14 "Coggs" (Killed in Action)

- CT-6580 "Chess" (Killed in Action)

- RC-9898 "Ghost"

- CT-6479 "Stakker"

3rd Strike PlatoonEdit

The 3rd Strike Platoon was a unit within Coal Company. The platoon was famous for it's expert pilots. The platoon contained three squads, two of which, flew LAATs. The platoon's LAAT pilots were considered the best of the whole battalion. The platoon was most famous for it's use in the Battle of Sajun, where they were sent in to bomb Separatist bases, an operation known as Operation Crate.

- CT-2929/18 "Loaded"

2nd Push PlatoonEdit

The 2nd Push Platoon was one of the units within Coal Company. The platoon consisted of normal 31st troopers, but the troops wore different armor than from other 31st troopers. Their armor was like a shiny's armor, just white, but they had red fins on their helmets. Higher ranks within the platoon had red stripes on their helmets and chest-plates. One of the platoon's biggest moments was on Kirrek, where they successfully took out a droid base stationed there. The platoon was led by clone lieutenant CL-3039.

- CL-3039 "Bron"

- CT-4987 "Barks"

Check PlatoonEdit

The unit known as Check Platoon was a platoon led by lieutenant Jenla Tei. The platoon was a unit within Coal Company.

- VT-4522 "Jenla"

- Burner Squad

- CL-5327 "Ragnar" (Later ARC-5327)

- CT-5601 "Zipper"

- CT-1021 "Grapler"

- CT-3508 "Zen"

- CT-7860 "John" (Killed in Action)

- CT-7090 "Datus"

- Jump Squad

- Jekker Squad

- VT-5541 "Sheela"

- Lefts' Squad

- CT-7274 "Lefts"

- CT-7031 "Marr" (Later ARC-7031)

Wreck CompanyEdit

Wreck Company was a unit that contained some of the more bulky troops. This company contained a larger amount of units than Coal Company. The company had around 144 troopers. It had up to four platoons each having four squads. Some of the most well known squads were Berserker Squad, The Red Demons, and The Nexu Riders. Those three squads were considered the best of the whole company. The company had vehicles such as A6 Juggernauts, Clone Personel Walkers, and AT-AP Walkers. One of the company's best moments was in the Battle of Felucia where they were the main 31st units pushing back the Separatist's droid forces. The head of the company was Captain Tols.

- Captain "Tols"

- CC-2831 "Keck" (Resigns)

- "Frag"

- The Red Demons

- The Nexu Riders

Intelligence Support CompanyEdit

Created in 21 BBY by an Ex-Reconnaissance and Intelligence 84th member nicknamed "Scar". Scar and a handful of 31st officers formed this company to focus on utilizing guerilla attacks and recon patrol on the enemy so that 31st Nexu Battalion may have an advantage strategically in battle.

- Fireteam Prowler Sigma

- VT/ARC-2023 "Scar"


The 31st had many types of armor, from airborne armor to commando armor.
31st AT-RT

A 31st AT-RT unit.

The 31st mainly wear the colors of red, white and grey. The shoulder, knee, and elbow pads would be red while below that would be grey. Mainly on 31st helmets, the bottom part of the helmet would be red with a little bit of grey in the middle of the helmet and a bit of red on the top, mainly the fin.


The 31st was known to use AT-RT walkers, BARC speeders, Infantry Support Platforms for anti-infantry and recon purposes, and A6 Juggernauts as heavy missile platforms/troop transports.

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