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Rise of the Empire era

Ah yes, the stormtroopers. Now we are their enemy, so kill them if you must. But do not hate them. They are but cloned slaves.
Shahmzar Aonda-Alci to Gir Kagn

The 31st Legion was a legion in the Grand Army of the Republic and later the Stormtrooper Corps.

It was led by senior clone commander CC-1696 "Bryse", often in conjunction with Jedi General Shahmzar Aonda-Alci. General Aonda-Alci's Padawan, Commander Ac'churo Valnuon, also led the 240th Regiment, a division of the 31st, along with clone trooper commander CC-3839 "Mirshe".

Early during the war, elements of the 31st were under the command of General Echuu Shen-Jon. General Shen-Jon used the legion in the Hunt for the Decimator, which ended in the Battle of Krant. Shahmzar and his Padawan occasionally played minor roles in the campaign as well.

A member of the 31st legion in Phase I clone trooper armor

The troopers of the 31st Legion were distinguished by their cyan-trimmed armor. They were among the first in the army to color their armor according to division rather than the ranks of individual troopers.

Behind the scenes

The cyan armor is a fanon retcon of sorts for the team color for Echuu's clone troopers in the Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds campaign.