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3,960 BBY

Old Republic era[1]

Approximate dates in other dating systems

Year 307[2] before the Treaty of Coruscant (BTC)

Year 2,960[3] before the Ruusan Reformation

Facts and statistics

Mandalorian Wars[1]

Important events

The year 3,960 before the Battle of Yavin (BBY) was the final year of the Mandalorian Wars. Ussej Padric Bac was born on Alderaan during that time. Shortly thereafter, both of his parents, Alderaanian Senator Padric Bac II and Alderaanian Princess Talia Antilles, were assassinated. The orphaned Ussej was taken into the Jedi Order by Jedi Master Brarh Kefle following the assassination.[1]


Notes and references

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