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"Sir/ many of them!!!" Republic pilot during the invasion of Corscuant
The 2nd Great Hyperspace war, also known as the Greatest war, and the War to end all wars. Was a conflict that took place a year after the formation of the Eternal Alliance, the mysterious Hierarchy-Empire a empire formed by the dreaded Dreji a race of conquer war-like aliens from the unknown regions , launched a massive and merciless invasion of the known galaxy. The Eternal Alliance, Sith Empire, and Old Republic were all hit when the Dreji launched a series of blitzkrieg style attack on Republic, Alliance and Imperial worlds. They also destroyed Odessen and Zakuul using their motherships super laser cannon, and invaded and terrformed Corscuant renaming it "An'Ya'Na". The war lasted some 2510 years, and ended with the Hierarchy-Empire retreating back into deep space, and the Republic, Sith Empire, and Eternal Alliance severely weakened and crippled.

The war caused the deaths to tens of trillions of people, and deepened the rift between the Jedi and the people they serve. The Eternal Alliance and sith empire eventually collapsed and were absorbed by the Republic, after its reformation into the Galactic Republic.

The Dreji returned during the final days of the clone wars as the Resurgent Dreji Empire it later colonized and used the planet Iokath as its capital. For some odd reason the Galatiac Empire left the Dreji alone, and even made peace relations with the Dreji. Rumors it was done, to prevent another invasion as the Dreji have superior technology.


Grand Plans

The Eternal Alliance had successful put down several revolts and sized Iokath for the Alliance, it was locked in a Cold war with the Republic and Sith Empire. The Dreji a race who self exiled themselves from Khoan to live on massive flotillas combined their forces into one massive force a force to reckon with.

The Current Dreji Queen saw the corruption, the Innocent blood spilled, and consent warfare, as proof of humanity's failure. She wanted to cleanse the galaxy of all corruption and purify worlds (In other words destroying them).

Discovery of the Dreji

File:Jedi sisters by diramurkeheol-d9e04nd.jpg

The Hierarchy-Empire was hidden, for centuries until two twin Jedi sisters accidentally discovered a Dreji mothership, thinking it was an abandon sith space station. They boarded but were attacked by Dreji drones who were on patrol, they held off the drones until warriors appeared, and captured the two jedi. They were brought before all seven Dreji Queen who were all gathered. The Jedi Bal'lm and Sera Nova, the queen learned of the Republic, the war, the Eternal Empire and its reorganization into the Alliance. They then reveled their plans to cleanse the galaxy, Bal'm and Sera surprised the queens by asking to join them, when a young queen asked, it was reveled that Bal'm and Sera were exiled for their extremist views and aggressive pro-warfare ideas, and their efforts to make the Jedi order more in touch with the people. They agreed to lead the Dreji Vanguard forces, which were to move ahead of the main attack force and announce to the galaxy their plans for purging, disguised as a peace offering.

As the Dreji didn't actually have hyper space technology, they used a nearby black hole to jump into the Maw, where Republic, Eternal Alliance, and Imperial Forces gathered, for a peace conference. Bal'lm and Sera where to board the Star Fortress "Sion of Zakuul" and relieve to the Delegates their plans and then launch a surprise attack.

The war

Dreji invasion

"I'm Bal'm Nova formally of the jedi council now a member of the mystics of Dreji, our mother the great Queen Asthtar demands that you surrender or be destroyed. The choice is yours." Bal'lm to the members of the Republic, Eternal Alliance, and Sith Empire
Bal'lm and Sera arrived at the star fortress on board a Dreji Mothership, and was hailed by a Gemni droid, a Dreji known only as the ambassador who was taught Galatiac Basic by Bal'lm , told the droid that he was an ambassador from a distant star system and wanted to speak with representatives of the Republic, Sith, and Eternal Alliance.

Bal'lm, Sera, and the Dreji meet with the Republic, Sith, and Eternal alliance ambassadors, Bal'lm and Sera covered themselves with hoods and pretended to be Dreji Mystics, a group of force sensitive dreji. The meeting was well underway, when Bal'lm stood up and removed her hood and identified herself as Bal'lm Nova, and as she was speaking the Dreji fleet jumped through the Black hole. The sure size of the fleet shocked the Republic, Eternal Alliance, and Imperial forces, and caught them off guard. The Allied forces, were thrown into disarray and confusion. The Eternal Alliance, Republic, and Sith Empire quickly retreated, as some warships crashed into each other

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