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Faster, stronger, better.
―Common 2WD-22 taunt — Gnome-speakernotesListen

Developed in 24 ABY, the 2WD-22 medium defender droid soon became one of the Eniam Army's primary war droids.

They were much larger than their 1WD-series counterparts, and were designed to intimidate invaders. The defender droid's design was based on that of a Drijoken, but scaled up. They had the dimensions of a weightlifter - 2.1 meters tall, 1.2 miters wide (with arms held at sides), and 0.7 meters long at the chest.

The chest was made bulky to give it the impression of strength, strength it certainly had, but thanks to highly efficient internal machinery, the chest space was occupied by a small shield generator. The shield was redirectable; it could be powered equally all around for a small bubble, or could shield one side with a wide energy blanket.

Each 18-centimeter thick arm was equipped with a variable-power blaster cannon on the top side, and a modular grenade launcher underneath. The army usually supplied them with fragmentation grenades, flash-bang grenades, concussion grenades, glop grenades, knock-out gas grenades, or EMP grenades.

2WDs were designed only for combat as grunts, and had limited strategic ability. However, they were quite clever fighting alone or in small groups. They could do front-line combat or patrol fortress corridors. The bulky droids had vocoders, and spoke Driyoin, Kegei, Eniaman, and Basic in a deep, hollow, monotonous voice. However, at first they could comprehend few non-military issues and concepts. Interaction with organics could give them a more colorful and organic personality, including the tendency to taunt their enemies.

Behind the scenesEdit

The sounds are from Unreal Tournament 2004.

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