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The following events took place in 29 BBY


  • Voaltanium mines on the moons of Iohullst close after five years of poor yields.
  • The "Great Recession" period of Earth (44 BBY-29 BBY) finally ends, when the stock market re-stabilises itself.
  • The Zarkan Bay Explosion, a burning cargo ship full of ammunition from the Zarkan Arms Factory explodes in Zarkan Bay, several miles off shore from Zarkan City the capital city of the Zarkan Kingdom, the explosion is so large it blasts out windows along the shoreline of Zarkan City, as well as creating a mini Tsunami which floods a portion of the city, the explosion can be heard as far away as the town of Sanderstown, 50 miles to the east of Zarkan City.
  • In the wake of the Zarkan Bay Explosion, the Parliament of the Zarkan Kingdom passes an act which states that all Ammunition ships must have adequate fire prevention measures, as well as redundant fire control systems to prevent the entire fire suppression system stopping working because of one broken water main.




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