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The following events took place in 22 BBY.

This year was known as 1 BCI (Before Confederate Independence) in the Confederate Calendar, which was devised by the Confederate States of Earth the following year.

The year was also known as RY 978 in the Zarkanian Calendar and GDY 1,978 in the Zarkanian Ducal Calendar.


  • An Expedition to the Via Lactea Galaxy is started
  • Ada Karr is sent to the Jedi Temple to train
  • Fardonar War begins, with making it a "war inside a war" during the Clone Wars
  • Yich goes to Kamino to get his new clone army
  • Imbroglio Summit
  • The task force to protect Tenochtitlan is established
  • Sandyar Marek becomes Anakin Skywalker's apprentice
  • Padmé Skywalker constructs her lightsaber on Ilum.
  • The Catpire takes over Byss
  • Jyuria Song is made a Jedi Knight
  • Platinum squad is founded and later in the year, dissolved
  • Ben Sunrunner(CC-1163) is deployed in the GAR
  • MI5 rescued Sharkey and destroyed Finn Killifer's illegal cloning facility.
  • The Clone Wars begins.
  • The Cytebb is built on Foerost.
  • Republic Civilian War Effort Alliance is formed.
  • Triong Re'e is constructed on Ord Zathuun.
  • Bombing of the Republic Senate building, a lone Separatist sympathiser manages to hide a remotely-detonated Thermal detonator on a Senate building shuttle, the bomb causes large damage to the shuttle arrival area, the bomber hacks into the Senate's communications and anonymously takes credit for the attack, and threatens more bombings until the Republic Senate ends the war and makes peace with the Confederacy, however he is caught by the Jedi whilst trying to rig another bomb but the Jedi are forced to kill him when he refuses to surrender, saying he would rather die as a martyr to the cause of freedom for the Confederacy than have his name and ideologies tarnished by a lengthy prison sentence for terrorism.
  • Diego Navarro's Nationalist faction of the Leasath Civil War finally completes and deploys the airborne fortress Gandr, the prototype of the Gandr-class Aerial Cruiser giving the Nationalists complete aerial dominance.
  • The destructive Leasath Civil War (23 BBY-22 BBY) ends with a victory for the Nationalists, thanks largely to the overwhelming power of the Gandr, following the Nationalist capture of Alendal, Leasath's capital city, during the Battle of Alendal, as a result of the Union of Earth States providing support to the Unionists, Leasath's new Head of State, Diego Navarro accuses the Union of attempting to subvert Leasath's politics and national sovereignty, using the Leasath Freedom Army, a clandestine army of the Union comprised of "volunteers", as definitive proof of the Union meddling in the affairs of Leasath, he declares the withdrawal of Leasath with immediate effect.
  • Leasath joins the Western States Confederation.
  • As a result of the "Leasath Incident" the senators of the Western States Confederation are evicted from the Union Senate as a result of the Western States Expulsion Act, as a result they begin calling for secession, Jane Zarkan begins plans to secede on the first day of the next year.
  • The Gleipnir, the sister ship of the Gandr, is secretly completed and enters covert service, she is hidden as an "emergency contingency" in the event of the destruction of the Gandr.
  • Publication of a pamphlet called Westerners, Arise! by Edmund Harrington, which calls on the citizens of the Western nations of Earth to declare independence from the Union, the pamphlet greatly increases support for secession.
  • Republic lieutenant Orion Calway testifies before the Galactic Senate regarding the Ravage of Drade.
  • Leasath completes the Culebre, a giant railgun which could defend the whole of Leasath, as well as her territorial waters.
  • Zarkan Secession Convention: A convention is held in which the important politicians of the Zarkan Kingdom meet to discuss secession, foreign dignitaries from the Zarkan Kingdom's fellow members of the Western States Confederacy meet to discuss Jane Zarkan's plan to have them to secede following her secession, 9 of them agree to secede immediately after her following their own secession conventions.
  • Construction of Bakkah station
  • Adam Edwin Blackwood, who will become a prominent Confederate composer, composes the Grand Secession March in celebration of the Zarkan Secession Convention, the piece becomes one of the earliest patriotic pieces of the soon to be Confederate States.
  • Inspired by A. E. Blackwood's piece, Michael Yarwood, who will become the most famous Confederate composer and songwriter of all time - receiving the nickname the "Songsmith of the Confederacy" - pens a composition titled the Secession Grand March, dedicated it to Blackwood, this piece is the very first of Yarwood's patriotic Confederate music pieces.
  • The 9 other nations which agreed to join the Zarkan Kingdom in secession hold their own Secession Conventions, the conventions are all successful, the citizens of these nations all vote in favour of secession.
  • Reginald Laramie Peticolas writes a song named the Convention Song, a song dedicated to the Zarkan Secession Convention.
  • Destruction of the Radiant VII
  • The Grand Army of the Republic is founded
  • The 257th Legion is founded
  • Fias Inkari becomes a Jedi Knight and general during the Clone Wars
  • The 142nd Legion is founded
  • The Clone Wars era begins
  • The Mandalorian Legion is founded by Scarn Helisk
  • The 405th Legion is founded
  • The 475th Attack Legion is founded
  • Aejjihl Nujjiol Plaam launches a violent takeover of a rival criminal empire after murdering his bitter rival Yorlirm the Hutt. He has his Trandoshan hitmen burn the rival Hutt crimelord alive.
  • The Great Galactic War begins
  • The 314th Legion is founded
  • Frederick Tetley Glass composes his Independence March and presents it to the Royal Zarkan Army for use in the Zarkan Secession Day march on the first day of 21 BBY.
  • Fourth Fleet is founded and fragmented



  • Iden Versio on Vardos
  • Galen Marek on Kashyyyk
  • Juno Eclipse on Corulag
  • Ames Bunkle on Lothal
  • Dhara Leonis on Uquine
  • Bistan on Iakar
  • Warda Gojun on Saleucami
  • Darth Edel on Coruscant
  • Hurc Chaso on an unknown planet
  • Mary on Kashyyyk
  • Renna Mooncylle on Tatooine
  • Elizabeth Mary Robinson, born in the last month of 22 BBY, by the 2nd century ABY she holds the record as being the final surviving Confederate to have been born prior to the creation of the Confederate States of Earth (d. 104 ABY)
  • RY-173 is built on Geonosis


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