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The following events took place in 21 BBY.

This year was known as Year 15 after the Great ReSynchronization.

Most of this year was known as 1 ACI (After Confederate Independence) in the Confederate Calendar. The signing of the Declaration of Confederate Independence took place on the "3rd of New Year", the third day of the new year, whilst the first two days are referred to as part of 1 BCI (Before Confederate Independence)

The year was also known as RY 979 in the Zarkanian Calendar and GDY 1,979 in the Zarkanian Ducal Calendar.


  • Another Shipment of troops was sent in to reinforce the Galactic Marines, among them was Commander Ayre 080
  • Dooku starts Project G.A.L.A.X.Y., leading to the discovery of the Solar System
  • Formation of Senb'An'Tiin Federation, a new member of the Republic
  • Duvar Enego becomes the Head of State of the Senb'An'Tiin Federation
  • Elecria officially joins the Confederacy of Independent Systems.
  • Tull Strayfiend infiltrates Corusant and kidnaps Ber Wend.
  • 1st of New Year/1st of January, Jane Zarkan I formally announces the secession of the Zarkan Kingdom from the Union of Earth States by reading the Zarkan Kingdom Ordinance of Secession, beginning the First Secessionist Crisis.
  • First Secessionist Crisis: 9 other nation states secede from the Senate of the Union of Earth Senate over the next two days.
  • In the hours between the Kingdom of Westland becoming the 7th nation and Norland the 8th nation to secede, Alexander Martin Yarwood has a unique prototype 7-star variant of his "Stars and Bars" flag design made, the very first "Stars and Bars" flag ever made, he later gifts the flag to Jane Zarkan I
  • First Secessionist Crisis: The first ten nations to secede from the Union of Earth States form the Alliance of Ten, on the 3rd day of the year Jane Zarkan invites them to her castle home, where they found the Confederate States of Earth.
  • Pro-Western secession composer Daniel Stanton Putnam composes the Secession Quickstep.
  • Jane Zarkan designs the "Stainless Banner", the first, unofficial, national flag of the Confederacy, the Alliance of Ten meets under this flag during the meeting which results in the birth of the Confederate States of Earth
  • First Secessionist Crisis: The original ten members of the Confederacy sign the Declaration of Confederate Independence on the same day, 3rd of New Year 1 ACI, officially declaring their independence from the Union of Earth States, the signing of the Declaration of Confederate Independence becomes the starting point for the new Confederate Calendar.
  • As soon as the declaration is made, the Alliance of Ten pens the Constitution of the Confederate States of Earth, the senators and representatives of the 10 members are invited to Zarkan City, new capital of the Confederacy, to decide which of them will sit in the new Provisional Parliament of the Confederate States of Earth.
  • The Confederation Army of the Western States Confederation is reorganised into the Confederate States Army.
  • President Richard Williams makes an address in which he proclaims "I shall not allow this Union and Democracy of the people and for the people to be split in twain."
  • Jane Zarkan makes her Inaugural Address as the Provisional President of the Confederate States of Earth.
  • The Maritime Service of the Confederate States is founded from the naval forces of the 10 new Confederate nations and Union defectors, the Maritime Service will be enlarged and be renamed the Confederate States Navy.
  • Founding of the Confederate States Department of the Navy, which is responsible for the Confederate States Navy, Confederate States Marines and the Confederate Naval Air Service.
  • Founding of the Quartermaster-General's Department of the Confederate States, a branch of the Armed Forces of the Confederate States of Earth concerned with logistics and supply of the Confederate States Army and Navy. The Q/G Dept. runs the Army and Navy stores, as well as the military railways of the Confederate States of Earth.
  • Following the creation of the Confederate States of Earth, Western Railways, the trade name under which the Union of Western Rail Companies operated, is replaced by Confederate National Rail, which is operated by the Confederation of Western Railways. Confederate National Rail is concerned with operating the mainline civilian rail links in the Confederate States of Earth.
  • Formation of the Union of Independent Railways, a sister organisation to the Confederation of Western Railways, which is made up of minor railway companies independent of the Confederation of Western Railways.
  • Founding of the Confederate States Revenue Service by the Confederate States Department of the Treasury, at the time of creation the CSRS consists of 20 ships which defected from the Union States Revenue Service.
  • Separatist scouts discover Earth, a leader of Earth, Jane Zarkan, hosts them as guests, during a special session of the Confederate Parliament the Parliament almost unanimously expresses their support for the Confederacy of Independent Systems.
  • Delegates from the Confederate States of Earth travel to Raxus Secundus to sign the Confederate-Earth Treaty of Alliance, which forges an alliance between the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the CIS-aligned, pro-Separatist Confederate States of Earth.
  • The Republic of Valand declares her neutrality in the brewing conflict between the Confederacy and the Union, yet remains a Union nation in name. Valand signs an alliance with the Confederacy, giving the Confederacy the right to garrison forces with Valand for mutual defence.
  • The Union of Earth States launches an unprovoked invasion of the Republic of Valand, beginning the Border War, outbreak of the Earth Civil War.
  • Fort Frontier Massacre: The "First Bloodshed of the War of Western Independence" - Angry locals of the Valandan border town of Fort Frontier block the passage of the invading Union forces and protest their invasion, at one point a protester throws a stone at the force, who then opens fire on the crowd. 72 men, women, and children are killed.
  • In response to the Fort Frontier Massacre the Senate of the Republic of Valand cuts off all diplomatic relations with the Union of Earth States.
  • Battle of Fort Frontier: In the wake of the Fort Frontier Massacre, the local militia of Fort Frontier, as well as units of 19th Zarkan Kingdom Infantry Regiment, attempt to prevent the Union invasion from advancing, they are overwhelmed, however, and fight a delaying action as they fall back westwards.
  • The Galactic Republic discovers the Sulzen System and established a base on Sulzen IV, angering the native Sulzeni, who begin a rebellion.
  • Battle of Valley City: The Union's invasion of Valand is defeated at the Battle of Valley City, fought in the plains to the east of the city.
  • In response to the Union's invasion the Republic of Valand declares secession from the Union, though doesn't join the Confederacy, Valand remains an independent nation for a week before joining the Confederacy as the 11th state.
  • The day after the Battle of Valley City Alexander Martin Yarwood's 10-star version of his "Stars and Bars" national flag proposal wins the Confederate Vexillographic Institute's First National Flag competition, and is selected to be the official First National Flag, replacing the "Stainless Banner" as the Confederate national flag, the latter flag continues to be used as an unofficial alternate national flag, however.
  • The Confederate victory in the first major battle of the war severely damages Unionist morale, several anti-war songs such as The Battle of Valandia are written.
  • Valand Secession Convention: Within Valley City, the capital of the Republic of Valand, angry citizens of Valand hold a Secession Convention to discuss breaking from the Union entirely and joining the Confederacy.
  • The Valandan Senate opens discussions with the Confederacy to join the Confederacy as the 11th Confederate nation.
  • The First Battle of Hilltown: Following the victory at Valley City, Confederate forces chase the fleeing Union forces back into Union territory, the Union forces attempt to make a stand near the border town of Hilltown, the stand is defeated, Hilltown is held by the Confederacy for a fortnight before the town is reclaimed by the Union in the Second Battle of Hilltown
  • The Battle of Hilltown March is composed, a march composed by Harold Harrow in celebration of the Confederate victory in the First Battle of Hilltown.
  • Eager to reclaim their independence after more than 80 years, and spurred on the Confederate independence, the descendants of former rebels of East Vertania who moved to Vertania create an armed force, naming themselves the "Republican Army of the East" and begin the East Vertania Expedition, marching from Vertania to Veruza, Kalland is able to put down the expedition, however.
  • The Republic and the Union attacks the Confederacy, but is defeated by a combined Confederate-Separatist force, outbreak of the Solar System War.
  • Start of the Second Secessionist Crisis, a flood of secessions from the Union in protest of the First Battle of Earth, the number of Confederate member nations raises from 40 to 59 within four days.
  • Following their defeat, the Galactic Republic withdraws from the Solar System and maintains a listening post on Sulzen IV in the neighbouring Sulzen System to monitor the situation in the Solar System.
  • Duel off Cape Brig - Maritime history is made in an early battle of the Earth Civil War when for the first, and only, time two revenue ships from opposing revenue services engaged each other in a one-on-one naval duel, these ships being the CSRS Observant, a Vigilant-class Revenue Ship under the command of Captain Robert M. Edwardson of the Confederate States Revenue Service and the USRS Pursuer, a Chaser-class Revenue Ship under the command of Captain George N. MacKinley of the Union States Revenue Service, the Pursuer is surrendered and captured, entering service with the Confederate service 5 months later as the CSRS Pursuer
  • Second Secessionist Crisis: Valand joins the Confederacy as the 11th state in the wake of the First Battle of Earth.
  • The largely pro-Union northern part of the Republic of Valand secedes and forms the nation of North Valand, only a year later the Confederacy occupy North Valand, pro-Union North Valandans flee across the border to Union territory, the Confederate-sympathizing majority of the remaining North Valandan population votes to join the Confederate States of Earth as an independent state.
  • Second Secessionist Crisis: The Second Republic of Vertania joins the Confederacy as the 12th state
  • The Union replaces the 60 year old anthem "Long Live the Union!" with "The Union, Forever!", this is done to help grow loyalty and patriotic feelings in the Union.
  • Second Secessionist Crisis: Leasath joins the Confederate States of Earth as its 14th member state, President Jane Zarkan personally assures Head of State Diego Navarro that the entire Confederacy will assist Leasath in rebuilding her infrastructure destroyed during the civil war.
  • Leasath donates their experimental Wraith-class Air Superiority Fighters to the Confederate States Army Air Corps, the Wraith was a highly manoeuvrable fighter with a small target profile, and an experimental Cloaking device which them effectively invisible and untraceable, the Wraiths proved highly successful against Union aerial forces, and had a demoralising effect on Union pilots.
  • A fortnight after the First Battle of Earth, the Separatist leadership decides Earth is ready for membership, and Earth is admitted into the Confederacy of Independent Systems.
  • Campaign of Flames: The Union attempts to destroy Confederate morale by destroying Confederate towns and cities in the Campaign of Flames, battles include the Sacking of New Jackton and the Pyrrhic victory of the Burning of Valley City.
  • Campaign of Flames: The main Union advance is halted by a Confederate victory at the Battle of Feldin's Field, the Union forces being significantly weakened by their costly victory at Valley City, the loss of the spearhead demoralises the other Union advances, which quickly retreat. William Crest is reprimanded for his failure and for fleeing the battle, leaving his army behind.
  • Between condemnation of the unprovoked Republic-Union aggression and of Union war crimes such as the Campaign of Flames and the Burning of Valley City an additional 30 nations secede from the Union of Earth States in the Third Secessionist Crisis, raising the number of Confederate nations to 89, within a year the Union of Earth States has gone from having 110 members to just 21.
  • Great Valand Counter-Offensive: Following Feldin's Field an enraged Confederacy chases the retreating Union forces back into Union territory, a unit of the Army of Valand raids Hilltown, a town in Union territory, during the Hilltown Raid.
  • Composition of Major Benson's Quick March in honour of Major Benson, the commander of the 66th Confederate Volunteer Division, which took heavy damage in defending Valley City during the Burning of Valley City.
  • Invasion of Erusea: The Union invades the Republic of Erusea, Farbanti, the Erusian capital, is bombed by the Union Air Force.
  • Etora Rebellion: In an attempt to open a second front against the Confederacy, the Union conspires with disgruntled natives of the Zarkan colony of Etora to begin a native rebellion, the rebellion has crushed by Michael Ventnor's Army of the West, a force specifically created in order to keep the Western Colonies secure.
  • The Zarkan Kingdom marks the 1,000th anniversary of the St. Athelstan Peasants' Uprising of 1,021 BBY, which was an uprising of Zarkanian peasants against occupation by the Kingdom of Westland that was centred on St. Athelstan County in south-western Zarkania.
  • Liberation of East Vertania, Confederate forces move into East Vertania (North-West Kalland), they are supported by local rebels, the rebels capture the East Vertanian capital of Veruza and declare the birth of the Second Republic of East Vertania, the nation is accepted into the Confederacy as the 60th Confederate state.
  • Composition and publication of The Flag of East Vertania (An Independence Song), a song dedicated to the flag of East Vertania, the song becomes an unofficial anthem of East Vertania.
  • Outbreak of the Leasath-Aurelia War as the Union demand Aurelia invade Leasath. The Alendal and Leasath Campaign begins simultaneously.
  • Alendal and Leasath Campaign: First Battle of the Danern Straits - In the first battle of the war the combined Aurelian-Union fleet is defeated by a Leasath-Confederate fleet in the Danern Straits with help from the Gandr
  • Alendal and Leasath Campaign: First Battle of Griswall Bay - Hot on the heels of the retreating Union naval forces, the Leasath Navy conducts a bombardment of Griswall's port facilities and stationed ships before withdrawing back to Leasath.
  • Alendal and Leasath Campaign: Paratrooper Assault on Alendal - The Union Air Force attempts to drop Paratroopers on Alendal, the capital city of Leasath. Issues prevent the aircraft from locating the drop points, however, and they are shot down by the Leasath Air Force.
  • Alendal and Leasath Campaign: Franks' Advance on Alendal - Anti-Navarro Leasath commander Tobias Franks leads a force of ex-Unionist Leasathian soldiers against Alendal, this advance was expected to coincide with the Paratrooper assault, however, and Franks finds himself outnumbered by Michael Anderson, who cuts off Franks' supply line. Franks retreats back to Aurelia.
  • Confederate sympathisers on Mars launch an insurrection against the Republic of Mars and declare the short-lived Confederate Republic of Mars, despite Confederate-Separatist support, the insurrectionists are defeated and the Confederate Republic of Mars falls.
  • Beginning of the Martian Guerrilla War against the Union forces, which which last for another 2 years.
  • The Mission to the Kriosk Nebula
  • Beginning of the First Earth Civil War between the Union of Earth States and Confederate States of Earth.
  • First reorganization of the Fourth Fleet




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