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—The Daleks, following their contact with a CIS fleet at Mustafar

20 BBY Dalek Invasion was a devastating attack on the Galaxy from a race of warlike cybernetic beings from another universe known as the Daleks. Following the carnage of the Clone Wars this race took advantage of the chaos and were able to successfully conquer the galaxy within 2 weeks of their arrival. Over their 20-year sojourn as Masters of the Galaxy, the Daleks suppressed the population by any means necessary, whilst forcing them to work as slave labour in their mines and factories. It was only through the dedication of an underground resistance movement that sacrificed many of their number, that the Dalek Invasion Force was finally defeated after their Command Station at Yavin was destroyed.

The AttackEdit

Prior to the Dalek Invasion the Galactic Republic had been at war with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, in a series of conflicts known as the 'Clone Wars' that engulfed the entire galaxy, since 22 bby. This war was later revealed to be the result of the interference from Dalek duplicates within the governments of both parties, intentionally bringing diplomatic relations to breaking point.

In 20 bby, shortly following an unconnected attack on the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, a CIS freighter participating in a trade agreement with a neutral world reported an unidentified dimensional anomaly in orbit of the uninhabited planet 2008-Zeg/14. Following this, the CIS freighter sent out a final distress signal reporting a vast war fleet of 10 million ships emerging from the anomaly. This was the Daleks, who had forced a gateway from their own universe.

Initially little notice was made, as the signal was heavily corrupted by the time it reached the nearest tracking station. There was little activity in the first few days as the Dalek invasion force assembled to a mighty 100 million ships, each with a compliment of 500, 000 Daleks. Approximately 4 Days, 19 hours 26 minutes after the freighter's distress signal had been first received, the planet Mustafar reported contact with the fleet, before all transmissions from the planet ceased. The CIS fleet tasked with investigating it reported that the planet had been destroyed before all contact with that was lost. Immediately after, the Daleks broadcast the following words across all wavelengths with a transmitter of the intensity to immediately reach all sectors of the Galaxy:


This obviously caused alarm and following loss of contact with Utapau, Dagobah and Eridau, the CIS opened emergency negotiations with the Republic in order to form an anti-Dalek coalition. Initially the Republic were reluctant as it was CIS space that was being attacked, but as the negotiations wore on, the Dalek fleet panned out and, thanks to their inexplicably powerful interstellar drives and unprecedented military capabilities, within 2 days almost every planet in the entire Outer Rim was either under Dalek control or had been subject to the Daleks' orbital incinerator beams, immediately wiping them clean of life.

Realizing the severity of the situation, the Republic hastily agreed to the CIS terms, and assembled an emergency conference in the Yavin system, one of the only places in the vicinity clear of Dalek control. It was here that the extent of Dalek government infiltration was revealed as 2 of the delegates revealed themselves as duplicates and, using superior Dalek weaponry, massacred every single person present at the conference before they were gunned down by Clone Troopers. With all people in authority dead, those lower in the chain of command were quickly promoted and following the first Dalek incursion into the Mid Rim at Onderon, a strategy had been hastily prepared, as joint CIS-Republic fleets engaged Dalek ships in orbit (ground combat was hopeless as the Daleks had aerial capabilities and therefore complete air support). However, these space battles were hopelessly one-sided with a 0% survival rate for crews on these tragically nicknamed 'Death Fleets'.

As the Daleks conquered more and more worlds, more and more people were evacuated to the more heavily fortified Inner Core regions, but as these too began to fall like dominoes, a last ditch effort of 15, 000 capital ships was assembled in Coruscant orbit, to defend the last free planet in the Galaxy. However, Dalek infiltration showed itself again as it transpired that the captains of each ship had been replaced with more sophisticated, undetectable duplicates who successfully made the crews of each ship believed the other was manned by more Dalek duplicates, turning them all on each other and destroying the fleet before the Dalek forces even arrived. By this point morale on Coruscant was already broken and there was little resistance as the Dalek Attack was completed.

The OccupationEdit

Planets conquered whilst the Daleks were still fighting the Republic/CIS coalition had no rest following the Daleks' arrival. Their citizens were rounded up and placed in 'work units' to construct makeshift accommodation from the rubble (under Dalek supervision) before industrial materials from the Daleks' empire in their own universe could arrive. Anyone who resisted even slightly faced immediate extermination. This, coupled with the mass famine due to lack of food supplies, led to the death of millions in the first few days.

Following the fall of Coruscant the Daleks began to ship industrial and construction materials from their own universe along with the excess populations of conquered planets from that universe. The galaxy was set to work rebuilding what they had lost but in the Daleks' image. Vast factories and industrial complexes sprung from the ground, permanent tenements that vaguely resembled a 'home' were built, cramming thousands of people into one structure. Recognizing their workforce's need for food, vast agricultural structures were built, some spanning whole planets. However, the most infamous staple of the Dalek Occupation were the mines. The Daleks built their ships, and factories and buildings and even more Daleks from a set of composite materials that could be made from almost any mineral. Vast mines and quarries were built right across the galaxy, drilling enough ores and minerals to fill a million freighters every day.

The Daleks had no caring for their workforce other than ensuring their existence. The food the Daleks gave to their slaves was adequate at best, with all the nutrients needed to sustain life but nothing else. The working conditions were dire, with no restrictions and hundreds of thousands dying at any one mine every day. But the galaxy's population was so large that the Daleks didn't miss them. And so they did nothing. The tenements were crampt, uncomfortable and rife with disease but again, there were so many workers that the loss of a few billion was nothing compared to the remaining workers left.

Of course, any resistance was destroyed, immediately. The Daleks had eyes and ears everywhere, always on the lookout for the slightest dissidence. Every citizen had their name, voice, iris fingerprint and general appearance recorded so each one could always be recognized. Whilst there were initially enough Daleks to keep order alone, as they went off to conquer yet more galaxies and yet more universes, galactic citizens of a certain intelligence level were taken to Dalek bases and 'robotized', to become brainless law-enforcers of the Daleks. These 'Robomen' had no independent thought, slaved to Dalek battle computers and kept everyone else in line. Armed with an assortment of weapons from laser beams to simple whips, they kept order well.

This engine of misery had one simple objective: fueling the Daleks war machine. The galaxy was treated by the Daleks as little more than a simple factory to churn out more ships, more weapons, more Daleks in order to conquer the rest of this universe, the rest of their own and ultimately the entire rest of the Multiverse. And they left their mark. The brutal methods previously described led to many events that left the Galaxy scarred for millennia even after the occupation

  • The Total Destruction of the Jedi Order: though their Temple was destroyed during the Dalek Invasion and many of their number had died during the initial attack, the Jedi continued for many years underground in secret, using the force to help others in small pockets of resistance. However, as the Daleks became more and more effective in detecting force sensitivity, more and more Jedi were exterminated until finally a survey conducted 13 years after the occupation began concluded that all force-sensitive beings had been exterminated and no more existed, although rumors of a single Twi'Lek Jedi hiding on level 1 of Coruscant still surviving plagued the galaxy, but no conclusive evidence was found.
  • The Incineration of Naboo: the famously peaceful peoples of Naboo were intriguingly the only ones to make a stand en masse against the Daleks. There was organized resistance for the few months following the invasion and after the Daleks concluded that the planet had no strategic importance, they incinerated the surface and killed every being existing on it.
  • The Cyber-Incursions of 5bby: shortly prior to the Daleks' infamous Project 13 began, a race of beings from the Daleks' own universe emerged, known as Cybermen. These cybernetic organisms were humanoid but shared some characteristics with Daleks, but their sole objective was the conversion of all other races into their kind. Initially seen as an ally of the fledgling Resistance movement, the Cybermen's ships launched a number of small raids against Dalek vessels in conjunction with the rebels, before it became clear that they had plans just as ruthless and inconsiderate of the Galaxy's welfare as the Daleks did. The Cybermen were ultimately repelled and the few of their number that remained joined the Resistance.
  • The Reprogramming Spree: Immediatly after the invasion the Daleks rounded up most of the droids in the galaxy and reprogrammed them as sleeper agents, with their original personalities dominant but with secret surveillance software and an emergancy Dalek AI. This led to many small resistance movements being stopped.

The End of the OccupationEdit

Thanks to the Daleks' security measures there was very little resistance throughout most of the occupation. The few movements that did form within the first 15 years were mostly eliminated very early by duplicates or droid sleeper agents. A notable exception was the Sword of the Jedi organization, which was formed in 16bby and survived for 4 years, attacking Dalek bases on Coruscant and employing some of the last surviving Jedi. With a sound knowledge of Dalek works they managed to evade discovery for 4 years before they took an Astromech droid, R2-D2, into their ranks, who transpired to be a Dalek sleeper agent and thus every single member was identified and killed.

However, the first interplanetary resistance movement, simply known as 'The Resistance', was founded in 6 bby on the planet Geonosis. By this point the Daleks has mostly left the Galaxy and those who remained had developed a slight incompetence, with security becoming more lax as more people became too disheartened to even consider fighting back. The Resistance exploited this incompetance and were able to destroy many Dalek bases around Geonosis, gaining the resources they needed to hack the Dalek Command Net and find what they were up to. Having commandeered a Dalek ship they flew across the galaxy, inspiring more people on more planets to take a stand. The Resistance became more and more organized to a point at which the Daleks began to noticeme and worry. But fate fell in the Resistance's favour, as it was at that point that the Cyber-Incursions began, diverting Dalek resources to other areas and damaging their infrastructure.

Now the Resistance made their move, commandeering a small fleet of ships and engaging in a, finally, balanced war with the Daleks. With most of their capital ships fighting far away, the Daleks did not so hopelessly outclass these rebels as they did the Republic and CIS all those years ago. As much as they tried to supress rebellion, more would always spring up somewhere else. Even when their founding group died attacking a data store on Bothuwai, the Resistance didn't falter. But, they were still a minority. A few thousand people against a few million Daleks. The majority of the galaxy were still disheartened. But then, that disheartening turned to anger, as the Resistance found a crucial piece of information that changed the tide of the conflict: Project 13.

The Daleks were fighting a war across the timelines in their own universe, a devastating war that was stretching even their numbers. And so, they had slowly stopped the Robotisation program. Instead, they had started to take people of sufficient intelligence into the Dalek factories and turn them into Daleks. But these plans had advanced, and now the Daleks intended to expand this program to all galactic citizens, as planets started to run out of natural resources. They would turn the galaxy into a new Dalek army to be used as cannon fodder: to be sacrificed for the Dalek cause. And as soon as the Resistance found evidence of this monstrous scheme at a secure Data vault beneath Coruscant in 3bby, they released it to the public through every means. Hacking news outlets, dropping letters from the sky, telling every single person in the galaxy that the Daleks were going to turn them into their worst enemies.

And no-one could stand that. Suddenly, there were riots on every single settlement on every single planet in every single solar system. For once, the whole galaxy was truly unified in fighting a greater foe: the Daleks. Resistance membership soared. Soon there were millions of people fighting the millions of Daleks. The odds were finally even. With their war raging back home the Daleks here had no reinforcements to call on, no backup...

So they started incinerating the planets. 80% of the Galactic Population were wiped out in a week as the Daleks smashed across space, killing all they could find. But they were desperate now. The Daleks were being pulled back to their own universe and soon it was they who numbered in the thousands. There was only one thing for the Resistance to do. As the Daleks retreated to their base in the Yavin system, the Resistance attacked with a fleet of 1000 modified and enhanced commandeered Dalek ships. In the Battle of Yavin thousands died on both sides as the Resistance tried to destroy the Daleks' armored war station. And they did. Despite huge casualties, the hull was breached and a single photon torpedo set off a chain reaction which, finally, ended the Dalek Occupation.

But there was no true victory. The once vast population of the galaxy now numbered in a few million, with almost all the planets now barren, irradiated deserts. There were no resources left, there was no infrastructure, no purpose, nothing at all. In the first 15 years following the end of the Occupation the survivors have resided on the 4th moon of Yavin, which has retained its hospitable climate. They have attempted to make contact with any other surviving planets but there aren't any responses yet. With all supplies running out, maybe the only fate for these survivors is their extermination.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Daleks are a fictional race from the Science-Fiction program Doctor Who. This invasion is an alternate timeline of the regular Star Wars universe following Dalek interference in Multiversal Physics.

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