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The following events took place in 18 BBY.

This year was known as Year 17 after the Great Resyncronization.


  • Valin Kar and Elise Kar are murdered by Republic agents.
  • Imperial Stormtroopers receive new armor.
  • Jedi Knight Nathaniel Kenobi and Jedi younglings Ada Fey'lya and Udo Rand manage to get to the planet Kamino
  • The Eye of Palpatine comes to Belsavis and Callista Ming and her lover Geith stop it
  • Nathaniel Kenobi finds a fabled lightsaber crystal and uses a shard of it to construct a ring and proposes to Abigaile Jade.
  • Abigaile Jade and Nathaniel Kenobi marry on Kamino
  • Clone scouts find Novus Kamino Prime in the Outer Rim
  • Darth Tyler announces the creation of the Galactic Droid Empire.
  • Critanal Asle, Tolbak, and Jesi Farne found the Avenging Horde.
  • Darth Vader finds the planet of Annebulla, establishes factories on it, and founds Annebulla City.
  • The Liberators invade the Paryu system in the Unknown Region.
  • The Law Offices of Kloos-Hunter & Naylimh begin to take cases from clients injured by the L337 Model BFG blaster rifle's recoil.
  • The first anniversery of Empire Day occurs.
  • The Imperial Novatroopers were formed.
  • Imperial Deathtroopers are formed.
  • Berch Teller defects from the Imperial Millitary after hearing about Tarkin's involvement in the Antar Atrocity.
  • Jan Dodonna defects from the Galactic Empire, and joins the Rebellion
  • Jan Dodonna forms Massassi Group on Yavin 4.
  • Ephraim and Mira Bridger begin speaking out against the Empire by making rebellious broadcasts on their home planet of Lothal.
  • A select few of the Clone Marshall's are trialled successfully with a drug that slows their aging to that of normal humans, these included Bacara and Neyo.
  • Independent miners settle SI84-F Asteroids.
  • CC-2323 betrays the Empire.
  • Ahsoka Tano joins the Rebel Network and becomes a leader of the Rebel Network along with Bail Organa.
  • Ahsoka Tano becomes an Fulcrum Agent.
  • Bombardment of Sulzen IV, the Imperial Navy bombards the Confederate-held Sulzen IV listening post from orbit, killing all Confederate forces present.
  • Maximillian Veers is promoted to the rank of General in the Imperial Millitary.
  • The Galactic Empire invades Earth, the Imperial invasion force is led by Moff Octavian Grant.
  • In response to the Imperial invasion the Confederate States of Earth and the Union of Earth States forge an alliance in order to deal with their common enemy.
  • In accordance with the alliance the Confederacy withdraws the Army of Occupation from Union territory.
  • Mere weeks after the forming of the Confederate-Union Alliance the Empire swiftly defeats the Union of Earth States, the U.E.S is reorganized into an Imperial puppet state, the Earth Empire under Governor William Crest, the alliance is annulled and the Confederate forces within former Union territory withdraw to Confederate territory.
  • Battle of Castle Culebre, Imperial forces attempt to take control of the Culebre, a giant Railgun built and operated by Leasath, which is found within the ruins of Castle Culebre, after a long battle, which results in many Imperial casualties, the Culebre is destroyed by her own crew to prevent her capture.
  • Following the South Sea Campaign the Empire of Leasath-Aurelia is defeated and dissolved, Leasath and Aurelia returning to separate nations under Imperial rule.
  • The President of the Confederacy Jane Zarkan is killed aboard her flagship, after several months of fighting provisional President Ahsoka Tano is killed during the Battle of Zarkan City, the Confederacy finally surrenders and is absorbed into the Earth Empire, the Empire demands all Confederate and Union military units disband. Ahsoka is buried with honour in the Confederate National Cemetery.
  • Outbreak of the Tano Riot in Zarkan City - William Crest has Ahsoka's body dug up, he has it paraded through the streets of Zarkan City and broadcasts himself abusing it, the anger and revulsion of the citizenry at the disrespect being shown to their former president causes them to begin a large-scale riot, Crest is forced to flee the city, abandoning Ahsoka's body to the crowd, who rebury her with the highest honour.
  • Many Confederate and Union military units refuse the disbandment order and form anti-Imperial rebel groups such as the Force for the Restoration of Separatist Earth.
  • As a spectacular early example of resistance to the tyranny of the Earth Empire, a patriotic marching band of the former Confederate States Army plays The Bonny White Flag, the most popular national anthem of the former Confederate States of Earth, over Earth, Arise!, anthem of the Earth Empire, during the Imperial Victory Gala incident when told to play "the national anthem", as a result the band members are executed for treason, causing outrage amongst the peoples of the former Confederacy, the band members are later posthumously recognized by the restored Confederate government for resisting tyranny and sacrificing themselves in the name of the spirit of freedom.
  • Malerk is resurrected and vows to kill Darth Sidious
  • TaxCom is founded on Vianden.
  • End of the First Earth Civil War.


  • Duel in The Works
  • Third Battle of Earth
  • Jedi Purge
  • Lothal Insurgency
  • Antar Atrocity
  • Western Reaches Pacificication Operations
  • Malpaz Disaster
  • Ryloth Insurgency
  • Lessu Uprising
  • Capture of the Graf parents
  • Partisans Campaign
  • Raada Uprising
  • Battle of Zalorlis
  • Early Rebellion Insurgency
  • Battle of Kashyyyk
  • Kashyyyk Insurgency
  • Occupation of Naboo
  • Salient Campaign



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