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A member of the 15th Corps in standard Phase II armor.

The 15th Defense Corps was a division of the Grand Army of the Republic. They specialized in holding important Republic-controlled worlds, in very diverse environments.

Divisions of the Corps usually named themselves after either their specialty, such as the 233rd Line Regiment, or Mando'a words, like the 36th Kom'rk Legion.


A pilot of a group assimilated into the Defense Corps.

Over time, the 15th Corps crumbled, and took an especially hard blow in the Battle of Leziquk, in which they lost almost 1.5 legions. When the Separatists attempted to take Kashyyyk, the 41st Elite Legion was chosen because they were more intact and could cooperate well with native species.

The 15th Corps was part of the 5th Systems Army. Notable divisions included the 36th Kom'rk Legion and the 38th Werda Legion.

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