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Old Republic era
13,000 BBY

Old Republic era[1]

Approximate dates in other dating systems

Year 9,347[2] before the Treaty of Coruscant (BTC)

Year 12,000[3] before the Ruusan Reformation

Facts and statistics

Alsakan Crisis[1]


Relana Isolde Tanoor[1]

Important events

Battle of Coruscant[1]

The year 13,000 before the Battle of Yavin (BBY) was a span of time during the Alsakan Crisis. Due to their religious philosophies, namely restoring nature to industrialized worlds, the Alsakan Union invaded and took control of Coruscant, sparking the war between the Alsakans and the Galactic Republic. The war lasted for one year before ending at the Battle of Alsakan in 12,999 BBY.[1]


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