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Mace Windu: “You are being placed in command of the 115th Battalion, Jeff'ia. Effective immediately by the order of the High Council.
Jeff'ia Nakamura: “M-me?. In command of a clone battalion?. Thank you, Master.
―Mace Windu and Jeff'ia Nakamura during a conversation just after the Battle of Geonosis.

The 115th Battalion was a clone battalion within the Grand Army of the Republic. It was led by Jedi General Jeff'ia Nakamura, Clone Commander CC-1115 "Slayer" and Clone Captain CT-2021 "Rocket" The 115th Battalion was an elite battalion that was well known for doing frontline assaults and succeeding in destroying and taking out droid strongholds.  


115th Battalion clone trooper

115th Clone sergeant Naka

The 115th Battalion was one of the first battalions of clones to see combat in the first few battles of the Clone Wars. They were well known for the black stripes on their armor. Most clones within the 115th were equipped with DC-15S carbines while some of them used DC-15As for long range firefights. Various clones within the 115th Battalion had jetpacks on their backs during combat to be able to reach high places for long range support or recon. Due to the 115th Battalion's actions of charging in against defended droid strongholds had gotten Slayer to make the battalion's motto "The 115th is first blood" meaning that they would either became the first to die in combat or them having the first kills on the battlefield. Also was well known among the clone army as The 115 Clones due to them being the second best clone battalion under the 212th Attack Battalion, respectfully.



Battle of Geonosis

All I could remember of our first battle was the sun light that shined down on us. The droids overwhelmed our forces. Those bugs, the Geonosians, assisted the droids when Ghost Squad was tasked to get in behind enemy lines to try and thin them out. Many of our number were killed that day. It was a day that I wasn't going to forget. The day of our first major victory.
—Clone Commander CC-1115 "Slayer" during the first battle of the Clone Wars, the Battle of Geonosis

The first battle of the Clone Wars, other wise known as Battle of Geonosis was the first major victory for the Grand Army of the Republic after the Jedi Knights Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi had chased down the Sith Lord Count Dooku to a hanger way far from the battle when the Droid Army retreated. Ghost Squad, a squad of the 115th Battalion, was tasked to get in behind enemy lines to try and thin out the droids from behind but failed when Geonosians had overwhelmed them with the droids.

After the droid army had retreated, the Clone Army searched for any surviving droid forces in the area and searched the entire wreakage of the droid coreship, that was taken down by clone SPHA walkers, and the surrounding area's before the clone army dispatched and left the planet's surface.

Battle of Tatooine

115th Battalion clone captain

115th Clone captain Rocket

After landing on Tatooine, it was hot, very hot. It reminded me of Geonosis, the sun shining down on us. The sand kept getting everywhere, it was annoying when we fought the droids in the Mos Eisley spaceport. Good thing most of its people were clear of the firefights. Other wise we would have been stuck there, cleaning up bodies afterwards.
—Clone Commander CC-1115 "Slayer" during the Battle of Tatootine in Mos Eisley
Battle of Mos Eisley

After 2 years of the start of the Clone Wars, the 115th Battalion wore phase II armor with their recognizable, distinguished black armor stripes. There was a droid army invasion, led by Darth Angel, which was intended to take control of the Hutt Clan by force and use the Hutt trade routes. Republic Intelligence found out of the invasion moments after droids were able to land and took out any Hutt forces which the 115th Battalion was deployed to remove the droids and attempt to restore order to Tatooine in hopes to get the assistance of the Hutt Clan to use their trade routes and hyperspace lanes.

Clone commander Slayer was the leading officer of the frontline assault on the droid-controlled Mos Eisley which resulted most of its forward and first unit being killed but they eventually broke through the defences and gained a foothold in Mos Eisley and established a stronghold in the east side. AT-TEs were later delivered and deployed in the area to assist the troopers while LAATs brought in more 115th troopers as well as supplies. Clone 170s assisted in the on-going space battle above Tatooine between the Republic Navy and Confederate Navy. Later the 115th Battalion forces move into the area's of Mos Eisley that weren't searched and destroyed any droid found.

Later after searching and reaching the center of Mos Eisley, Vulture droids attacked from above, weakening the strength of the few 70 clones that were advancing. After being caught off guard by the droid ambush, Rocket and his troops went for cover while most of the 70 clones were killed with only 20 clones while 21 were wounded and carried to a safe and clear position while droids approached them and attacked them, greatly decreasing the chances of them advancing and completing their objective. Clone captain Rocket later coordinated a counter attack on the droids, having 3 clones go around the droids, both sides, and attempt to take and thin out the droids from behind for the others to advance forward which the plan was a success, the six clones succeed in taking out the droids and had secured a further checkpoint for Captain Rocket and his men, including the wounded, and requested more troops and medics to treat the ones who were injured.

After the clone reinforcements had arrived at the holding point of Captain Rocket's position, the reinforcements continued on with Rocket while some of them stayed back with medics. Rocket and his men advanced further into droid territory, not knowing what will come up, they kept their weapons at the ready. Captain Rocket sent out scouts ahead to report any droid activity and the scouts only reported the location of the main droid stronghold, a complex of three landing zones altogether, which was being used as the droids landing zone for additional droids and vehicles. Rocket and his men then went on to procced to the stronghold and observed the droids from above, Rocket then reported to Slayer about the appearance of Sith Assassin, Darth Angel, who was responsible for the killings of most clones within the Republic and was told to take him out which Rocket and his men failed after trying the first shot when Angel's DAX-A115 droid bodyguards had detected them and went to destroy the clones but were counter attacked after an unknown dark hooded figure had destroyed the droids, allowing the clones to advance, and went to attack Angel directly which he then retreated and abandoned the droids he had command over. The clones tried to look for the figure who had attacked Angel but was never found while Slayer himself arrived with additional troops, finishing off any droids that were left behind.

115th Battalion clone commander

115th Clone Commander "Slayer"

Battle of the Dune Sea

After the 115th Battalion had secured Mos Eisley, Commander Slayer took half portion of his battalion to assist the 212th Attack Battalion to destroying a DA-class Star Cruiser, a warship that secretly served as a capital ship for Darth Angel's Dark Angels of Corellia, and when they approached and looked upon the ship, Slayer and his men were shocked to see such a warship, the large amount of guns that were placed onto it made an unstoppable force. The droids then deployed units to the surface not far from its current position as AT-TEs locked their mass drivers onto the ship and started firing on it to try and weaken its power so the LAATs could fly in one of its 6 many hanger bays for the 115th and 212th troopers could sabotage it from the inside. Slayer chose 20 clones, including himself, to enter the ship whenever the LAATs deliver the troops in it to destroy it from the inside and got them equipped with heavy weapons and charges as Commander Cody did the same with his troops with the AT-TEs continuing their fire on the DA Cruisers as the mass drivers penetrated right through the shields of the cruisers, damaging it severely and weakening the laser cannons as LAATs, full of 115th and 212th clones, made their move to fly in and drop the troopers off in the hanger bays and allow them to complete their given tasks while the deployed droid forces started to attack the AT-TEs as Captain Rocket and his men protected them with the walkers either retreating or fighting back at the droids. Slayer and his men were successfully dropped inside of the cruiser and went off to do what they needed to do, looking for the engine room, command bridge and weapons control to set charges within those stations to have the charges explode when their timers go off. The 212th clones searched through the ship and had made their way to both the engine room and weapons control while the 115th clones got to the command bridge, taking out every droid within it, and taking control of its movement. The 212th set their charges and had notified the 115th clones who also set their charges, surprising no security droids nor droid resistance was met anywhere, but the command bridge and weapons control, on the cruiser as a 115th clone trooper reported to find a large amount of barrels in the cruiser's shield generator room which was then activated and the warship had exploded from the inside and was destroyed but resulted in the loss of Commander Slayer. The clones on the surface saw the ship explode and thought that they failed but instead it was a trap that was set by one of the Dark Angels. Later Captain Rocket was promoted to Commander and led the 115th Battalion from there.

Battle for Rhen Var

After losing Slayer, most of us thought that they were going to assign us a new commander, but they didn't. They made me commander of the 115th Battalion after Slayer's death, and everyone looked up to me and as their new commander, I couldn't let them down. After wards Intelligence told us that they found out a droid outpost on the world of Rhen Var. When we charged up to that citadel, every thought that I had for the future were just blown away, that was the day that I thought I was going to get killed by those clankers. The cold really got to us, blowing in our helmets, blocked in our vision but that didn't stop us from fighting on. We fought not just for the Republic, but for Commander Slayer...
—Clone Captain CT-2021 "Rocket" during the Citadal charge on Rhen Var
Space battle over Rhen Var

After Tatooine, the 115th Battalion were called to the world of Rhen Var where Republic Intelligence located a droid factory on the surface. A Republic fleet of three Venator-class attack cruisers had entered the orbit of Rhen Var were met with a Confederate fleet of 5 C.I.S. frigates around another DA-class Star Cruiser, the Enforcement of Terror, which started firing after spotting the Venators with them firing back as 170s launched out of the hanger bays and DAX-V115 droid starfighters launched as well. With the two battling fleets above the planet, Commander Rocket suggested that they send in five LAATs into the hanger bay of the DA Cruiser for a ship boarding party and, like Tatooine, try to destroy it from the inside of the ship's systems. Many of the officers disagreed and asked Rocket if he remembered what happened to Slayer the last time that they tried to board one of those ships but, eventually, they agreed to what Rocket had in mind. Preparing troopers for the assault, many of them thought what Rocket was doing wasn't what Slayer would do after losing a lot of troopers in the same class of warship when it exploded and turned out to be a trap and getting the LAATs ready as 170s were ordered to perform bombing runs on the cruiser but were being taken out due to the massive amount of laser cannon batteries mounted on top of the warship as its quad and duel turbolaser batteries were tearing through the shields of the Venator shields which Rocket then thought of something else instead of having troops entering the inside of it. Rocket again suggested that they should empty out the Supremacy and have it ram into the DA cruiser while the other two Venators would handle the frigates afterwards. The Supremacy was then ordered to clear out its personnel and supplies from it to the other Venator when they went for a safe distance away from the cruiser. While at their safe distance, they emptied out its cargo, personnel and supplies and had transported it into the other Venators with each of the two taking half of what was on the Supremacy and after it was cleared out, the ship was empty with no one but a single clone and an astromech to pilot it out towards the cruiser and escape with an escape pod after wards. The clone officer later had told the astromech to have the ship proceed, at full speed, towards the DA cruiser to ram it and hopefully destroy it. Doing so the captain on board the DA cruiser ordered all guns to fire on the Venator but there was no stopping it, before the cruiser had rammed into the DA cruiser, the officer and the astromech both got into an escape pod and went for a safe distance away from the battle while the other two venators starting to fire upon the frigates with 170s finishing up with any vultures left in the area as another small Republic fleet of Acclamators with troopers of the 115th had come out of hyperspace and after the frigates were destroyed, the 115th Battalion, along with Rocket, had gone to the surface to search for the droid outpost.

Battle for the harbor complex

After landing in the northern region of Rhen Var, Republic scout droids were sent out to scout and report any good checkpoints for proper outposts for the 115th Battalion as scouts reported a harbor complex area that was located exactly north of their position. Rocket and Shadow company went to the location and was going to use it as a base of operations for their time on Rhen Var which at the same time, the fleet in orbit was attacked by another fleet of CIS warships and supply ships which the Acclamators on the surface would then now act as their command ship for the time being. Later after the convoy of AT-TEs and AT-RTs saw the harbor complex in view, droid scouts in the open were spotted by clone snipers. Rocket then ordered AT-RTs to go ahead and destroy them before any other droids in the area could see which afterwards, the scouts saw the incoming AT-RTs, firing their weapons and alerting the other droids as droid armored assault tanks had stormed out of the complex and started firing at the AT-TEs as they returned fire with the AT-RTs and clones charging in as the droid tanks fired at them. Rocket wasn't like how Slayer was when leading his troops, Rocket wasn't present in front of his troops when they charged at the droid stronghold with every one of the clones charging and firing their weapons at the droids and tanks to try and weaken before they could fire back at the clones. Since that Rocket wasn't charging with his troops, he used one of the AT-TEs as a mobile command center to direct his troops. Once the clones, that charged in which resulted most of them being killed, have secured the forward entrance of the harbor complex, Rocket and Shadow company had made its way to the complex and deployed more troopers while the Acclamators arrived above the complex and held their positions. Rocket then deployed AT-RTs and himself to search for the droids in the harbor complex to make sure that it was clear, clones set motion sensors where they already searched to see if droids would happen to enter that area if they were somewhere else. The captain on board the Acclamator transport reported that they only saw the clones on their scanners that were scanning the complex but later another officer reported a squadron of vulture droids en-route to their position as the transorts prepared their laser cannons while pilots of 170s deployed and went to meet the vultures which resulted a small dogfight around the transport ships, clones on the surface were also attacked by droids and AATs while Shadow company were deployed within the complex for maintenance checks, clones snipers and assault troopers set up defense positions along the complex frontline area. Droid forces ran siege on the clones for almost 12 hours straight with the clones facing endless waves of droids and vehicles which resulted most of the Rocket's unit killed and/or wounded. After the 12 straight hours of endless droid waves, the harbor looked like a junkyard and Rocket inspected this remaining troops and called down more from the transports and used the complex as a main forward command post and outpost. The Republic fleet in orbit was destroyed by the CIS fleet that reinforced the planet's orbital space, the Republic Navy then later was coordinating an assault fleet with reinforcements for the 115th Battalion under the command of Jedi Master Laumai Huxdayl, who was going to serve as the 115th Battalion's Jedi High General for the remainder of the Clones War, who was preparing more troops and stronger vehicles for them as well as bombers and more 170 starfighters. The CIS fleet that was above the planet consisted of not just one, but four DA-class cruisers to decrease the chances of any other Republic fleet advancing on the system. Rocket later contacted Republic command from the surface of Rhen Var and had a clear order to stay put where he was as the Acclamators had land on the snow to deploy the rest of the troops on board to reinforce Rocket at the harbor along with medical supplies. Jedi Master Laumai Huxdayl had later finished her mobilization of reinforcements and had went with the assault fleet of five Venators, that were given to her by various clone fleets across the galaxy, to Rhen Var and reinforce Rocket and his men who were all trapped on the surface meanwhile on the surface, Rocket's scouts had reported seeing another large wave of droids and vehicles headed towards them as the forces from the Acclamators weren't at the harbor yet but Rocket planned an ambush plan for the assaulting droids and ordered the convoy from the Acclamators to hold position as the droids, unaware of the reinforcements, continued onward to their objectives.

After the convoy had stopped and waited for the droids, Rocket and his men prepared for if any of the droids that would survive that ambush, they'd be ready for them. Later during nightfall, it got colder, making it a bit hard for droids to fight in it as they would freeze up which the 115th used that as an advantage against the droids and waited for them with their night scopes, the convoy that was holding position was then later reported to have been attacked by surprise, resulting in three AT-TEs being destroyed and many clones being killed and Rocket later ordered an AT-RT squadron to go and assist them as best they can while he also called for LAATs from the Acclamators to do the same as well. Sergeant "Naka" was with the convoy when it was ambushed, Naka was a clone nicknamed after Sinsuka Nakamura, and Naka barely survived the first wave of attack by which before the attack had come, he was exiting the AT-TE he was in before it exploded and launched him off of it, he was lucky to remain alive but was injured from landing on the snow, his leg landed on a rock covered by snow which he cried out and clone medics went to him, with other assault clones protecting them, and treated his injuries but since his leg was broken, he needed to be patched up somewhere there isn't any gun fights going on, the remaining clones then defended their position as AT-RTs arrived, destroying some of the droids and pushing them back while clone medics got Naka on a stretcher and carried him to where Rocket and his men were located at by which the LAATs went to assist them with one of them landing and picking up Naka and flew to Rocket's position. The AT-RTs stayed behind while the remaining surviving clones got on the LAATs to Rocket's position at the complex with the AT-TEs that survived as well going to Rocket's position, most of the droids were wiped out from the LAATs and AT-RTs but they were still some there, hiding or frozen in the snow.

Battle for the Var Citadel

After the remaining convoy forces got to the complex, sniper and assault troopers were ordered on lookout duty during the night and had to switch with another trooper whenever their shift was done and it was going on through the night as clones switched positions. As the dawn hit the horizon, Rocket got up, checking his reports and saw that the AT-RTs found the droid stronghold, the Var Citadel, and went out to call down his troops to the main courtyard area of the complex and told them about the Var Citadel that the AT-RTs found last night while they were sleeping and his plan to assault it with everything they've got remaining with them while Jeff'ia's fleet entered the orbit of Rhen Var and saw the CIS fleet. The DA cruisers fired on the Venators with them firing back as 170s and droid starfighters dogfought below and around the fleets as they drew closer to each other, bombers did their bombing runs and the guns on the Venator firing off at the droid fighters. Afterwards one of the Venators sustained too much damage, they've decided to ram the ships they could for the others to damage while all of its crew went for escape pods before doing so, with the ship slowly falling apart, the pilots and officers within the bridge made their one last choice, either go for an escape pod or finish the job and ram as many of those DA cruisers as they can so the others could damage them and get through. After deciding and most of her crew off ship, the Peacekeeper made a collision course for the DA crusiers, attempting to damage them for Nakamura's fleet to destroy them, but he wasn't informed nor was aware of their plan and crew in escape pods. After the Peacekeeper mades it impact on the DA-class crusiers, Jeff'ia realized that the crew on the Peacekeeper made their choice for them to win the battle then he ordered all of his ships to fire on the damaged DA-class cruisers so that they rest of them could get through to reinforce Rocket on the surface. Later the DA-class cruisers were destroyed and Nakamura's fleet of 5 Acclamators came out of hyperspace and descended to the surface to reinforce Rocket as Jeff'ia boarded one of the Acclamators with the remaining three Venators forming a blockade to pervent any droid reinforcements as well as keeping them from escaping the surface.

After the acclamators had arrived at Rocket's position, more AT-TEs joined Shadow Company as well as more troopers with the 115th's black armor stripes as well. Rocket and Nakamura then greeted and introduced each other to one another and made their plans to attack and assault the Var Citadel and liberate Rhen Var from CIS control and back into the control of the Galactic Republic. Later after sending recon units to scout the Var Citadel, it was reported to have at least about eight droid heavy gun placements on the north, east, south and west sides of it with a Providence-class destroyer above the citadel itself, serving as air support and defence against star fighters and bombarding approaching ground forces. After making a plan and looking at all possibilities of success, they moved on the citadel as Shadow Company was tasked with firing on the Providence destroyer from a distance as the fleet of Acclamators would also assault the destroyer to help the AT-TEs weaken it with the troopers of the 115th Battalion would be charging in the frontline as droid units fired upon them and as they were well known, most of the forward and first unit resulted in almost 123 clones out of the 150 forward unit being killed as reinforcements later arrived on LAATs and supported the clones from above as Nakamura and Rocket later entered the battle when the Providence destroyer was taken down by Shadow Company and the acclamators. Droid forces later retreated back into the citadel in hopes to try and ambush the clones when they entered it while the droids were later found out to be under the command of another Dark Angel, Darth Ven who was present at the citadel after his master had sent him there to keep Rhen Var in Confederacy control. Originally Darth Angel was told to go to Rhen Var but instead he sent his former apprentice to take care of it. After learning who the droid commander was, Nakamura took cautious steps when sending the troopers of the 115th into the citadel as traps, set by the droids, were laid out in almost every corner of the citadel complex and warned most of the 115th troopers to be careful when entering the complex. A squad of 18 troopers entered the complex and triggered a series of traps that went off through the main area's, resulting in most of the troopers being killed in the explosion as more then went to see if any survived but no survivors were found. Later Captain Rocket and a few hundred clones decided to enter the citadel but were told to be as careful as they could be to not trip the traps within it. Once they entered the citadel, they looked around each corner they came up to make sure that no traps would be present for when the rest would come. Darth Ven, Dark Angel and Sith warrior, told some of the droids to use rocket launchers if they had to keep the clones from overwhelming their position and said that if the clones took over Rhen Var, it would result in a major setback of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Rocket and his men went into the citadel as their engineers and bomb squads disarmed most of the traps that were laid out for them, Rocket told his men to check every corner they come up to even corners that led nowhere because Rocket was told by Nakamura that the droids were commanded by a Dark Angel. The clones then ventured deep within the citadel, only to be met with some of the clones slowly disappearing one by one which Rocket then took notice of it and told them to fire off at the shadows which resulted in Darth Ven engaging and killing off most of the clones there. Darth Ven then retreated while Rocket and those surviving chased after him while telling two clones to get reinforcements which they nodded and did as they were ordered while Rocket chased Ven into an area where they lost him and then told them to be careful as they looked around. Later the two clones then ran out of the citadel halls and to Nakamura and told him about Rocket's situation and so he then went in himself along with a few 40 strong clones to help and assist Rocket where he was present. As Rocket and his men looked around the room they were in, they couldn't find where Ven went and were caught off guard and ambushed by B2 Super battle droids that resulted in most of those clones being killed as well but Rocket along with Sergeant Naka, refitted with a cybernetic leg, were the only two surviving clones as they were chased by the B2 droids. They both laid out mines on certain area's of where they were running in and later were caught in an empty room with no way out of it and were low on ammo. Hearing the droids walking echoing around the halls, they prepared themselves for what would be their last fight together as brothers. Jeff'ia and the 40 clones rushed to help Rocket and destroyed any droids in their way of path. The clones followed him closely and ensured that nothing would jump out and ambush them, they later came up to a T juction and the Jedi Knight ordered the clones to go the left while he told 6 to follow him to help Rocket and Naka in their fight.

Later the rest of the clones went the way they were told to and encountered droid resistance even Darth Ven and did their best to keep him busy until Nakamura arrives to help. While Rocket and Naka both defended themselves from the droids as they fought against them, destroying only a few before running out of ammo and then ran towards them to finish them off with the butts of their weapons and try to go out the same way they came from. A little while into fighting against the B2s, they were pushed down to the very last of their energy and sat down with the B2s approaching them and ready to fire. Rocket and Naka both said their goodbyes but before the droids could kill them, a blue lightsaber flew by and had cut the droids in half. They both then looked up to see Nakamura as he continued to slash through the other droids while the six clones approached Rocket and Naka, giving them a weapon each and ammo, helped them up as well before continuing to follow their Jedi General.

After clearing out the droids in the area, Nakamura asked if Rocket and Naka wanted to return to the surface but instead said that they will continue to fight even if they are tired.

Battle for Kashyyyk

Space battle over Kashyyyk
Battle of the Wookiee Beach
Battle of the Wookiee Docks
Battle of the Islands

Battle of Mygeeto

Battle of the war-torn city
Battle for the crashsite

Battle of Felucia

Acklay Ambush on Convoy 115
Droid Stronghold Siege

Battle of Utahpau

Arrival of Obi-Wan Kenobi
Battle of the Sinkhole

Order 66: Betrayal of Jedi Knight Jeff'ia Nakamura

Battle of Mustafar

Destroying a droid factory

Death Star Defence

Boarding of Tantive IV

Imperial reassignment

After Order 66 was issued, the 115th Battalion was given shock trooper armor. They also received the DLT-19 heavy blasters as well. They were put under the command of Darth Vader along with the 501st Legion but the 115th Battalion rarely saw combat alongside Vader because he favoured the 501st a lot more than them. They were also renamed for imperial service as Shock Trooper Guardsmen and almost every clone of Jango Fett were placed in this new division as shock troopers for the Mustafar Prison Facilities. Firstly they had dark red stripes but later again the regular, familiar red stripes.


Clone sergeant Naka defected from the Imperial Military after realizing the mistake he had made when he obeyed Order 66 and then afterwards he, along with most of the 115th Battalion, defected from the Galactic Empire before they could be placed within the Shock Trooper Guardsmen and made their way into the service of Varanee and joined her faction as infantry.

Behind the scenes

I was playing Star Wars: Battlefront II on a series of maps that I wanted to play through but later I thought that I would turn those map series into a campaign of a clone battalion for Star Wars Fanon so I did that after playing through the playlist.

The number '115' is actually one of my favourite three degit numbers so then that was where '115' came from also the colouring of the battalion's unit colour being black was one of my favourite colours.

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