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0498-3495-4759-1900-7327-3459, referred to by the Charon as the Lost World, was the "homeworld" of the synthetic Kolasi species of the Otherspace galaxy. A rogue planet of the Dark Core, the Lost World was a dark, barren and volcanic world, with a toxically sulfuric atmosphere and landmasses with constant tectonic shifting.

The Lost World was the first planet the Kolasi were discovered to be on, which were inadvertently wakened by the Charon vanguards seeking lifeforms. As synthetic constructs, the then-fledgling Kolasi were ignored almost utterly by the Dominion, receiving attention only after they were discovered consuming all matter they came into contact with while replicating out of control.

One of the first, if not the first itself, "victims" of the Kolasi was their own planet, which they designated as 0498-3495-4759-1900-7327-3459.

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