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This war was tremendous, global, I've never seen anything like that before. The casualties were tremendously great. So many soldiers willing to lay down their lives for me. We have faced a failure for several times but we've won eventually. More than 1,000,000 soldiers had died, this is the most global and brutal war I've ever seen in my entire life.
—Mandalore the Unyielding

VODE AN was a very first Mandalorian Civil War between Clan Ordo, the rightful rulers of Mandalore, and Clan Vizsla, the resurgent and a cohesive clan of those who were eager to replace Ordo. The war was global, tremendous, it was full of raids and bloody battles between staunch Mandalorian Warriors. The “VODE AN” War was a gruesome and cruel scenery for every single Warrior. While striding forward, soldiers were enveloped by the shiver, every single one of them. The war was tremendously bloody and brutal. A heap of warriors were racked by their foes, there were no consessions, only blood and brutality. During the war, both Ordos and Vizslas have developed such skills that the Galaxy has never seen before. The outcome was inevitable. The soldier's armor was covered in a maroon blood, the scenery of the battle was blended, the soldiers could barely see, their tension was growing gradually. The war continued for 30 years until the purpose was fulfilled and the enemy was bound to retreat. Clan Ordo remained a ruler of Mandalore, unfortunately the capacity of Vizslas has vanished and they have fallen into a deep despiar, especially their beloved leader.


A new Mandalore

The Mandalorian Council consists of 20 Mandalorian Politicians and their Representatives. A “Mandalore” title is a rather important and a great title, the Mandalore should be strong, staunch, and confident. In 1098 BBY an ongoing tradition of electing Mandalore becomes rather famous. Hundreds of volunteers have come to the Mandalorian Arena in Keldabe Capital City to fight for the title of “Mandalore”. An individual named Zahar Ordo gained a momentum and became a new Mandalore. His particular title was Mandalore the Unyielding. The Mandalorian Council was fond of him. Mandalore the Unyielding removed several laws that has been established by the former rulers of Mandalore. The people of Mandalore were satisfied, they were confident that Zahar Ordo was the rightful ruler and a proper Mandalore.

A Wily Plan & The Beginning

A couple of months have passed and Mandalore (planet) tremendously changed, the new laws have been established in the the middle of 1098 BBY. Clan Skirata and Clan Vhett have joined Mandalore the Unyielding and sworn an allegiance to him. The Mandalorian Army was gradually evolving. The Mandalorian Warriors received an individual training from the Mandalorian Generals and Superiors.

Another event has occurred in the middle of 1098 BBY. Mandalore the Unyielding has received a holo transmission from the Clan Vizsla Superior, Wikoss Vizsla.

Clan Vizsla was basically another Mandalorian Clan but it had rather different traditions. Clan Vizsla was the sworn enemy of Clan Ordo and Clan Skirata as well.

Wikoss Vizsla was enormously eager to rule Mandalore (planet). He sought to replace Mandalore the Unyielding and due to that he declared a war, particularly a first Mandalorian Civil War. Mandalore the Unyielding couldn't deny the particular request, so he accepted. A couple of hours later, he has announced the urgent news to the people of Mandalore. Mandalorian Council was anxious and apprehensive, although Mandalore the Unyielding remained confident.

Requirements for the War

One of the most respectful and successful Generals of the Clan Ordo was General Ordanus Ordo. He was the symbol of the Mandalorian Army. Ordanus was ready for a resurgent war, he mustered all his strength. He continued to train the warriors and they were practically ready for the global war.

The trade routes from another city of Sundari have been established shortly after the war has been declared. Medical supplies, weapons, food and other necessary resources for the war were conveyed to Keldabe. Every single day, transition shuttles flew from Sundari to Keldabe, they were loaded with tones of cargo.

A Mandalorian Industry started to work on a new projects, space shuttles and Mandalorian armor in particular. Every day, Mandalorian Industry developed more than 100 materials for Mandalorian Army. Mandalore the Unyielding and Mandalorian Council were quite confident that they will gain a tremendous momentum and prevail. Although Clan Vizsla was fortified as well.

Clan Vizsla begun to search for a new alliance. Clan Taikeda have joined them. Both Clan Vizsla and Clan Tackeda were ready for the battle. Weapons and armor were forged, soldiers were trained. Wikoss Vizsla was satisfied, his men were ready to fight.

An Interference of the Republic

A Republic attendance on the Clan's Meeting

After declaring the war, Wikoss Vizsla and his Superiors headed to the planet Mandalore, straight to the capital city of the Keldabe. The city was heavily guarded, every civilian had a rather bad premonition about raids. Mandalore the Unyielding and the Mandalorian Council were ready for the vast and a long meeting, the peaceful negotiations were precluded due to the Wikoss's temper.

The outcome of the war was unknown, and there was a posibility that the war could spread and the neutral systems will be under the blaster fire. Due to that, Mandalore the Unyielding summoned several Republic Representatives who were aware of the dreadful situation.

An arrival of the Republic members was unfortunate for Wikoss Vizsla. He did not expect the Republic interference, he was quite devastated when he saw them, but eventually he was informed that they are simple Representatives.

When the meeting began, the peaceful debates had abruptly turned into an anggressive conversation between daring leaders. Wikoss was willing to siege the Sundari city and use it as a main base, Mandalore the Unyielding was against that. Ultimately the Mandalorian Council and the Republic members interfered and the finale decision was made. Sundari remained neutral, although the truth was concealed. Wikoss wasn't informed that the tones of supplies were transited from Sundari to Keldabe. That part of the scheme remained a secret, subsequently the Sundari will be a quite useful city and an ally. Eventually, the Mandalorian Council delivered a War Treaty, Mandalore the Unyielding could not deny, unless he had a particular reason of a rejection. Before signing the treaty, debates continued, Wikoss and his Superiors were exhausted, they were overflowing with hatred and fury.

After a couple of hours, the debates ended on a finale decision. Everything has been established and elaborated. Both Mandalore the Unyielding and Wikoss Vizsla signed the War Treaty – First Mandalorian Civil War. Republic and Clan Ordo were devasteted. Before leaving, Wikoss named a particular date: The war should start in the end of 1098 BBY. The war should start in one month.

An Elaborated Scheme

Shortly after the Clan's Meeting, the Republic Representatives summoned the Republic Sheme Writers who were aware of an upcoming war. Mandalore the Unyielding was glad that the Republic and the Jedi were with Clan Ordo, although at the same time he was disappointed, the Republic was supporting him but they couldn't help him with the war due to the permission that they didn't receive from the Republic Senate.

The Republic and a Mandalorian Scheme Writers were the best in the Galaxy. They were able to elaborate dozens of schemes. On the one hand elaborating a scheme for the war was a piece of cake, but on the other hand it was rather challenging for both Republic and Mandalorian Scheme Writers.

One of the main Republic Representatives was Kim Gather, he was quite communicative and he was glad to support Clan Ordo. He promissed that he'll talk to the Senate about Mandalorian and a Republic relationship in an upcoming war. An elaboration of the schemes continued until the final versions were issued. More than 100 schemes were elaborated and delivered to the Mandalorian Council and Mandalore the Unyielding. Some of those shemes were a huge success, but others were uncorrect. Eventually, 87 Schemes were accepted and Mandalorian Battle Instructers began their work.

Vizslas and Taikedas were prepared as well. Clan Taikeda Leader, Ika-Ikus Bereliza-Taikeda, etablished a secure way to the Mandalore's moon, Concordia. Wikoss Vizsla and his men moved to the moon of Concordia together with Clan Taikeda. They had built their camp and their main base on the north and west. While soldiers were forging weapons and armor, Wikoss and Ika-Ikus were elaborating a scheme against Ordo. Instead of hiring a professional Scheme Writers, Clan Vizsla and Clan Taikeda decided to elaborate a scheme themselves, Wikoss found it rather effective. There were several arguments about the schemes but ultimately 78 schemes were issued. Both Clan Vizsla and Clan Taikeda accepted the schemes. They were ready for the vast fray.

The Mandalorian Clans

Clan Vizsla & Clan Taikeda

Vizsla's and Taikeda's Convey Shuttles were ready to depart. Although not only Convey Shuttles would attend to the battle, there will be Cruisers and Dreadnoughts as well. One of the most powerful Dreadnoughts was Araganas and Khu'tun, they had a powerful weapons and remarkable defensive shields. Araganas officially belonged to Clan Vizsla but Khu'tun was manufactured by Clan Taikeda's Government.

Clan Taikeda was an official Mandalorian Clan that overthrew Clan Cabur's Chieftain in 1110 BBY. In 1107 BBY Clan Taikeda had built and created a Government and their own city on planet Concord Dawn. Clan Taikeda used to be a good friends with Clan Ordo, but when the Mandalorian Inner Conflict began, Clan Taikeda became a separate Clan. In 1050 BBY, Clan Taikeda was ruined and the ascendances of Clan Cabur had eradicated the last members of the Clan Taikda. Despite the leadership of Wikoss Vizsla, Clan Taikeda was an official Clan and if it'd come to indemnity, Clan Taikeda would contribute.

Clan Vizsla was extremely different Clan. They didn't have their Government. They were seemingly Hunters, scattering and scavenging across the Galaxy in search for something global. Wikoss Vizsla created his own Mandalorian Traditions, his own Mandalorian Codex. His army would have been a sputtered dust unless Clan Taikeda's help. Due to Clan Taikeda, Clan Vizsla had found Concordia and entrenched their main base there. Although Wikoss Vizsla had several arguments with Clan Taikeda, despite the bad relationship, Clan Taikeda continued to cooperate with Clan Vizsla only because of the desire to rule Mandalore.

Clan Ordo & Clan Skirata & Clan Vhett

Clan Ordo was the most famous Clan in the Mandalore Sector. Ordos were the rightful rulers of Mandalore. Clan Ordo had dozens of members, all of them were Mandalorian Warriors and the followers of The Mandalore. Clan Ordo was an official Clan under the watch of the Mandalorian Council that has been created in the end of 1108 BBY. Zahar Ordo (Mandalore the Unyielding) and Ordanus Ordo were the most famous Ordos during the Vode an War.

Clan Skirata was a complicated but an official Clan as well. In the middle of 1104 BBY, Clan Skirata elected a new chieftain – Scar Skirata. He was officially announced as a rightful ruler of Sundari City. Clan Skirata conquered a large number of territories within the Mandalore Sector. In 1099 BBY they sworn an allegiance to Clan Ordo and the Mandalorian Council.

Clan Vhett was a rather small Clan that consists of 675,895 Soldiers. The Clan was created before 1178 BBY by the Mandalorian Raiders. Clan Vhett was also known as a Mandalorian Raiders as well. They did not conquer any territories, although they have created a lot of hideouts on Mandalore, Concord Dawn and Gargon. They were an ally to Clan Ordo as well.

The War

A Duel between Superiors

Clan Vizsla and Clan Taikeda Soldiers were swarming around the Main Base on Concordia. Cruisers, Starfighters, Shuttles and Artillery Cannons thronged Concordia. Wikoss Vizsla and Ika-Ikus Bereliza-Taikeda were aboard Khu'tun Dreadnought. Soldiers were boarding a convey shuttles and Araganas Dreadnought. Most of the shuttles and starfighters departed earlier.

Clan Ordo, Clan Skirata and Clan Vhett were already on the battlefield – A Keldabe Wasteland, also known as a Mandalorian Desert thronged with sandy mountains. More than 1,000,000 Soldiers thronged the battlefield. Mandalore the Unyielding and his Superiors stood on the top of the short mountain beyond the battlefield. Artillery was entrenched there as well. Ordanus Ordo stood in the middle of the army. Cruisers A'den and Bralov entered the troposphere, dozens of shuttles swooped toward the battlefield and landed. Cannons were charged, speeders were fueled and Walkers were set to go.

Clan Vizsla's and Taikeda's Army appeared on the horizon, they were striding forward synchronically. Cruisers Araganas and Khu'tun entered the troposphere and sent in dozens of shuttles that eventually deployed an Infantries. There were seemingly endless numbers of soldiers striding forward. Finally, the army stopped and Wikoss Vizsla appeared in front of them, he was equipped with his remarkable armor and a Black Lazer Sword.

Ordanus Ordo stepped forward and nodded, Wikoss nodded as well. Due to the ancient Mandalorian Traditions, both Superiors should duel in front of their armies, the victor's army will attack first. Wikoss Vizsla ignited his Black Lazer Sword, Ordanus Ordo grabbed his Metallic-electro sword. A moments later, both Superiors grappaled and the traditional duel begun. Ordanus Ordo swung his sword and hit the black blade of Wikoss's saber. Both Generals were panting, they gripped their swords too tightly but that was irrelevant. They could hear the beating of their heart and a damped sound of their swords ignitions. Both of them developed quite a good dueling skills, although Wikoss Vizsla was a much better duelist due to his former reputation as a Swordman. The capabilities of their technological and manufacturing armor were forbidden due to the traditions. The seemingly endless duel continued until Wikoss swung his sword and hit Ordanus's eye. Oradanus Ordo staggered back, there was a lull during the short pause, but an instant later, Ordo flourished his sword, leaped on Wikoss Vizsla and stabbed his eye. Wikoss, overflowing with fury, lunged on Ordanus. The Ordo General punched Wikoss. Due to the stabbed eye Wikoss could barely see his foe and he fell on the rough sand. Ordanus Ordo, due to the injury and the lethargy, fell on the ground as well. Ultimately there was no winner, no loser. Both Wikoss and Ordanus were dragged back to the posts and the vast battle began between Clan Vizsla & Clan Taikeda and Clan Ordo & Clan Skirata & Clan Vhett. Ordanus and Wikoss survived the brutal duel but both of them were injured: Wikoss lost his left eye but Ordanus's eye remained untouched, although he received a scar near his nose.

The Battle of Mandalore

The Battle began instantly after the duel. Both Wikoss Vizsla and Ordanus Ordo were delivered to the medical bays at the cruisers. Scar Skirata, the chieftain of Clan Skirata, was left in charge of both Clan Ordo and Clan Skirata Armies. Ika-Ikus Bereliza-Taikeda, the chieftain of Clan Taikeda, took over the command of Clan Vizsla and Clan Taikeda Armies. Both Armies grappled and the vast fray began. While Mandalorian Warriors fought on the battlefield, Mandalore the Unyielding and his Superiors stood on the top of the short mountain, they were watching the Artillery cannons. There were 20 Artillery cannons in total, their fire power was rather strong and it was capable enough of eradicating an Infantry of Soldiers, although Cannon Controllers must be precisely accurate; one wrong number in a coordinates could lead to a sorrowful aftermath, however that sorrowful aftermath was inevitable due to the amount of soldiers on the battlefield. The heap of soldiers, including Ordos, Skiratas and Vhetts, were ravaged by the fire power, it was impossible to ravage Vizsla Infantry without hitting Ordo or Skirata Infantries. Clan Vizsla and Taikeda were equipped with powerful ground tanks. There were 30 tanks on the battlefield that crushed and smashed Mandalorian Warriors. The tank was 30 meters length that contained 3 cannons: One main cannon and two rear cannons. The fire power of those cannons was twice stronger than Ordo's Artillery Cannons. One shot could ravage more than two Infantries of Mandalorian Warriors. Clan Ordo was equipped with 80 meters length speeder that contained two seats and two cannons: one front cannon and one rear cannon. Those speeders were carried inside the Gunships together with a group of soldiers. The maximum speed of the speeder was 150 km/h. The brutal battle continued and Cruisers continued to support their armies. Every signle minute the cruisers delivered supplies, weapons and speeders that were carried on the Gunships. Clan Ordo received 15 ground tanks that eventually were destroyed. The Battle was tremendous and global. The outcome was inevitable. Vizslas were winning, Ordos were falling back. Starfighters entered the battle shortly, they had certainly changed the tide but not for long. More tanks had been deployed and Clan Vizsla & Clan Taikeda pushed forward. They were running forward and screaming as savages. Clan Ordo was gracefully singing a song during the battle, the song called “Vode an!”. They didn't fall back this time, they pushed forward and forward, although nothing changed. Clan Vizsla was winning. Clan Ordo Artillery Cannons ran out of charges and their army was desperate. Ultimately, Clan Vizsla & Clan Taikeda won the battle, Clan Ordo & Clan Skirata and Clan Vhett were ravaged, they were eradicated. More than 500,000 soldiers died, 200,000 were injured. Clan Vizsla's farewell words were: Await our next raids in the near future. Clan Ordo faced a failure, although they did not lose the battle. The Battle of Mandalore was only the beginning of the war.

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