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• 11/14/2018

Revision History for a Red Link?

Is there any way to view the revision history for an article that has been previously deleted?

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• 10/12/2018


I am new to Fanon. Could some one please teach me how to cite sources?

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• 10/12/2018

Site-Wide Collaboration

Anyone who wants to join Captain Ricky and I on the site-wide story, feel free! Leave us a message if you want to join.

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• 10/7/2018

Character Question

In my fan-fiction stories, I have a character named after me. However, I am under twelve, so would it be breaking the personal information policy?

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• 10/1/2018

Site-wide Collaboration

I'm thinking of a story that includes any two characters from one Fanon user who wants to partake in this site-wide collaboration of a mystery Star Wars novel, written by anyone who wants to join. Message me if anyone wants to collaborate and we'll get started.

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• 7/29/2018

Suffering from a loss of inspiration

Not too sure where to proceed from here, I think I have some sort of writer's block
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• 5/22/2018

Favorite Star Wars Fanon Character

I am thinking of writing a spin-off to mine and McClanahEric's series. This poll consists of characters of mine and the character with the most votes gets their own personal story in the series.
Who is your favorite Star Wars Fanon character?
  • Patrick Rahr
  • Clasina
  • Crane
  • Captain Ranger (CC-1992)
  • Captain Carg (ARC-100)
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• 5/17/2018

Where to start?

Working on something and as I'm thinking about world-building, I'm wondering if any of our more seasoned and/or award-winning Fanon writers have suggestions on where to start (i.e. start with a specific character and build the world from there or build the world and place the characters in it)?
Where to start your Fanon? Chicken or the egg?
  • Create/develop an individual or group of characters?
  • Create/develop the events the story revolves around?
  • Create/develop the history that leads to the events?
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• 5/6/2018

Confederate-Earth Treaty

Who is in charge of the Confederate-Earth Treaty page?
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• 3/17/2018

Writing Requests

Hello. Can someone draw one of my characters from the story, Star Wars: The New Dawn?
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• 2/21/2018

the knights of the force

i am trying to create my own non canon force sensitive group based on the grey jedi called the knights of the force for a d and d campaign, if anyone has any ideas about how i should do this please feel free to contact me.
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• 1/5/2018

Stuck on characters.

I making a book about the 735th Spec. Ops Corps (made by me, NOT CANON) as a secret military force to wipe out heavily protect CIS bases. I just need some character ideas/name and some planets i can involve in this story. I already have a Jedi General down. They are made close to when Order 66 is executed. You can also do a division under the 735th honestly idc.

Here's a color scheme for the clones in the 735th Spec. Ops Corps:
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• 12/15/2017

Defel Force Abilities

I'm developing a Defel Sith Lord character, and I want him to have some special Force abilities based on his abilities and appearance. Any suggestions?
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• 10/13/2017

Species Romances (Fanon Wise)

(If you're too immature then don't answer. I will not answer to childish remarks and please be respectable with good criticism when or if you answer. All opinions are welcomed just be thoughtful about it.)

Me and my friend are currently working on our version on the third sequel of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for his friend having bad experience from making a pre-order on a unreleased game.

Anyways, while were making our characters romances not counting Galen "Starkiller" Marek and Juno Eclipse by the way. I made a male Shistavanen Jedi and a female Otolla Gungan pair up in the story. Now my friend and his friend don't think it was a good idea to have them paired thinking it would ruin the story plus one friend let Jar Jar Binks define the whole species just because he was a klutz. While we had help making our characters another friend told us that it wouldn't matter as long as the story was good along with the romance. Even I said the same thing and it was a matter of an opinion the ones that told me that it wouldn't look good in the story.
Of course I let him have his say in this but he just said "majority" of fans say it wouldn't look good. So yeah opinions over feelings.

Bottom line, my friend thinks it would be bad to have a a male Shistavanen Jedi and a female Otolla Gungan pair up in the story. I want to know if you think this is good, bad or just an opinion.
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• 4/6/2016

I have some worries about content.

I'm currently writing a story entitled STAR WARS: My Enemy is My Friend. As far as content goes, I've played it pretty safe. Definitely nothing that would be R-rated if it were a movie. Nonetheless, I am aware of several instances which could potentially be in violation of this wikia's policies, and am wondering whether I should keep them, change them, or remove them altogether.
1) Violence: Simply for getting in his way, a brutish Jedi hunter destroys an Imperial droid (indicated to be non-sentient) by punching it in the back of the head, shattering its photoreceptors. As the droid staggers blindly, he collapses its head in with his hands, then flings it aside. The intent is to show that he would do such a thing to an organic, sentient being beyond any doubt, without having to actually portray something so gruesome. I am unsure, however, whether this still goes too far.
The rest of the story is fairly non-violent by Star Wars standards, with the protagonists using non-lethal force or words when they can, and when they are forced to kill, it is portrayed as a grim and solemn task.
2) Racism: A black female human Imperial ensign complains that despite her loyalty and years of exemplary service, she has never been considered for promotion, and wonders whether the admiral under whom she serves might be racist, sexist, or both. This is not a major theme, and is mentioned only in passing, but helps to show the admiral's poor leadership style and the lack of a sense of trust or equality he creates among his officers. This could be interpreted as racism based on the planet and culture she is from, rather than skin colour, and I could explicitly state this if necessary. Besides, the Imperials do seem like a pretty uniform bunch, with some exceptions.
3) Vulgarity: There are a couple of uses of "damn." I don't personally think that counts as severe, but opinions might differ.
When the heroes talk to the Imperials via a viewscreen, one of the heroes makes "an obscene gesture," inspiring another to attempt a mind trick. Given the setting, the gesture is presumably not the middle finger, but the meaning in context is clearly the same, and by extension, the F-word is implied.
There is also a minor character who uses (mostly in a jocular way) a LOT of profanities. All fictional ones, mind, i.e. "kriffing," "karking," etc., and usually in bizarre turns of phrase that don't make sense even to the other characters, so it's difficult to make any direct connections to real obscene words or phrases, but he just does it so much, being largely characterized by it, in fact, that I wonder whether there's a limit.
4) Sexuality: The main protagonist has had much of the left side of his body, including his left arm and most of his leg, part of his torso, some unspecified internal organs, and part of his skull, replaced with cybernetics of a plainly mechanical nature due to the need for them to be easily removable in the event of a medical emergency. A character he knew in his childhood, but has not seen for some time, indirectly and uneasily indicates that they have always wondered how much he's missing, implying that they are wondering whether he still has genitalia. He responds indignantly that he does, once again avoiding being direct. This is in the midst of a light-hearted and humorous conversation, and is a bit of a joke acknowledging that the readers themselves have probably been wondering the same thing. This could easily be changed to be referencing his buttocks if it is too vulgar.
The minor character noted for his unusual expressions and heavy swearing sometimes uses what might be interpreted as sexual innuendo, e.g. "I see less than a blind Bith up the business end of a -" before being cut off, intentionally leaving it possible that the next word would have made it a sexual reference, while also leaving it possibly fairly innocent if the next word would have been something like "blaster" or "booster rocket."
5) Crossovers: There is reference made to a planet called Nar-Kadath, the denizens of which are indicated to be highly Lovecraftian in nature, suggesting a link to the Cthulhu mythos. Neither the planet nor its inhabitants directly appear, leaving only the suggestion, which is something I do in most of my stories, and is not unheard of in even very well-known works of professional fiction. The world of Westeros (A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones), for example, has several possible and notable connections to the Cthulhu mythos.
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• 2/11/2016

501st/Torrent Company

I have been thinking about this for a while now, and I would like to create a story that revolves around Captain Rex and the 501st/Torrent Company. However I'm stuck because I'm not 100% sure on whether or not I want to follow just Torrent Company alone, or the entire 501st as a whole and it has been preventing me from even starting the story for some time. I would like to hear anyone's thought on the idea.
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• 12/26/2015

Pages to visit (Basically sharing our favorite pages we made or we like a lot)

In the comments I am hoping we can share some pages to look on and give compliments and requests. I'll start.
A page I made is called Bisloy Santo. I really worked hard on this page and I hope that people enjoy it.
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• 12/20/2015

Quick Question

So, I've been wondering, has anyone ever tried to make a "fanon universe" around the original George Lucas draft on here. Or more recently the comic book line "The Star Wars" based on his original draft. I'd love the feedback and answer.
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• 5/4/2015

Stuck at a Plot Point.Could use some suggestions.

I'm writing a Fan Fiction in where Ahsoka is my Characters Jedi Master. I'm trying to think of Training Programs for my Character that would seem common for a Jedi. Any suggestions or ideas?
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• 4/26/2015
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